No A Game

By | on May 30, 2016 | 12 Comments | Array


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12 Responses to “No A Game”

  1. Dave, great tip, works in life too.


    • Hi Tom,

      Thank you! YES—life as well as is just about everything I talk about! No getting around it.:)

  2. Excellent lesson ,Dave,thank you for Remoinding us the FUNDAMENTALS of “Mental Golf “.
    I personally contend that most ” ball games “,like tennis ,golf ,soccer ,squash .Pala ( The Spanish ball game ).volley ball ,basket ball ,are “BRAIN GAMES “.The Brain controls the entire process ,the body and the muscles merely follow the brain’s instructions .
    There’s Nowhere in golf where it’s most true than putting ,which has nothing to do with mechanics or the type of putter you Play with .You CAN put very wellwith an ugly looking putter .
    TOMMY ARMOUR would say ” Always Play the easiest club you CAN Play “,and WALTER HAGEN said”SLOW DOWN AND SMELL THE ROSES “.BOBBY LOCKE was Well known for the imperturbable manner with which he sauntered down the fairway,completely oblivious to the exasp

    • Hi Raymond!

      Fundamentals as you say—are the root for winning golf no matter what your level of play!:)

  3. Thanks david i have only been a member for a few days really enjoy your tips i write most of them in my golf journal so i can go back to them before i play Thanks again

    • Hi John,


      Thank you for your kind words. Paul is awesome and it is my pleasure to be part of the team!

  4. May 6, 2014



    When you say “One club less… and “Slow down… If a normal approach shot when the game is good would be a 7 iron, does “One Club Less” mean and 8 iron or a 6 iron? I suggest describing this as “a longer club” or “a shorter club”. Which do you mean?

    • Hi Richard,

      Thank you.
      One club less means instead of the 7–use the 6 and take a more fluid swing to get your rhythm back. “Slow down” refers to slowing down internally…which will allow you a smoother swing with the “lower” club. All this is designed to get your “A” game rhythm back.

      Thank you for your question!

  5. May 22, 2014


    It works for me to go in the opposite direction: instead of the 7, I pull out the 8. Now I don’t have any expectation of making the green with the shot, and I can drop that concern off my list and just concentrate on making a nice, free swing, unencumbered by thoughts of “I have to get this on the green.” Make any sense to you?

    • Hi Keith,

      Sure it makes sense if it works for you!
      The only difference it seems…is that you also change your expectations for the shot (not hitting the green) as opposed to someone else taking the 6-Iron and swinging more smoothly yet still looking to hit the green.

      Certainly, if NOT hitting the green is acceptable for you…then it works for you o go with the 8-iron.

      As always…personal choice based on what outcome is acceptable is what matters!

  6. Dave, very timely tip, I just got off the course and nothing was working today. I was out there with my “D” game. This is after 8 consecutive rounds where I just nailed it. First thought after today was “what happened “, then ” will I get it back”. After seeing your video I feel I much better equipped to handle a rough outing. Thanks!!

  7. Thank you Dave. Love the inner peace you bring to the game.

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