How To Easily Shoot Low Scores

By | on June 8, 2023 | 11 Comments | Array


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11 Responses to “How To Easily Shoot Low Scores”

  1. August 23, 2013


    Great suggestion. Any strategy to lower my score is worth a try!

  2. Quite an unusual recommandation ,Pete ! I” ll have to try it out !
    However ,when playing ,I never think about THE Score .I wait until THE round is completed to add up m’y individual scores ,and While playing ,I don’t Count If I am one over ,two over ,three over,etc… .I play from THE white tees ,and I know on which hole I cannot play THE established par ,those holes which are to long for me to reach in r

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      August 25, 2013

      Pete Mitchell

      It works very well,although do not underestimate this test. I have shot over par from the red tees by being complacent.

      • Pete ,You’re right :never be complacent when playing golf.With the age piling fast years on (I ‘ve turned 79 ) I definitely will take your advice in consideration and be a more humble golfer !(I ‘ll shoot my tee shots from my wife’s red tees !)

  3. This is great advice that more golfers should try. Especially those who can’t reach a medium par 4 in regulation. This is merely the program Nicklaus promoted not long ago. “Tee it forward.” For some reason, most male golfers allow their ego to dictate their play rather than play from forward tees where there’s a better chance for them to score. One issue is that most, if not all courses use age, normally 65, as the determining factor for play from forward tees in tournaments, which seems to carry over to weekend players. If anything should determine forward tees, it should be handicap, not age. I started playing from the “senior” tees this year & believe me, it’s much more fun.The 1 issue I have with it, is at times the forward tees are placed as much as 100 yds. in front of the average tees. IMO, that’s taking it a bit too far. No matter which tees you play, you still have to execute the shots. If anyone gives you grief for playing from forward tees, tell them to play from the back tees & see how well they do. I bet you won’t get many takers.

  4. Pete, really enjoyed working with you last week. I’ll let you know when I get to 12 under (I would be terrified!). Best to you Paul and Steve.

    • Tom,

      Thanks so much. I was a pleasure meeting and working with you too. Just keep at it. It will all come together in no time.

  5. I haven’t heard of that game management in some time but it is worth revisiting.
    I have done it before with my son when he was playing in high school and college to throw him off his game and give me the advantage. It would complete dismantle him on his course management at first and then after a few rounds he knew how to adjust. Sometimes we’d play the front tees but use the same clubs we’d have normally used on the hole from our regular tees ( which for him were the tips when he played college). It taught us both better course management AND…..( for Paul) to swing slower, more controlled and finish the right way for crying out loud!!! It was fun, made us both better, he learned to adjust to many different situations, shoot low and swing with out using his arms but just rotate his hips and torso. Sound familiar!!

    For those that don’t think it works I am proud to say that my son went on to become a High School State Champion, a two time Jr. College All American and Jr. College National Champion, a Phil Mickelson Award recipient, and a two time Jack Nicklaus Award recipient. He finished his college career at Ole Miss and is trying his hardest to make it on the tour.

    I have been watching Paul since 2011 and so has my son. He learned a lot from Paul through me and by watching Paul’s videos and Breslows philosophies. This was the first time I saw you and enjoyed the reminder of something I actually had forgotten about but remembered how much it helps but also how much I missed playing with my son. Good times.

    Your with some good people young man!!
    Stay in tune, in touch and in good health.

    God Bless

  6. Pete, I usually play from the White Tees. You’ll probably say that I am a contrarian, but I’ve been practicing and playing golf from the Tournament/Championship tees for the last three months when I go by myself to the golf course on weekdays. I used to score in the high 90’s, but now I am scoring in the high 80’s when I play with a foursome on the weekends from the White Tees. I felt that practicing and playing from the Tournament/Championship tees has helped me to focus more effectively on the coiling, uncoiling, wrist release, and other tips to gain more distance provided by Paul Wilson. Playing from the Red Tees would probably get me a score under Par, but I found it more challenging and beneficial playing the other way.

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      July 3, 2019


      Definitely playing from the back tees is going to be the ultimate challenge. And then moving up to the regular mens tees will seem easier. But my point in this tip was for you to move to the most forward tees and then you can work on scoring shots; more wedges and pitch shots. Also, you can be working on your mental game from here and a feeling of being closer to par for each round. Then when you’re in a situation where you might be looking to shoot in the 70s you know what that feeling is like.

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