(NEW) IGNITION GOLF Rewards Program

Get Your Membership FREE – It’s Easy!

I truly appreciate your support of Ignition Golf and I would like to reward you for your help in spreading the word. To do so, I have come up with a reward plan that will allow you to gain free months added to your membership or you even get your yearly membership for FREE.  Please take a look at the Rewards program below.  After you tell someone about Ignition Golf and let us know their name, we will track this person to see if they join.  If you meet the requirements below we will credit your account accordingly (program starts 8-5-14 and does not apply to previous people you have recommended).




Rules & Regulations

1. You do not have to take part in this Rewards Program.

2.  Program starts 8-6-2014.  Previous recommendations do not apply.

3. People you recommend have to actually join for you to benefit.

4.  SKYPE LESSON – Skype lessons are 30mins. in duration with Pete Mitchell.

5. Free monthly membership will be added to your account after your current month expires.  Payments will be halted and will start up again after your free months expire unless you cancel.

6. MONTHLY MEMBERS – If you are on a monthly membership and you sign up 3 yearly friends we will issue a free yearly membership to your account at the end of your current paid month.  Then we will stop future payments for 1 year.  Monthly payments will start up again after this free period expires unless you cancel.

7. MONTHLY MEMBERS – If you are on a monthly membership and you sign up 3 monthly friends we will add 3 months to the end of your current paid yearly membership.  After the free months expire you will then be charged your regular yearly rate unless you cancel.

8. YEARLY MEMBERS – If you currently have a yearly membership and you earn a free yearly membership you will not be charged for another year after your membership expires.

9.  Monthly and Yearly sign ups cannot be combined.  You must meet the requirements above to receive free months or years added to your account. For example – if you sign up 2 monthly members and 1 yearly member you would receive 2 Skype Lessons and 3 months added to your membership.

10.  Contact us for a report on how may people have signed up due to your recommendation.

11.  Rules and regulations may change in the future.  If so, they will be posted on this page and those participating will be notified.

12.  Program may be discontinued at any time.


Please let us know if you have any questions or if you have people you feel may join.