Ready To Add Strength

By | on December 27, 2023 | 2 Comments |


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2 Responses to “Ready To Add Strength”

  1. September 26, 2019


    Jeremy ,Do you have to rest on your forearms to exercise the “QUEEN” ?
    I usually do this plank by holding one handle in each hand ,which makes the exercise more comfortable for me .The handle is a S curved piece of metal bar sheathed with foam so it doesn’t hurt your hands ;I hold on 120 seconds ,head straight up ,back straight .
    On another matter ,I read that the “Psoas “muscle is very important for your swing .How do you exercise the psoas ?
    I have a kind of scythe or sickle with a wooden handle with which I cut tall grass in my garden :
    I understand this exercises the “Psoas”

  2. Avatar photo

    September 27, 2019


    Hi Jeremy…so wish I was back out there when I see your background pic, great abs & glute stuff and I can recall the ab one is like a military ” front leaning rest ” position the drill instruction ordered you to do if you did not pay attention…you had to hold it until he said “down”

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