Separation In Your Swing

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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

24 Responses to “Separation In Your Swing”

  1. like it – JOM

  2. Hi Paul. Separation is very difficult for me, resulting in many shots hit 20 degrees to the left. My arms move first although I’m trying to start the hips. Some of my problem may be physical in nature, being a senior player. Has Mr. Klinghammer recommended a series of exercises which would loosen the hips to facilitate the separation move? I can pose in the correct hitting position you describe but can’t reach that position when swinging. Very frustrating!

    Thanks, Ron

    • Ron,

      Jeremy has tons of hip tips. Not sure he specifically address separation.

      It is not necessarily an age thing. It’s a doing and working on it everyday thing. Start now and you will get it but you have to do it daily. Just do it in practice swings.

  3. Paul,
    I really feel that lately that you have been speaking to me. This was the tip I was missing. I have been using the “Swingshot” to video my swing lately and have been disappointed because I have not seen any real lag.
    I just want to mention that if you watch the LPGA you can see exactly what you are telling us in this video…..the ladies really do separate and you can see it.
    Thanks Paul,
    Fred Durham in PA

    • Fred,

      Good stuff. This is the major difference between pros and amateurs. Glad you see it. Now you just have to constantly work on it. IF they can do it, you can do it.

  4. Paul, you have shown me the light in this drill. I am a senior player and am lucky to drive the ball 160 yds. I have concentrated in not doing the chicken wing and snapping my wrist at the moment of impact. Many of my balls do go straight, but not far. Being older, I cannot practice like a 30 yr old. I am still in good shape and have great health, but only hit the ball like a 9 yr. old.

    • Ken,

      Glad you see it. This takes constant and consistent work. Just got to do it daily. So focus on lots of practice swings. You can do it.

  5. Hi Paul I was wondering if you have any tips of club face alignment?
    I tend to set up with a closed face for some reason.

  6. Hi Paul,
    The separation is actually just a fraction of a second, right?

    Thanks again,

  7. Paul ,Good reminder of the separation move :you showed this already numerous times in your “favorite move “while waiting to tee off .
    But you don’t touch on the equally important issue of “separation ” going back :when you go back ,the hips must not budge ,or very mildly ,while th upper body and the arms turn at right angles to the target line .This is what creates “TORQUE”;That’s why I train with an alignment rod Inside my right instep,and my line of shoulders must go further past the rod. .

  8. Hi Paul:

    I belonged to your revolutiongolf site a shile ago and came back to you as a “last resort”. I know golfers who swear by you and I’ve GOT to get my arms and hit impulse out of my swing.

    HOWEVER….I’m confused (not unusual for me). To me, there’s a difference between DELAY and SEPARATION (unless you’re talking separation in time). If I separate my hips from my arms then what invariably happens is I twist the hips AND MY ARMS STAY UP, so I then use those arms to swing through. Obviously not what I want, I end up with a wildly inconsistent plane and club head orientation.

    I seem to get better results (and feel I’m generating power) when I make sure I create torsion, or torque, at the top and feel my hips connected to my arms. At that point I twist the hips. If done properly there is still a delay but I don’t need to use my arms. Indeed, sometimes I’ll even try to lay my lead arm across my chest as a way of connecting, then feel the turn of my body pulling the arms down as my torso rotates.

    Should I really feel as if my hips are not connected to my arms and rely on the turning motion to EVENTUALLY pull the arms down? I already have the problem that I tend to stall my hip turn and then use my arms and end up over-the-top, I realize the turn has to continue, but I at least thought there is some connection between the two (i.e. hips and arms).

  9. Hello Paul-
    In response to the prior post… I just ran into this same issue this weekend. I went to hit a bucket of balls pre-4th of July activities– and basically hit the Ball Like CRAP. It then came to my attention that as hard as I try to “turn off” my wrist-arms they still seem to catch-up and stall out my swing which equals over the top– thin — fat– Pulls etc… BUT– when home I totally focused on my big strong shoulder muscles– BOOM– with loose wrist and forearms– I need the bigger upper arm, shoulder, neck muscles OFF !! I did it.. and WOW— Automatic Separation !! Just turn them off and the club will trail big time. Now the problem is how do I do that as a permanent fix ? Do you have Drills ?

    signed– Dead Shoulders !!

