Never Slice 2 In A Row

By | on July 13, 2014 | 24 Comments | Array


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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

24 Responses to “Never Slice 2 In A Row”

  1. July 13, 2014


    You have been teaching that we slow down the swing Is this for the driver or all the clubs? If so When I swing my irons slow my timing goes to pot. It is very uncomfortable and I am having a difficult time swing slow. Any ideas?

    Joe Maurion

    • Joe,

      That tip was a drill to get you to feel the positions and load the weight. I said you could hit real shots if you wanted to. When you are doing drills you are doing drills to feel and work on your swing NOT to be hitting great shots.

      Coil at a pace you can do the proper backswing positions and keep working on them until you are good at them. You only have 1 swing so it should not be changing as you change clubs. If it is you need to keep working on the swing positions.

      You should also be able to diagnose your own swing by watching the videos below. I don’t know what you are doing if you say your timing is off. Where is the ball going? If I know that I can tell you what you are doing.


      How to Cure the Direction:

      How to Cure the Spin:

      How to Cure the Contact:

      How to Cure Spin and Direction Problems:

  2. OK, but what if you move your hips correctly and you still have the hook.

    It seems to me that now I am moving my hips too early and need to wait a little longer to compete the backswing to get good timing on the combination of hip move and rolling over.

    Any thoughts on the timing of the hip move?

  3. July 14, 2014


    This is a subject dear to my heart, mind and body.

    I have always sliced and even my best straight shots are fades.

    My best scoring swing was (and sometimes is) a wild slice to the left that nearly always came back to the fairway. That swing used to demoralize my playing partners.

    Your hooking methodology does not work for me for some reason. I think because my slice comes from early and quick turn of the shoulder.

    I think my solution is for the body to stay still until the club plane flattens on its own and then drive with the leg. What do you think ?

    I was swinging well a month or so back but I lost it as you predicted then.

    • Paul,

      The solution is you constantly rolling it over from the top. If you are slicing or even fading it the face is open and you are not doing what I want you to do. Just do this every night around the house in practice swing until you have it mastered. So take a club. Hold it off the ground. Look at both hands. Take it back. When the club comes back down you should be looking at the back of your right hand NOT both hands. Do this every night and I guarantee you stop it slicing. I bet you haven’t done these practice swings. You are trying to do the drill when hitting balls. In doing so you are trying to do it way too hard. The harder you hit, the tighter your wrists the later the release.

      Start doing it tonight and every night from now on. This is not that hard to fix.

      • July 28, 2014


        Hi Paul

        Wow you are right!

        I have been slicing for so many years that I believed that a cure will be difficult and time consuming.
        When you said “this is not that hard to fix” I took a little heart and gave it a committed serious go.
        AND it worked!
        I have hit vicious hooks in my recent rounds and HAPPILY lost balls into left hand OBs.
        In my opinion this slice prevention “method” of yours is comparable in value to your powerless arms method which now I will be able to undertake confidently.

        Thanks again.

        • Paul,

          I don’t joke about the golf swing. A slice is not that hard to fix doing it my way. Just stick to the steps and your slice will be gone forever. Then this game really becomes fun.

          Once you get it hooking focus on the body to straighten it out.

  4. Paul, I have found the best way to stop slicing is to have a much stronger left hand grip. Rolling the wrists over is important but the stronger grip makes a huge difference.

    Malcolm Spry

    • Malcolm,

      This is a band aid. Don’t go more than 2 knuckles. If you do and your wrists are loose you would hook it. If you were to hook the ball if your wrists were loose doing this grip why would you keep hooking it. You wouldn’t so now you will tighten your wrists to stop the hook. Now you have 2 flaws in your swing which will make you inconsistent. Don’t do band aids.

  5. July 14, 2014


    If you are slicing the ball with other clubs should I be rolling the wrist over? Thanks for your help.


    • Mark,

      You only have 1 swing. Roll it with all clubs. Shorter clubs should be easier to roll because they are shorter.

  6. Hi Paul;
    I was wondering if this rollover drill might lead to flipping rather than a smooth transition. My normal shot is straight or a slight fade. Should I still be using this drill? When I try this I pull the ball. I get more power & distance from it but a pull will go farther anyway, right?

