Powerless Arms Explained

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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

31 Responses to “Powerless Arms Explained”

  1. May 22, 2015



    Gotta love the powerless arms. Best thing to ever happen to my golf swing. I’ve found that the better I’ve gotten at keeping my lag angle, the easier it is to turn off my arms. Not sure if that makes sense, but it works for me. Still working on the touch the head drill as you suggested. Thanks again, Paul.

    • Ted,

      To lag it your wrists would have to be loose because they are fully hinged. For you this is allowing them to re-hinge into the through swing. This too would indicate they are loose.

      Definitely work on splitting the ears. This is a huge position. Just do it in practice swings in a mirror and physically touch your head. Then you can feel it. Doesn’t take long. You just have to repeat it until it goes there without thinking about it.

  2. Hey Paul

    Great video. I like that you just keep pounding the fundamentals into my head at least. The swing is really coming around. Just like you say, ” it takes time”. Paul is there a new schedule coming out for your 3 day classes? I appreciate you great teaching here Paul, keep it up.

    Thanks Tony

    • Tony,

      Glad you liked it. People are mistaking this for frustration. I really want people to get it. I know if you do you will hit it better than ever.

      I will be doing schools in October. Can you send me an email so I can put you on my list to be notified. It would be great to meet and work with you.

  3. Paul,

    For me, getting this powerless arms feeling has been elusive, until I watched your Let the Club Fall Down video. I have a big back yard and tried this sensation on short pitch shots with my lob wedge last weekend. I took the club back to the short pitch position and just let it drop toward the ground. That sensation was completely different than anything I ever felt before and I hit the ball in the dead center of the clubface and it went straight each time I did this. I have been traveling out of the country all this week, but plan to work on this in my full swing at the range this weekend. I can also tell you that I have been doing some videos of my swings in the past at the practice range, and my practice swings are definitely slower and smoother than when I actually hit the ball. This urge to hit the ball is really hard to overcome. I know that you keep teaching to do a lot of practice swings with no ball, but that does not help to overcome this urge to hit when the ball is there in front of you.

    • William,

      The solid contact was from your arms fully extended again past impact. You have to trust this sensation then get used to it. As you know this is completely different feeling. If so, jut keep doing it until it doesn’t feel strange.

      The practice swings does fix this if you are doing them right and making them important. The whole idea is to have another thought to replace the thought of hitting the ball. You are still making hitting the ball more important than the positions. All you have to do is switch it around. You no longer care where your ball is going. You ONLY care about the ending point. You swing through, hold it, check it, if it is wrong fix it. Too many people don’t take enough time even doing the practice swings. They aimlessly swing through and not even check this. These types of practice swings are not what I want people doing. Take your time. Know the position. Do it and hold it until it becomes important to you. You will see that this alone will make you hit it better than ever.

  4. it s really interesting to see and full of courage how you try to get us done what you re teaching
    also very good that sometimes in the video you can t hide your frustration about the not understanding of your pupils
    this shows your drive and enthusiasm to learn us something completely different than any other instructor
    i am happy to be in your class, paul !!!

    • Ernst,

      I actually care about making you better. Glad you like the tips. I appreciate the support!

  5. Paul I understand but I find that my hands get too loose where I start flipping the club thru contact. I’ve trained myself to “drag” my hand/ wrist thru contact. Powerless arms I get and find it has given me more distance.
    It just the hands/ wrist has to maintain the angles, if not I find hooks take over.
    Any suggestions or am I right in that one has to maintain concentration thru contact?

    • Richard,

      You are seeing the bad in flipping. I am seeing the good. You need to see the good too. If you are flipping your release is working. Good. Your body is not working. Bad. So you keep releasing it until you are good at it and eliminate the slice spin. Once you can honestly say you are no longer sliding it you switch your focus to body rotation. Body = direction Wrists = spin Spine angle = contact. If you start your body ahead of your arms in the downswing you will hit it dead straight. Go to the DASHBOARD > FULL SWING > 1st SLIDE > bottom right you will see 3 tips to fix your swing flaws.

