Power and Control

By | on August 8, 2016 | 8 Comments | Array


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8 Responses to “Power and Control”

  1. Love this tip!! How true it is and the concept of if you are holding the power in your body with tension then this power can not release to the golf club/ball is a great one and as a “feel” player will really help me stay loose.

    • Hi Hollie!

      Thank you so much! Energy IS power–lock it up and you have less of it. Free it up and you have MORE of it!

      It’s true for all of us!

      Stay loose:)

  2. In all sports you have to release the energy you have inside yourself to the ball ,the javelin,the weight (Weight putting) ,the golf club ,the fist(Boxing ) ,the legs (High jump and long jump:the best way to that is to be loose and relaxed ,not stiff and constricted .Even when you swim a 100 meters freestyle dash ,you may seem loose and supple ,but in realty you are pushing the water all you can .I train with two Swing Speed Radars ,(The second one is to see if I accelerate through the ball ),the best resuts are obtained when I stay loose and flexible ,and I don’t care about “hitting” the ball

  3. August 9, 2016


    GREETINGS COACH Thank you for your offer to help,sorry to say I cannot take advantage of it now, but thanks again.

  4. Paul ,I ‘ve read on a fitness site that to increase your swing speed ,you have first to train and strengthen those specific muscles which you cause to decelerate the club .The contention is that your body(Mind )has in built protection mechanisms to prevent it from being hurt if you swing too quick (This can happen if you let go all of a sudden of your right hand in the throughswing ,the left shoulder then gets a terrific wham!).
    What’s true in this contention ,and if so ,how do you train those “decelerating ” muscles ?

    • August 10, 2016

      Paul Wilson


      If your arms are powerless your body would be telling them how fast to swing. Your body moves slow in life so there is no way you would hurt your arms from swinging them too fast. So I would be thinking more about how to turn your arms of not about trying to get them to decelerate the club.

      What everyone should be working on is how to get the legs and hips firing quicker. The move I make int he downswing is quick. Most every student that I work with is slow. I try to get them to do it fast and they still do it slow. So it is training these muscles to fire faster that would be my main concern.

  5. Paul ,You are right .But though I Watch carefully JEREMY KLINKHAMER’s vidéos .I don’t remember seeing any spécific movement to train THE HIP muscles .What I do is to train with THE MIKE BAUMANN ‘ s rubber bands you showed us ,and a contraption named THE ” POWER HIP ROTATOR ” which is about THE same thing ,except it’s a leather belt to which you attach rubber bands and you move both ways with it : in one position ,THE rubber bands are pulling you forward ,in THE reverse position ,you are rotating forwards against THE rubber bands .I tried to get THE SOMAX device ,but THE gentleman who developed it never sent it over ,claiming I was to old to benefit from it ! Crazy ,I’m fit as a fiddle !

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