Flexibility – Push Pull and Rotate

By | on August 15, 2018 | 7 Comments | Array


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7 Responses to “Flexibility – Push Pull and Rotate”

  1. I have a C-5 radiculopathy– are there any changes to a normal swing that should be made? Obviously I can’t afford to hit it fat-at all.

    • Hi Michael,
      Sorry to hear about your neck. In fact, I have a similar issue that has given me significant symptoms a few times in the recent past. Luckily I’ve been able to do a combination of rest, proper McKenzie cervical exercises, postural changes and a little traction when it gets past a certain threshold. It takes a while but I’ve learned to prevent it as much as possible by sticking with certain exercises and awareness that have worked with my symptoms… I wish you the best in finding the same. As you can imagine, it’s difficult to give suggestions on a diagnosis as significant as yours with limited information. What I can say is abrupt motions and, as you mentioned, jarring strikes could be an issue. Assuming you’re right handed, I suggest letting your head move slightly in the swing… ie, look at the ball with your left eye in the backswing and learn to allow your head to move with your body, within reason, during the impact and through-swing phase. Duval and Annika are famous for allowing their eyes and head to rotate left with the torso more than most players that would traditionally keep their eyes on the ground for much longer through impact and the through-swing phase. That’s my best recommendation for now, but feel free to ask Paul a similar question on how to prevent fat shots.
      Best of luck to you,
      Jeremy Klinkhamer, PT

  2. This is great information for all of us guys who cannot do push-ups off the floor….Thanks

  3. Nice job.

    I tend to get low back and bilat hip/piriformis discomfort especially if I am practicing and playing frequently. Would the push pull and rotate be a good exercise for these problems? I am spending a lot of time learning the golf swing as taught by Mr. Wilson.

    I am 66y/0 and otherwise in good health.

  4. Excellent demonstration of a very basic and profitable exercise .
    After seeing it was GREG NORMAN ‘s favorite exercise,I have taken to drills with medecine balls ,3kgs ,4 kgs ,5 kgs ,throwing the ball on my lawn ,in various ways and positions:overhead ,from between my legs ,sideways both sides with two hands ,one hand forward throws .Do you have more suggestions ?
    These drills have consderably augmented my core strength and benefitted to my distance on the golf course

    • Great job Raymond. I like what you’re doing. One overlooked part of medicine ball work is actually catching them. Many of us get used to throwing them but not all of us catch them. The catching is excellent for eccentric strength, sequencing of movements and absorbing force. All of those things happen to the body throughout different parts of the golf swing. Good luck!
      Jeremy Klinkhamer, PT

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