      Here you go:

      How To Stop Flipping Through Impact: https://ignitiongolf.com/stop-flipping/


      Driving Hips Harder But Hook It First: https://ignitiongolf.com/driving-hips-hook-first/

  6. Hi Paul: Since my lesson I’ve been practicing or playing every day. It seems as though when taking practice swings with no ball I hit positions quite easily. Once the ball is there it’s extremely difficult for me to finish. I don’t think I’m thinking of hitting the ball but it may be the sound of the hit or the subconcious feeling of something that is getting in the way of the movement. I’m trying to keep my arms and wrist as loose as possible.

    • Herb,

      The positions must be perfect so keep checking them. Once you get to the course swing at a pace you can actually do the positions. If this 1mph then swing at 1 mph. If you keep hitting it hard and getting the same result it will never happen. I just need you to do something different. If it takes 5 times going out there and swinging super slow to get it then do it. Small price to pay. You are certainly hitting the ball. This is fact as I have seen you swing. You need to make the follow through positions more important than the ball. Once you do, you will get it. From the top I am thinking of swing through to the end. In no way am I trying to hit the ball. So change your thinking. Slow way down. And keep doing it this way until you are good at it. Then and only then, start speed up the rotation of the body to hit it farther.

      I it is human nature telling you to hit. You must go against this powerful force.

  7. Hi Paul,

    I have struggled with Powerless Arms for 8 months. At times, a feeling of exhilaration when I did it with good results. But at many many times in-between, frustration: as you say, human nature took over and I wanted the ball to go further. Wack. Wack.

    I found your previous tip (test) on hitting a driver 150 yards or so with a full swing, perhaps the most helpful exercise in this regard. I’ve started regulating my leg speed and hitting 150, 215 and then 240. Not sure of the distances, but the idea of 1/2, 2/3 and then full throttle. The throttled down version is easier, more consistent, and more fun.



    By the way, I can not find a way to leave a reply when I watch your tips in the Dashboard. It there’s a way, it needs to be more intuitive.

    • Bill,

      Like I said in the tip if you are not getting it work on perfecting your swing positions then turn them off later. Slowing down is huge. The problem when you hit a few good ones with powerless arms is that you will want more. This too is human nature. You need to be aware of it. As soon as you see thin, topped or sliced shots you immediately slow down to 50% so you don’t get on the train of hitting these shots consecutively.


      You Will Top It: https://ignitiongolf.com/you-will-top-it/

      Stick to going slow and hitting the positions. After you have done this then speed up ONLY your body rotation to make the ball fly farther.

      We are working on comments in the dashboard. They are not done yet. For now you have to post here on the original site.

  8. Hey Paul I feel your frustration it’s difficult to learn when you’re frustrated as well.

    • Michael,

      It’s not frustration it’s passion. I actually care about what I teach, how I teach and you playing the best golf of your life.

      In no way would this make it more difficult for you. Just stick to the plan and work on the positions. Make them more important than the ball you will get it. If the ball is more important than the positions you won’t.

  9. May 23, 2015


    Hi Paul tried that hitting 60 % for whole round really helps decreasing tension in arms ,the misses i have swing 60% are pushes and some push fades ,slice is this a tight wrist problem or release problem,seems to happen when if i drive lower body a little too hard for the slower swing, working on the early release drill seems to help it some any other suggestions , hit alot of nice shots a little less distance but much more consistent.

    • Barry,

      Keep doing it until you are good at it. The pushes and push fades are you probably looking up to see if this slower speed is going to work. Do a few wrist roll overs to stay loose in the wrists before hitting. Then trust it is going to work. Keep in mind that swing at this speed is not going to hit every shot great. It is to prove to you that a feeling of nothing is going to produce shots as good if not better than your normal shots when you swing hard with the arms. If so, it will be pretty clear you should not be hitting. Once you are used to it then speed up your leg drive for more power.

  10. May 23, 2015



    2 months. Took a solid two months of practice before I can say I have finally achieved the powerless arms feeling on most every shot. When I hit a bad shot, I usually know why now. 40 years of an armsy swing now gone forever. Thank goodness. the follow through position practice finally sealed the deal for me, but I did work on pieces at a time as you mentioned. Result: 36 holes in a row and nothing worse than bogey my last two times out. I don’t think I have ever been that consistent. Playing again tomorrow to hopefully keep and improve that streak… goal by end of year is a full round at par or better. Best 50th birthday gift I’ve gotten was to sign up for this site. :).