    • Michael,

      You should be doing this drill if you are not shooting low 70’s. You are hitting it straight or fading it. If you are doing this and shooting 85 then you have never learned how to properly release it. If so, you will never get to a higher level. Keep in mind you are not hooking it forever. You are doing this to learn how to release it. Once you get this you will not be thinking about it in the future. You will be thinking of your body rotation.

      This does not lead to flipping. Flipping is caused because your shoulders are too square at impact. This roll over just gets the wrists unlocked and loosed up. Once you are consistently hooking it you forget about it and focus on the body rotation. If you are rotating properly you will not have square shoulders at impact therefore you will not flip it.

  7. July 14, 2014


    this is a question or comment about the drill on feeling tilt at impact. afer i do the hand on hip and push and turn a few times, I get a sensation of bringing the club in close to my right leg at impact. the drill helped me a lot, Is there a problem with my close to the right leg thought? Hope this makes sense.


    • Larry,

      This is what should be happening when you are using your lower body properly. If you are using the body and not trying to hit the clubshaft would flatten in the downswing thus bringing the right elbow close to the hip. If you have to do this manually to train it then do it. I just wouldn’t want you thinking about it forever.


      Flatten Plane 1:

      Flatten Plane 2:

      Right Elbow:

    • Hi Paul;
      My most recent rounds were a pair of 80s, the most recent just yesterday with three 3 putts which has nothing to do with my swing mechanics. If not for those putts, I would’ve broken 80 for the 1st time in my life. My normal scores are usually low to mid 90s. My better play is obviously from your teaching that the rotation of your body makes or breaks your swing. At this point it has been my only swing thought. For now, I’ll stick with what I have without the roll over drill as it seems to cause a major timing issue. The 3 putts are not common in my game, especially not 3 in 1 round. So with the strokes gained from my normal 2 putts rather than 3, I would have been at 76. My playing partner said he’s really impressed with my swing change & is so much better than before. Although, as I had written before, another reason for such an improvement is having changed the ball I’ve been playing, but that’s not the major reason. If you don’t have the proper swing, the ball will make no difference. Your tips have made me a much better player & the game more fun. Thanks for your teaching style as I know from reading other comments that you’ve helped many others make substantial improvements in their games also.

      • Michael,

        So you are on track with my method. You are close to playing the best golf of your life. Why would you want to even attempt anything other than what I am teaching. It is working. So if it is working keep at it. If you do something that does no mesh with what I am teaching (there is plenty out there) this whole thing could fall apart. I have been there and I don’t want this to happen to you or anyone else. Stay focused. Amazing things are about to happen if you do.

  8. Paul, you are correct in saying two knuckles only. Some times I have had too strong a grip and have hooked it with loose wrists. But when it is two knuckles it seems to work well. I think many amateur golfers have too weak a grip (one knuckle) and it compounds the slice problem. Thanks for your advice…always helpful.


    • Malcolm,

      Very good. I’m glad you’re still with me. It’s been a while since our lesson. That was a lot of fun.

      You are right, so many amateurs are weak with the and strong with right. With this type of grip it is nearly impossible for them to improve. Glad you are trying to see 2 knuckles.

  9. Hi Paul – this is a great tip. What confuses me is that when I try to turn off my arms for the effortless swing and then I do something like this it seems like my hands are getting very active early in the swing. Is that okay?

    • Steve,

      You are confusing a drill with reality. A drill is you doing a certain move over and over again until you have it mastered. Because you have done a move so many times, it should start to naturally occur in your swing. The ultimate goal is you never thinking about your arms and keeping them powerless. You are basing the swing on coiling and uncoiling your body.

      The Ultimate Goal:

      So do the roll over drill as a drill. This means you are making it a habit. You are doing it nightly at home. At the range. When you play etc. When you are hitting a shot for real you are still feeling this roll over (hopefully because you have trained it to roll over) and focusing on the body coiling and uncoiling to hit the ball. If you do slice one when you play, back up, roll it a bunch of times in practice swings to loosen the wrists back up then continue with your round. If you keep slicing it you may have to purposely roll it for the rest of the round. If you keep doing this roll over it really should not be that long to have it mastered.

  10. September 22, 2018


    Hi Paul–I have cured my slice using this drill but now I am hooking it , and sometimes duck hooking it How do I find the middle ground between slicing and hooking?

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