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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

12 Responses to “Remember Series – Thumbs Up Thumbs Up”


  2. April 6, 2015



    There are almost too many “remember” tips to remember many of them when I’m out on the course. Is it possible to combine 2 or 3 remember tips together that one could actually practice between shots off of the tees while playing? Particularly, tips that would show almost immediate benefit in a round of golf.
    Thanks for all that you do for us!
    Bill Morris

    • Bill,

      Not sure why you think you should be working on everything. This is not how to use the site. Every tip I do is saved in the archive (and now in the new Dashboard). Pick out 1 or 2 things and work on them. Then pick another one of two things and work on them and so on until you develop a great swing. You are trying everything which is only going to lead to confusion.

      Get used to the new dashboard and it will make a lot more sense on how you should be working on things.

  3. “Thimbs up “,a very useful reminder ,Paul ,when going in YOUR full swing ,together with ” left thumb out ” ,another of YOUR tips to roll correctly the wrists .
    The INTERNATIONAL NEW YORK TIMES ,in it’s Saturday/ Sunday issue ,APRIL 4/5 ,showed a beautiful photo of RORY Mc ILROY at the top of his backswing .His left wrist is completely flat .Is it a ” must ” or CAN you ” make do ” with a slightly cupped left wrist as I do ?
    What is the true benefit of the ” flat left wrist “

  4. Paul, my game has improved by following your tips, thanks or that. I’m a lefty and my right thumb has started becoming tender/sore after each round of golf. I use aleve during the round and ice it after but is there any suggestion you have to change my grip that might relieve thumb pressure without reducing quality of the swing?


    • August 18, 2016

      Paul Wilson


      Glad you are doing well. Sounds like you are not doing the proper grip. Please shoot a picture of your grip and send it to us so we can check it for you.

      Just shoot the top hand and both hands together doing your grip. I would think something is not quite right.

  5. There are golf instructors, and then there’s Paul Wilson.

  6. Thanks Paul, these gentle reminders are great. I used to love this drill and it helped me a lot but I seem to have forgotten all about it…

    • Fiona,

      The release is vital to more power. Definitely do this all of the time. This is then connected to your body coiling and uncoiling.

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