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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

12 Responses to “See The Path”

  1. It totally make sense, Paul. I am glad I discover your program. You make Golf simple enough for beginners like me. I am 63 years years old and started playing golf a year and a half ago. Having said that, what can I expect from myself? Can I be a scratch player in the future or is it too ambitious for me?

    • Luis,

      Glad you like my instruction. I appreciate the feedback.

      I doubt you can get to scratch because you started as an adult. I do not know what level you are at? How far you hit the ball? How much time you have to practice? etc.

      Why not break 90 first. Then break 80. Once you can do that then think of getting to scratch. I like big goals though. I would have that goal too.

  2. I think I know your method now from the inside out, but realize that thinking that way is a little over the top. In any case, I am getting the swing of it. Thanks for another great tip.

    • Will,

      Glad you liked it. This is just another way to manually get the club attacking from the inside. So many people see the have an issue with it.

  3. In this video, rather than watch the club, watching the shadow of the club-head demonstrates it more clearly – but not sure, until I try it, whether or not one can watch the shadow of one’s own club?

    • Gordon,

      I have a few watch the shadow tips. You can do that too if the sun is in the right spot. Give this one a try. You can do this anywhere there is a straight line.

  4. I’m new to the Body Swing. You fixed my 30-year-old slice in just a few days. Now I’m tweaking and working on consistency. The timing of providing this tip was perfect. Just yesterday I found my self hitting the ground before the ball and didn’t know how to fix it. Hip rotation – of course! Thanks!

    • Paul,

      Glad to have you on board. Glad you fixed you slice. Now the game will be a whole lot more fun. Yes, hitting the ground behind the ball is too much weight on the back foot at impact. This shot with driver is called a drop kick.

      Drop Kick:

      Glad you see the fix. Simple. I like when people do this as it indicates the club attacking from the inside (although too much).

  5. Paul, what a great follow up to the lesson you gave me last week. What really helped me was using the stick making the clubs path swing to the stick and seeing the blur going over it.You have me finally swinging the club to the inside and adding about a much needed 20 yards to my irons and driver.Thanks for teaching me something I haven’t done for many years. Next time I go thru Las Vegas you can bet I’ll be there to tune up some other parts of my swing, but for now I sure am enjoying the effortless way It feels when I hit the ball correctly.Thank you again for showing me the one thing I’ve had so much trouble doing the right way for many years!

    • Jim,

      Yes, you did great. Just watch out for duck hooks. If you do you are attacking too much from inside out and closing the face. If so, start turning more to get the ball less from the inside. Not sure you will do this but giving you the heads up.

      Definitely look me up. Next time I would think you will have this mastered so we can make it even better.

  6. Paul,
    I just purchased your program and hit the range for the first time today. A little background on me; I have been playing 20 years and have gone from 12 to 16 handicap over the past few years. I also have a herniated disc and recently had minimal evasive back surgery. So, your program is a blessing.

    For years I have been hitting with my arms. I never had a finished swing like the pros show with every shot they hit, until I found your instruction. Of all the lessons I have taken, you are the first to fully explain how important the turn and touch the other leg transition is most important in the golf swing.

    At the range, I hit my fair share of bad shots (as to be expected); however I also found the sweet spot and started hitting balls with ease. The hinge the wrist at the top and touch the other leg make a world of difference. My biggest hurdle will be to slow it down and trust the swing mechanics. I have to rid myself of the urge to use my arms.

    Also, Love your web site. It’s a coaches toolbox at my fingertips. Thank you

    • James,

      Thank you for the kind words. I truly appreciate it.

      So glad you are working on it and see the importance of the follow through. This alone should relieve most of the back issues. Funny, how few people teach it. I just saw this 25 years ago and as I got people to do it they hit it great. The hardest part is to get people to do it. You will start to see more and more great shots in the very near future. Just do lots of practice swings at home. This is the fastest way to get it.

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