  10. Hello Paul,
    I’m really glad I registered to be part of your golf program. This is the first time I understand whats happening and I have taken lessons from different pros before. My problem right know is that I feel my practise swing works (also in separation) but when I place a ball in front of me I start hitting with my arms again. I started to play golf when I was 40 years old, so I have 15 years experience hitting with my arms. If my hitrate is approx 100% right when i make practise swing it’s only 25% when I hit the ball. What can I do to reprogram my body/brain to copy my practise swing also when there is a ball to hit.

    • Torbjorn,

      Thank you for joining. Good to have you on board.

      I definitely like to explain “why” you have to do certain things in your swing. If you don’t know or value the importance of “why” then why would you do it? If you see the whole picture you see the importance of each element then work on each element.

      So to stop hitting you need to replace the thought of hitting with a different thought. I just did a tip on this.

      Replace The Thought:

      Also, choose a downswing trigger as I show in tonight’s tip.

      Then you need to working on your swing positions. I teach the follow through first. This is a precise ending point. If you are thinking of hitting, you are not thinking of swinging to this point. So know the ending point and swing through to it not matter what happens to the shot. Hit it. Hold it and check it every time. If it is wrong … fix it.

      Swing From Point A to Point B:
      Clarifying the Follow Through … Again:
      How To Fix Impact:


      Hit, Hold and Check:
      Drill: Hold Your Finish Until The Ball Stops:

      Knowing all of this you also need to be doing tons of practice swings at home. When you do them there is no ball to hit. Without the ball sitting in front of you, you can focus on the positions and develop a great swing. At some point you have to make the positions more important than the ball. Once you do this, you will break through and stop hitting.

      • Thank you Paul,

        I tried to practise this on the range and I feel it went better than before. Now and then I forget and start hitting with my arms but at least I recognize it and can modify it for the next swing.

        My problem right now is the rehinge. It works in the practise swing but it seems I forget it when there is a ball to hit. The hinge with thumbs pointing to my ears works. Any ideas what I should do?

        I have also bought the “Body Swing” and I love it.

        best regards

        • Hi again,

          I was looking on the Body Swing – Distance chapter and the I realise why I probably fade out some shots. My turn is faster than my rehinge (which I forget several times). In the course you propose to make the rehinge earlier, but my problem is to do it at all. So what shall I do?


          • July 8, 2016

            Paul Wilson


            If you cannot do it at top speed … slow down. Again, you need to just do it. If you have to go down to 1mph then do so. Then go a little faster and a little faster and so on. If you cannot do it with driver drop down to 7 iron. Also, do the roll over drill at home every night in practice swings. You need to get used to the roll over. So doing it at home has you without the ball and trying to swing too hard. This will allow you to get used to it.

        • TJ,

          Thank you for your kind words about The Body Swing. I truly appreciate it.

          You need to make the positions more important that the ball. When people do not do the position they are thinking of hitting the shot. So tee up your ball. Swing at no more than 50%. Hitting easy shots isn’t as exciting as hitting it as hard as you can. Swinging easier keeps you loose. Once you hit the shot no matter how long after the ball is gone it takes you you have to touch your head splitting the ears with the shaft not the grip. This way you are at least doing it. If you don’t do it when do you every do it? Never. So my way you at least do it. You get used to it. Then you make the position important. Once the position is more important that where the ball does you are on your way to makes changes fast. Right now you care about hitting great shots which is not the way to think. You need to build a great swing. A great swing hits great shots.


          DRILL: Do It Right at 1MPH
          When Is Your Swing Over?:
          DRILL: This Is The Best Drill You Should Be Doing Right Now:
          Hit, Hold and Check:
          Drill: Hold Your Finish Until The Ball Stops:

  11. Paul
    When addressing the ball how close are the top of your arms to the Bobby? Kerry Nicholson

  12. Paul
    I have been a member since December and I work on my swing every day. I look like a professional until there is a ball, then I feel like Charles Barkley. The ball takes over my coordination. Being a beginner at 68 causes me a great deal of frustration. Help


    • Pete,

      So you are still thinking of hitting the ball instead of thinking about the positions. So you need to replace the thought:

      Replace The Thought:

      Go out late a night by yourself with a few extra balls in your pocket. You swing no more than 50% and actually do the positions. DO NOT keep score. DO NOT care about your shot. CARE ABOUT doing the new swing when you play. You need to do this on the course. If you can do it in practice swing you can do it out there too. Right now, you are trying to go out there and play like a pro. So you are hitting hard. You need to at least do the new swing on the course. Once you can do it a few times you can then speed up your body to go up to full speed.

      How To Take Your Swing From The Range To The Course:

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