Par 3 Mastery

By | on June 20, 2016 | 6 Comments |


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6 Responses to “Par 3 Mastery”

  1. June 10, 2014


    Greetings David so good to see and hear from you again I have so much in my head trying to master this new golf swing that its refreshing to think about the mental game

    • Hi John!

      Great to hear from you!
      Thank you and remember—the “mental” game is ALWAYS part of your game—no escaping it:)

  2. Dear David ,
    I also was wondering in which hole ( OF the golf course ) you had disappeared in .
    Glad to see you back !
    Excellent teaching today a gain and sound advice !
    I would suggest also to shoot for THE “Safe “or “Fat ” part OF THE Green ,in GENERAL .
    Now ,if you are proficient in sand saves ,you CAN go for THE pin ,getting out OF a sand trap isn’t that difficult ,if you’ve traine d enough .
    Also ,mastering chipping is essential ,even when I’m on THE fringe OF THE Green ,I CHIP ,I don’t put ,just because I ‘ve trained my chipping as much as my putting ,and. I’m More confident to hole in with a CHIP than with a put .
    What I like in YOUR video are
    THE “fighter ” narrowing down vision
    THE emphasis put on rythm ( Don’t rush up ,take YOUR Time in YOUR backswing )

    • Hi Raymond!

      Was I gone that long?
      Thank you for making me feel “missed” 🙂
      Shooting for that “safe’ part of the green is fine although it really depends on your level…low handicappers WANT to aim closer to the pin…high handicappers might wisely not be ready to do that—and give away more strokes due to a big ego and/or poor choice:) Happens all the time, right?

      Egoless golf is usually better scoring golf for that golfer—if the EGO is put aside.:)

      Rhythm is everything on and off the golf course. Life has a rhythm to it as well and so do each one of us.
      Know your rhythm and repeat it over and over and over!

  3. June 11, 2014


    Greetings David For over 40 years i have been performing traditional irish music. When i am on the course all of a sudden a tune will come into my head and no matter how i try it wont go away so i just play on with the tune running in my head. I wonder and i am asking you/ for me this may be a good thing because it may keep my mind clear in a way even though the tune is there. what say you?

  4. Avatar photo

    June 24, 2016



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