Pro Versus Am – Hip Speed

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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

22 Responses to “Pro Versus Am – Hip Speed”

  1. January 28, 2014


    Am I swinging with my arms and hands hard after I fire hips? I mean u gotta hit the ball with something. ?? This is tough to digest,although I am in complete agreement with u.
    I respect the forcefulness of today’s lesson , reminds me of my old baseball coach, just so hard to change habits. This game is so tough, and I am a 8 handicap and feel like I don’t know jack. Lol. Thanks again. Great site!

    • January 29, 2014

      Paul Wilson


      Glad you like the site. I appreciate the feedback.

      Powerless arms is you not hitting or helping the shot with your arms. So are you hitting? Ask yourself if you are trying to help the shot. If so, you are hitting. You can also feel it too. After every shot ask yourself what you feel. You arms or your legs. If you say arms you are using them because after every shot I hit I feel my legs.

      I guess you don’t quite understand how this works so I will explain it differently. Please stand up. Outstretch your let arm. Turn your body. When you did, what happened? Your arm moved right? Did you move your arm? No. So that is powerless arms. You are moving your arms by turning your body.

      Now, imagine a hinge (your wrists) connecting a golf club to your arms. As you turn one way and turn the other the club would hinge and re-hinge. Turn faster and it whips faster. This is how you should be hitting the ball. You got a whipping action by turning. You did not have to move your arms. They are connected to your body so if you turn your body your arms will move. See it now?

      Most people are not doing this. The are whacking away at the ball. This is moving the independently from the body. This means they are not powerless. The harder the person hits, the more they manipulate the club, the tighter the hinge the more the arms buckle etc. etc. etc.

      Hope you see it. If you are an 8 you must be close. To get to the next level is going to take a little more understanding, a few small changes, the right feeling and the right practice. You will get there. Just keep going through the tips that apply to you.

  2. Paul,

    Great tip. After coming over the top for many years and swinging with my arms, this is the hardest move to master. It was very helpful to express what we should feel. Will work on it.


    • January 29, 2014

      Paul Wilson


      Oh yeah, This is huge. It’s a great way to tell if you are powering the swing with your lower body. Keep doing this nightly and it will pay off big time.

  3. January 28, 2014


    Really like the feeling you expressed of the toe up to the cheek radiating after EACH shot

    • January 28, 2014


      Paul ,since working on increasing THE hip rotation speed ,I have worked my way to a clubhead speed with THE driver OF 105 MPH ,not too bad for an 80 years old Man.
      But on some shots ,my arms don’t quite catch up ,and my ball goes to right ,not much ,but enough to put me in trouble when THE Fairway is Narrow and line d with trees or WATER on THE right .
      How do you,speed up THE powerless arms to avoid,that ?

    • January 29, 2014

      Paul Wilson


      Just need to drive it home. It is a different way to swing. If so, it should feel different too.

  4. January 28, 2014


    Getting pretty fired up there Paul. Love your passion mate, keep up the great work.

    • January 29, 2014

      Paul Wilson


      Thanks. Just got to get people to understand. Until people do the opposite to what they are doing they will never get it.

  5. January 29, 2014



    Just joined your site last week and I am liking all your instruction tips. This tip is different from what I have been taught-
    hip slides first, pull down with left arm, throw your right arm at the ball, etc. I have developed a real bad case of golfers elbow in my right arm. I’m hitting the ball all over the place and finding it hard to break 100.
    I started with the basics and watched all your videos on the grip and now going to go into the set-up and backswing.
    I will work on your swing tips all winter and look forward to a better swing when the weather warms up.

    Keep up the good work!


    • January 30, 2014

      Paul Wilson


      The great majority of teachers teach to shift laterally when you start down. I don’t. Why? If you end up in my follow through position you would have to shift your weight laterally. So I already know you are going to shift your weight. What I don’t know is are you going to TURN? From the top of the backswing to impact is approx. 1/4 of a second. If you are thinking SHIFT when are you thinking TURN.

      I am also seeing the person’s body as and axis. If you are trying to create lag you need to turn the axis (your body) first before the mass (club). If you do mass will always move towards 90 degrees to the axis thus allowing the plane to flatten and create the proper path slightly from the inside. I have fixed over the top swings for years by just getting the person to turn first with their arms turned off.

      Another reason I don’t want people thinking shift is that the person usually does this too much. The more you shift the more your whole upper body tilts behind the ball. Tilt too much and you blow it right. This is why this is the shot hit by the majority of better players. This is because they understand they have to be using the lower body by they are doing it too much. So think TURN and the SHIFT will happen.

      If you are have trouble breaking 100 you need to start with y grip and set up tips. Then move on to the follow through positions. Work on this stuff first then the backswing. If you do you will play better than ever.

  6. January 31, 2014


    Hi Paul,
    I just joined the site after purchasing your swing machine book a few weeks ago. I have begun golf a few months ago and, after taking a few lessons with a pro I adhered to your method. I have very good results from time to time but I filmed myself on the range today (swing without a ball). Even if I had the feeling my arms were powerless, you can see on the vid that the hips are not very much ahead of the arms. I mean, the hips starts moving and so does the arms… I feel I haven’t found the right trigger yet to move independently the bottom from the top. Any advice?

  7. Avatar photo

    February 3, 2014


    Paul, the golf club I belong to, gives lessons with 10% off. I will never take another lesson again after watching all your tips. I wished I lived closer to Vegas so I could take lessons from you.

  8. August 6, 2018

    Steve Weber

    Hi Paul,

    Can you explain how “using the ground for leverage” ties in to hip speed? I hear commentators talk about this when showing players like Rory’s swing.

    Great tip by the way, I will start doing these drills tonight!


  9. October 29, 2020


    Hey Paul, Bear with this long narrative:
    I’ve been following your lessons for over 2 years, but inconsistently, though I know it’s the right path. Yesterday, perhaps due to fatigue, I hit my first drive with literally no tension–my arms were relaxed and following my hips which turned to an imaginary ball a foot from my left heel like you showed. I felt the ease of the swing, and hit it 239 yds. I’m lucky to hit 200. My next shot with a 5W was with the same relaxed swing. Then the next hole I got too relaxed, and sent it to the right only 180 off the tee. Each hole thereafter showed a steady pattern of less distance and more erratic shots. I’m guessing it was both tension creeping in and less hip turn. I also noticed I was lifting my head at impact.

    What I’d give to feel that first drive again! So here’s my plan: 1. do hip turns and driver “above – the – ground” swings every night for 10 mins. 2. Increase club speed gradually during each night’s driver work. 3. Slow down at the range to get wrist turn and anti slice locked in.
    Are there any other drills I should do each night? Generally my shots are push fades w/occasional slices, and very poor distance (175-180y), and I’m fading by the 11th hole. Many thanks :). Jon

  10. November 5, 2020


    Hi Paul,

    I am working on your tips since a few months now and I am sure it’s the right way.

    But since some days my driver shots are going straight right and my iron shots are hooking. To the left. If I use the very light junior Cobra driver from my 13 old sun my driver shots are going straight forward.

    So I am a confused, what I am doing wrong. Driver to tilt? Iron?

    • Avatar photo

      November 15, 2020

      Paul Wilson

      You could have a slide in your golf swing, too much tilt. Especially with driver since you usually try to use more body or moving faster with it. If your shots are going straight right then you need to rotate better. If your shots are hooking without trying to make them hook then your grip could be too strong. Check out this tip:

      How To Check Your Lateral Hip Motion:

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