Pro Versus Amateur – Weight Distribution

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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

17 Responses to “Pro Versus Amateur – Weight Distribution”

  1. Hi Paul
    We have a problem. I am 68 and have resumed the game 2 years ago after 18 years of very little golf (played 5 years before I quit because I took up road cycling), my partner is 69 and just beginning the game. We both like the game and enjoy the outdoors and wish to continue with the game. We go to the range, take videos to analyze the swing and try to correct what we see to be wrong. But, we really do not have time to hit multiple 10s of thousands of balls to perfect the swing because of time limitations in the daytime and also, more important, limitations of lifetime even though we are both in excellent physical and health condition. We are thinking of the “minimalist single plane” swing. What do you think of the minimalist swing?


    • Walt,

      Who is saying you have to hit thousands of balls to learn my method? If you have watched my practice tips I say I want you doing practice swings at home working on the swing positions. Surely, you have all of 5 to 10 mins. 4-5 times per week to work on your swing? If you can do 25-50 practice swings per night (takes all of 5-10 mins) you can build a great swing. How do I know this? I have proven it many times in the past. I took one gentleman from 95 to 75 in 2 months and he never hit one practice ball. I gave him a 10 min lesson each week showing him the grip, setup and swing positions and he did practice swings. He still played and he was allowed to work on his short game. After eight 10 mins lessons over the course of 2 months he shot 75. If he can do it anyone can do it. You just have to work on the golf swing the right way. Do the positions and check the feedback I provide. The feedback tells you that you are doing them right. Who else is going to show you this? No one so you will be guessing forever. Who else is going to tell you exactly why you are hitting poor shots and exactly how to fix it? No one.

      So what do I think of a single plane swing. My answer will be why I teach a 2 plane swing. Here you go:

      I teach a 2 plane swing. Why?:

      1. It is physically impossible to swing on a perfect 1 plane due to the angle between the left arm and clubshaft.

      2. The great majority of the best golfers of all time were 2 plane. Tiger Woods 2001 – 2003 had the best swing every created. He beat other tourplayers b 3 to 13 shots regularly. This was a 2 plane swing. Why would you want to learn any swing other than the best swing ever created?

      3. I have yet to see a long driver doing a one-plane swing.

      4. You do not hit the ball going back so what does it matter if you are one plane?

      5. If you start your body first in the downswing and keep the arms powerless the clubshaft will flatten towards 90 degrees to the axis (body).

      6. Everyone I have seen doing a one plane swing moves their head forward upwards of 6 inches as they go back (this is a known problem with this method).

      7. Most people using a one-plane swing blow it right, lose distance or duck hook it.

      8. The people I see doing a 1 plane swing see-saw their shoulders as opposed to rotating them creating the torque necessary a repeatable swing.

      9. The amateur players I have seen don

      • Paul ,I support everything you said about the ONE PLANE SWING vs/THE TWO PLANE SWING .
        After reading JIM HARDY ‘s book ,Some Time ago ,I tried to switch to THE ONE PLANE. -MOE NORMAN- SWING .
        I tried hard but felt uncomfotable ,with n

        • Raymond,

          1 plane didn’t work for me. I don’t know any long driver that does a one plane swing. You would think if this swing created more power they would all be using it. None do.

          It is all marketing. Everyone needs a hook.

  2. Annother excellent lesson ,Paul ,on what I truly believe to be the most basic part of a good golf swing .
    When I look at you going back on your right leg ,your leg seems almost straight :should’nt there be Some More flex in your right knee to make sure you ( I!) get away with the dreaded Sway!
    Of course ,straightening the knee ensables More rotation back!.

    • Raymond

      My knee is flexed. I worked on this for about 20 years.

      • Fine ,I’m glad you said it ,but you have to observe your movement very carefully to see it happen :it.’s almost unperceptible .
        In Some TOUR Players ,the Weight shift to the right leg is much More visible .

  3. Paul, wanted to ask a question about weight distribution. My playing partners say that my left leg moves at impact and they say my fit sometimes off the ground I dance around etc. Do you have any type of curers or drills I could do? Thanks, have a great day.!????

    • Dennis,

      This is very difficult to fix. Tiger used to do it too. It happens when people are trying to get power with the lower body but jump a little as they do so. You can keep doing it although I wouldn’t recommend it. To fix it you need to be doing slow swings and lots of practice swings focusing on keeping it down. He lower body action is like a throwing motion. You would jump if you threw a ball so I know you can keep it down when hitting a golf ball.



  4. Paul. thanks for the very clear explanation of the weight transition. About 10 years ago, I took a 3 day lesson in Florida and the instructor said my position at impact was almost exactly the same as my address position, and I was not getting off my back foot. Unfortunately, the remedy for this swing error was not made clear. He said I should pretend I was throwing a ball underhand, which of course can help, if you rotate correctly when throwing the ball. Your lesson today, when coupled with the proper head position behind the ball, and rotation of the hips, automatically transfers the weight. Now implementing the technique is all that is needed.

    Best Regards, Ron

    • Ron,

      Glad you liked it. Thanks.

      It should be like an overhand throwing motion not underhand. Underhand is not going to get you any power.



      • Paul ,THE Weight shift you teach is so obvious that I really wonder how people pr

        • Raymond,

          Yet another hook that people are trying to push on unsuspecting and searching golfers. People have done a reverse pivot for years and it does not work. Why in the world would you people to tell golfers to do this? It is truly mind boggling that people would believe this and people would actually work on it. This is why I keep hammering my instruction home. It works and I hate seeing people struggle. Golfers have to do the opposite to what they are currently doing. As soon as they get it they will improve. If they don’t get it they will never get it.

          Every time someone cancels there membership or joins for a week then they quit I just think “there goes another person would will never improve their game.” I just don’t get this mentality. It’s not like I am changing a ton for this site. It’s peanuts to learn how to play better than they have ever played. Oh well, one day the word will get out. Until then, I just keep doing what I am doing.

          • March 10, 2014


            Paul ,PATIENCE ,PERSEVERANCE ,PERSISTENCE :please keep on hammering your excellent basics :I started golf in 1968 ,went through Many ,Many excellent Pro Lessons ,read all THE books written from THE cr

          • March 10, 2014

            Paul Wilson


            The golf swing takes understand proper practice. It really is simple but simple is difficult. Most people want to do more movement than what is necessary. Simple simple simple.

  5. August 18, 2021


    Hi Paul

    Really helpful, thank you!

    What about if we are too much on toes, or the weight balance feel from toes to heels? Should we move more to the trail heel going back? And coming through to the forward heel? Like a figure 8?

    • Avatar photo

      August 20, 2021

      Paul Wilson

      First you need to check your setup. Make sure that you are tall in your setup, not bent over too much. This can cause the weight to go out beyond the toes. Then the weight would go to the heel instep area into the backswing and then the outside of your shoe in the follow through. Weight should be 50/50 from front to back when you set up, if not then rock into where the weight is basically middle of your feet like how you would naturally stand.

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