Remember Series – 2 Takeaways

By | on March 1, 2015 | 8 Comments | Array


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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

8 Responses to “Remember Series – 2 Takeaways”

  1. Hi Paul,

    Timely tip. In the half back position my club head has come inside the line despite trying to follow the instructions . Video slow mo shows a change in wrist position as I go back. In set up my left wrist is slightly cupped toward the forearm -As I go back this cupping is lost with the right hand cupping in the opposite direction . This change in wrist angle coupled with a right elbow which stays close to the chest results in the club head being well inside at the half way mark . Then the hands move straight up .
    I am trying to correct this by consciously holding the wrist position to the half back position and allowing the right elbow to move away from my side a little.

    Before I begin seriously practising this I would appreciate your comments .

  2. ive played golf for 35 years suddenly because of the winter conditions and extremely wet fairways i cant hit my irons at all and its led to zero confidence and a kind of yips when attempting any strike at all is this a mental problem and can it be solved.

  3. Paul,Excellent reminder of how to do the takeaway with the wide arc :I scrapped some time ago the takeaway recommended by great teacher JOE DANTE (That was some time ago ) where you set/cock immediately the wrists and turn to the top at the same time
    I have no problem having the toe of the club looking straight up to the sky without manipulating the club at all(You say it should be parallel to the spine )
    Why is it that some Golf instructors say this is an unnatural move and you should close the club face going up?

    • Raymond,

      No idea. If you do nothing and turn back the leading edge would match the spine. There is no further discussion.

  4. Thanks Paul- the 1 inch move at the start really helps .

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