Shoulder Position At Impact

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In this free golf tip I show where the shoulders should be at and past impact. This is important to know because most people think the shoulders are square at the moment you hit the ball. Make sure you check this so you can master the proper release.




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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

19 Responses to “Shoulder Position At Impact”

  1. Do you have anything to say about shanking. This is a shot that plagues my lob wedge game. Please help.

    • Ethan,

      Here is what I send out to those who shank it. I will do a tip on this sometime in the future. For now just follow below.

      You are hitting with your arms which is getting you on your toes. Check your setup so you are not too close to the ball and the weight is in the middle of your feet.

      Take your 9 iron. Tee up the ball. Take it to the top and stop. Feel the weight 80% on the right instep/heel. Relax the arms. The allow them to gently come down and hit the ball as you turn through to your follow through. Once you start hitting the ball better start to take out the pause. Then finally take away the tee.

  2. March 13, 2013


    Hello. Could you tell me the best way to keep your arm loose? I find that I’m struggling to hinge properly through impact. Thank you.

  3. Paul.

    What are your views opinions on the apparently new way to swing ie covering the golf ball where the shoulders are square at impact

    • Paul,

      The shoulders are not square at impact so this will never work. If you are trying to cover the ball you are thinking impact which is not the widest point of the arc. Once this way of swinging is better than the swing of the best players of all time (Nicklaus, Tiger in 2001 – 2003 etc.) I will teach it until then I would avoid it like the plague.

      I’ve got a great idea. Why not learn the old way to swing but learning it in a way people actually understand how the golf swing works and exactly what they should be working on. I can’t wait for the old way to swing to become the new way. That will be a great day!

  4. I agree totally I slowed down the swings of the pros last night at US open Lee Westwood at impact left shoulder was open and up

  5. August 5, 2013



    Saturday I took my lesson. I compared my position from the top through impact with your video. What I am struggling with is two things. As you move through impact, your right shoulder is much lower then your right shoulder. My shoulders are much flatter when I am coming through impact. Is there a drill with feedback that can help me feel the right position of the back shoulder at impact (would be my left shoulder since I am left handed).

    The second difference is the position of the hips and shoulders. I start my downswing by moving my left knee towards my right knee which is going back and straightening. I notice that your hips are ahead of your shoulders until past impact when both are open. Do you have a drill that can help me with the separation between my hips and shoulders. I suspect my hips should be pulling my upper torso but I suspect I am locking my torso to my hips thus I have no separation between my hips and shoulders during the first half of the downswing.

    • August 5, 2013

      Paul Wilson


      My right shoulder is lower body I am firing my lower body properly. When you fire the lower body the upper body hangs back creating this angle.


      Body Tilt:

      Impact Head Behind Ball:

      Separation is tough. This is what separates the men from the boys. I did a tip on it here:


      How do you get someone to get this. I need the person to stop hitting with the arms and use the lower body to hit the ball. If you have hit with your arms forever this is new and totally different.

      I have don quite a few tips now on my favorite drill. Maybe you weren’t around when I posted these tips. If you were around you are not doing it. So watch the tips below and constantly and consistently do these drills:

      DRILL: Swing Off Ground:
      DRILL: Listen to Club Swinging:
      Drill: Swing Off Ground Variation:
      Drill: My Favorite Drill

      • August 6, 2013



        Perfect! Separation of hips from upper torso is my struggle. Will worked the drills. I don’t use my arms but they swing away from my body at my shoulders. Need to lead with my hips.

        • August 6, 2013

          Paul Wilson


          Yes, you need to be doing this constantly until you are good at it.

          • August 11, 2013


            Paul, I posted a couple response from this thread in taking separation of hips and shoulders to the next level. It is my focus presently. The inability to do this properly has been a problem of mine for a long time.

          • August 11, 2013

            Paul Wilson


            If everyone could get this quickly everyone would be hitting 300 yards drives. Just realize that everyday you work on it gets you one step closer to doing what a great player is doing. Keep at it.

  6. June 15, 2015


    From this video (“Shoulder Position At Impact”), not only are your shoulders open but the left (lead) shoulder is up and the right (trailing) shoulder in down and close to the body. If that the result of your spine tilt because you led with your lower body and the upper body trails behind?

    I have noticed that my trailing shoulder (I am left handed so my left shoulder) is turning more around (flat) and I am going over the top of the ball. It also impacts my balance as it causes me to fall towards the ball at impact.

    I am working at better balance and bringing my left shoulder under my chin instead of around it. Is this the right thought? What is a good drill to work on proper shoulder release on the downswing? Mind you, I am powering my swing by taking my left knee and moving it to touch my right knee but need help with balance (fall on my toes at ipact) and shoulder position (to flat) at impact.

  7. June 16, 2015


    Thanks much Paul, this was the perfect drill for me and did the trick. Your explanation made so much sense. After seeing it again it all came back to me.

    Last year I went from a 20+ to a 10 handicap using your coaching. Looking to get back on track again and drop below a 10 this year.

  8. January 23, 2018


    Hi Paul. I tend to push and push fade. Probably comes from hanging back anf sliding too much. Guess I need to turn better? Getting the chest more in sync with the lower opposed to chest hanging back. Basically just turning the body through with the arms loose. Makes sense in order to fix the push?

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