How To Set Up With Different Golf Clubs

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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

12 Responses to “How To Set Up With Different Golf Clubs”

  1. August 17, 2013


    I don’t believe It till I try it net Tuesday. I tried your coil last Friday and went from 135 yards without the loose arms and hands to 185 yards. What will happen the 20th with loose arms. Practice swings in the house the woosh hurts my ears.

    • August 18, 2013

      Paul Wilson


      There are still non-believers out there. Once they try it they become believers. I’m glad you are now one of them.

  2. Paul,
    thanks for this further tip. It really explains on how to do the set-up correctly. And you’re right, I tend to hit the ball thin not only with my sand-wedge, what wasn’t really funny during my tournament … but I keep on working on it, too.
    And, I want to be a true believer as Gerald above, however, as my longest carry is about 140 yards – all of my clubs only have a short carry (e.g. iron 7 about 90 yards) – I’m really longing for more to be able to attack Par 4s with the second shot some time. As I mentioned before, there are a few encouraging results, but I haven’t been able to keep up the level through an 18 holes round, so far, especially when the wind comes straight, or there are obsticals in front of a green, or behind the tee. I fall back into my old swing to often.
    I hope, another sensational experience will give me some reward for the daily exercises.
    Thanks for your great support on this road.

    • August 19, 2013

      Paul Wilson


      You just started with the site a short while ago. You are seeing results but this stuff does take a little time. What you need to be doing is constantly working on your swing positions and trying to develop a great swing. A great swing will hit great shots. Too many people are trying for the great shots without the great swing.

      This is one reason I want people doing lots of practice swings working on my positions. Doing practice swings takes the ball out of the picture. With no ball there to hit you are not thinking about hitting. If you are not thinking about hitting you can clearly be thinking about the positions. So work on mastering your grip, set up and follow through positions. This is how I teach ALL students. Get this first, then move into the backswing. You coil going back and hinge the wrists. Again, get the follow through first then work on these 2 things. Working this way should give you a pretty good swing in a matter or weeks. Then you need to uncoil to generate more speed.

      I get the sense that distance is important to you right now instead of the positions. Distance is important but without a half decent swing you will not be able to repeat it consistently. So focus on the swing. Forget hitting it a long way for now. Get the positions as close to mine as you can by checking the feedback provided in all of the positions I teach. Then do it faster.

  3. Alright Paul, good advice, I’ll just try to be patient and ignore bad results of the swings in order to focus on positions. To hit the ball has always been a center focus of mine as you often mention in your tipps while smiling. To get through to your technique really takes quite a time, and it’s hard to focus on so many seperate steps by now. Again, without a ball it already looks good to me, but as soon as there is a ball to be hit, mishits are a common result, besides some good and straight balls.
    A long way to go, but you actually have encouraged me to try this technique for better swings, and that’s what I’m focusing on now.
    Thanks again

    • August 21, 2013

      Paul Wilson


      Getting through my tecnique takes time when you are thinking of hitting. I don’t want you to hit. So if you get this feel and concept we are immediately on the same page. If you keep hitting you are doing something I do not want you to do so it will take as long at it takes for you to stop doing this. Once you do we are on the same page and can move forward. Glad you now see it and will be not trying to hit. If hitting is not working when will it work? Never. So you might as well try something new.

      So forget the ball. You new thought is that you are going to look like a pro when you hit every shot. This means hitting, holding and checking the positions after every shot regardless if you are playing or practicing. If you do it wrong correct it before you hit your next shot. This may be you just moving into the correct position or doing a couple of perfect practice thinking of the position(s) you did wrong.

      Stay focused. Get through it. Then you will be on your way. Forget distance and focus on perfect movement. Perfect movement will hit perfect shots.

  4. April 26, 2014


    Hi Paul, it’s too bad I missed this tip. This is setup 101 and explain a lot of things to me. I’m going to grab different clubs at once and repeat what you did here to get the feeling.

    After your guidance on last week, my swing is coming back, especially with the driver which was crap. On my last round I hit straight shots with most of the clubs, at some point I reduced one club as I was hitting very long. With driver I did a couple of 230m unbelievable shots. I still need to work a lot until this slump is over.

  5. September 14, 2014


    Hi Paul,

    I’ve watched this video and also the video where you mentioned about gripping the club very close to the top of the club just to the extent it doesn’t scratch my gloves. I’m actually very short in height only between 5’4 and 5’5. I’m using regular men’s clubs, so it might be just that I just need to shorten my clubs to match my height. When I grip in the end of the clubs and try to use this set-up that you’ve told me here in this video, I have my line of irons not in parallel with ground(inside of the iron touching the ground but the tip of the iron is actually lifted from the ground, which I think means it would hit balls in this position -> / when it should be -> _ of the irons. I actually would like to keep the length of my clubs because if I shorten them, I will lose that much width of arc. Would you still recommend on getting shorter clubs or would it be okay for me to not have thighs parallel to the arms? because if I actually have arms higher than the irons sit on the ground no problem.

    Also, do the bottom of drivers also need to sit on the ground correctly like irons during the setup? because if not, I could have my arms and thighs parallel during the setup as you know.

    Sorry for the long questions, but this problem has really been bothering me for a very long time.


    • September 15, 2014

      Paul Wilson


      I would keep the clubs you have. If the toe is off the ground you are too low. Point your chest outside the ball when you set up. If you lift your chest up the hands will go up higher. Once you get the setup then have a clubfitter check your clubs. If your hands are still too low you would then have to get the lie angle bent more flat to accommodate this not shorter your clubs. Ian Woosnam was 5’4″. I guarantee his clubs were not short. You are right you lose arc width thus distance if you shorten them.

      So take your set up with a mirror down the line. Look at your chest. It should point a minimum of 6-8 feet outside the ball. If so, your hands would be under your nose.

      Also, keep in mind you do not want the club sitting flush on the ground. You want it slightly toe up to make up for clubhead droop through impact.


      Toe Up Or Toe Down:

  6. Hi Paul do you keep sAme body setup with putter

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