Say Yes – Back Heel Off Ground

By | on September 21, 2023 | 10 Comments | Array


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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

10 Responses to “Say Yes – Back Heel Off Ground”

  1. Paul ,I do lift my heel of the ground at impact as you demonstrate,and I finish with all the cleats showing
    However ,while watching the very recent OPEN at Wilmington ,there was several slow motions of the better players :Huge JOHN RAHM and the winner ,”small” lefty BRIAN HARMAN who sunk an impressive birdie on the last hole
    The slow motion pictures distinctly showed both of them had their right heel flush on the ground at impact :despite this ,they launched the ball marvelously well

    • Raymond,

      Anyone who slides would keep the foot flat. Rahm is shut at the top. So he has to slide laterally to force the ball right for a draw. In doing so we would keep it flat (his heel is off the ground with driver – just watched a video of it). Phil is kind of flat too. He too slides. I just watched Brian Harman’s swing. Big “C” (he’s a lefty) at the end of this swing. This is a result of a flat back foot through impact. I predict back problems in the future for him.

      So you can keep it on the ground. If so, it can promote sliding and back issues. Also, keep in mind when these pros keeping the back foot flat they have rotated the hips. The average player is flat footed with minimal hip rotation. Huge difference.

      • Paul,Thank you for your in depth analysais ,very clear and useful .In THE same WELLS FARGO CHAMPIONSHIP in which I saw BRIAN HARMAN and JON RAHM swing flat footed ,there was also DUSTIN JOHNSON ‘: hé lifts THE back Heel compltely off THE ground ,all THE sole showing .Hé didn’t win ,but was near to winning ,except for THE miraculous put OF BRIAN HARMAN on THE 18th hole ,they would all three gone in a Play off .DUSTIN JOHNSON outdrove BRIAN HARMAN BY 50 yards on hole 18 .While BRIAN HARMAN played a 3 Wood to Cover THE second shot ,DUSTIN JOHSON played a wedge …
        I do as you say ,I lift m’y back Heel ….

        • Raymond,

          Yes, Dustin really moves that lower body and he hits is a long way. Take a look at some long drive guys too. I highly doubt they are flat footed at impact. I have never seen one.

  2. This is a good one for me to be working on. Every time I hit a fat shot I say to my self (out loud most of the time) “Get off the back foot”. I am really liking the “Just say Yes” series.

    • Peter,

      Perfect. So simple.

      Glad you like this series. Makes sense to get people to change certain things in their swing.

  3. May 10, 2017


    Hey Paul: I also concur that this is a great series “say yes”. This particular affirmation of completing and executing the proper hip turn is a great reminder of where I’m supposed to be at impact. I’m going to start incorporating this into my warm ups, especially at slow speed. Thanks as always for helping me be a better golfer who is having fun again.
    ps. I’m always promoting ignition golf to my fellow seniors with whom I play twice weekly! Something about teaching old dogs new tricks?

    • Bruce,

      Glad you like this series. I appreciate it.

      Slow speed is great. Too bad most people can’t swing easy. Everyone always wants their best shot. Slowing down gives you more time to do and feel things. Once you get them you speed up the body for more power.

      Thanks for the promo. We need all the help we can get. You just have to get really really good. If you get really really good they would ask you how you did it. A lot of people think they cannot get any better and they just live with hit. I prove them wrong all of the time. For the sake of a little work you can totally transform you game. Small price to pay.

  4. Paul ,I’d Like to clear an issue with you .When I perform a good swing ,it is because when I turn in THE downswing I push m’y left HIP forwards .Then I finish with THE Weight perfectly on THE left foot .This issue is THE most obvious with THE fairway woods .When I don’t push That left HIP ,I tend to thin THE Ball .Does this mean m’y swing incorporates wrongly a ” slide ” .You seem to just turn ,not push THE left HIP .Please comment .

    • Raymond,

      You hit it thin because not using your body properly causes you to use your arms. The harder you hit, the more you look to see what you hit which causes you to come up a little. There isn’t much room with fairway woods so any coming out of it will hit it thin or top it. We are talking 1/4 to 1/2 and inch. Not much at all. When do we hit fairway woods? Using in a distance situation so it’s easy to look to see what you are hitting. When hitting fairway woods you need to remind yourself to swing smooth at about 80%. Go over this threshold and the ball could literally go anywhere. As you keep making great contact you gain the confidence to take it up a notch in the future. Confidence breeds distance. So try this 80% thought for your next few rounds and take note of how many you hit thin. I bet it will decrease.

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