    • Kim,

      So it took you x years to get a bad swing and 2 months to get mine. Small price to pay. Now, don’t ever go back to the other swing. Good job. It will keep getting better and better. You’ll see.

  11. May 23, 2015



    Great tip. I was reviewing the previous comments. Its good to see many people share my frustration of achieving powerless arms. Like others, I have problem in getting from point A to Point B. I have no problem in doing so with my practice swing. When I get over the ball, all changes. My follow thru is not complete and I have too much weight on my back foot. Will try only to think of point B and not hitting the ball. Going to the range now. I am hoping this tip will help.

    Appreciate your dedication to improve our game.


    • Roy,

      You just have to make the positions more important than the ball. Right now you care about your shots so you are trying to make the ball go. Forget the ball. It is holding you back. Your goal it to go the end. The ball will get in the way of it. You are not good at it so keep doing it and the ball will get better and better. At some point you will no longer care about the ball. This is why I tell everyone to swing at 50% as you are learning it. Slower is less arms and less hitting. Slower is not going to produce a rally long shot (in your mind) so you are not going to be trying to hit it as hard as you can.

      Just try it as I say in this tip:

      Just Try It: https://ignitiongolf.com/just-try-it/

      Also watch:

      DRILL: Do It Right at 1MPH https://ignitiongolf.com/right-at-1mph/
      Powerless Arms – The Trust Factor: https://ignitiongolf.com/the-trust-factor/
      It is a Letting Go Experience: https://ignitiongolf.com/letting-go-experience/

  12. Paul ,
    I just saw a video on another site about a subject you’ve Certainly covered previously :it deals with the amount of tilt in YOUR shoulders when going in the backswing with YOUR shoulder Turn : I ” feel ” I Turn horuzontally m’y shoulders when m’y Arms go back and up to the top .Maybe it’s not what really happens .In any case ,this other golf teacher says you should ” tilt ” YOUR shoulders when turning them and going in the backswing .
    I personnally disagree but I’ m nô expert on the subject .It seems to me YOUR Turn backwards is with the shoulders staying horizontal ” mas o menos ”
    Wherein lies the TRUTH?

    • Raymond,

      I know this thought is out there and it is mind boggling that people are telling others to do this. Look at Hogan at the top. Where his shoulders tilted at the top. No. Neither are the shoulders of the best of all time. Obviously this person would be teaching this new tilted swing that wouldn’t even come close to beating the swing of one of the legends.

  13. Paul and Jeremy ,
    I’m an adept at stretching .However iI read it should be avoided before playing a round of golf ,for the reason given it reduces muscular impetus ( It weakens the fibers of the muscles or redues the net lys impulse ,I don’t know which).
    Then I see some great athlètes stretching extensively before playing their game ,such as ice hockeyers .
    Where is the TRUTH to it ?

    • Raymond,

      I would take muscular impetus over hurting myself any day. I really can’t see not doing anything before a round. I don’t go crazy. I just get loose.

  14. November 24, 2015


    I have drunk the Kool-Aid. I am addicted.


  15. March 10, 2016


    Starting my 2nd year of membershp & quite pleased with my improvement. Sometimes, when playing, the hit impulse creeps back into my swing & when that happens, I fail to completely reach the touch legs, touch head positions. I recently found it helpfull if I take a practice swing or two where I take the club to the top as normal with two hands & then remove my right hand as I let my lower body start the downswing. Swinging through with just my left arm keeps me from any hit feeling and then I go back to my normal swing & try to duplicate the same feeling as with the one arm practice swing. I play right handed but I am a left handed person, so swinging with just my left arm is quite comfortable for me. Hope I explained this in a way that was understandable. Just wanted to get your opinion on this “drill” as I don’t want to be doing something that I shouldn’t be.

    • March 12, 2016

      Paul Wilson


      Even I want to hit it with my hands and arms and I’m constantly telling myself not to do this so this is normal. You need to do whatever you need to do to stop doing it. Taking a hand off of the club would accomplish this because when you hold on with one hand you can certain feel the weight of the club. So if it works, keep doing it.

      Glad you’re sticking around. Let’s get it to a whole new level this year.

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