Range Recovery

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5 Responses to “Range Recovery”

  1. March 31, 2015


    Hi Paul, this makes a lot of sense for me. When working at home i’m swinging in rhythm and when i go to play I get into ‘battle’ mode, I tense up and lose my swing. I then get into the mechanical thoughts and it can be 9 holes or more before I figure out to relax more.
    At home where I can practice indoors I’m very much focused internally to repeat a rhythmical swing. However I am not able to do that on course consistently, as I get distracted by my environment for a multitude of reasons that I am continuing to understand better. But hey there is always the next hole!
    Thanks Dave, I’m enjoying your tips and they are helping me better understand my mental game!

    • TOM ,Just a friendly advice : buy “TOUR TEMPO ” by JOHN NOVOSEL and you’ll never lose your tempo (What you wrongly describe as “rythm “)
      You’ll learn the 3/1 beat and find the “Tempo “which suits you !

  2. Dave ,You spoke of gold .I would go a step further :never go to the “Driving range “and beat balls ,go instead on the “Golf course” .These are two different games,as different as baseball and soccer or as basket ball and volley ball or breaststroke and free style swimming
    The mental process is completely different ,you have one shot to play at a time and one only,you feet are positioned flat ,upwards, downwards ,sideways, on the sand ,the thick rough ,the lightrough ,the fairway,under a tree or close to a bush :when you are boxing ,you deliver one punch at a time,your opponent doesn’t wait and let you get at him with a “repeat” punch.
    Playing golf on a carpet is a game invented by lazy Golf Teachers who wanted to maximize their money returns by pushing a golf ball in front of their pupils with a rod .
    My Golf instructors took me from the beginning on the golf course ,but that was a long,long time ago ,when people were not obsessed by making as much money as they can in a given period of time .
    I also wish to recommend followers of IGNITION GOLF/PAUL WILSON to follow closely your instruction videos and read thoroughly your book “WIRED TO WIN ” .
    Golf is 100% mental ,but also 100% physical ,you can’t separate one from another :that’s the beauty of this game!

  3. December 5, 2017


    Dave ,I commented on this excellent video more than two years ago.When you get to a certain level of golf ,the mind set is paramount in order to succeed .
    I try to evacuate all mechanical thought,I concentrate on my rythm (never get to quick in your swing when under pressure !) .I narrow down on my target ,and I make sure I’m fearless so I’m decisive when I swing .I ‘ve worked so much on my swing that I know it’s repeatable ,I have just to relax and make it smoooth and fluid .

  4. December 6, 2017


    Thank you for this Mental Reminder. On reflection, I remember my mindset (during a recent round) as I stood over several troublesome shots and executed the same shot, with predictable results, over and over again…then trudged over to the range to “fix” my mechanics. I will check out my thinking first the next time….thank you so much for this key message.

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