Drill – Move Head Then Club

By | on May 29, 2016 | 17 Comments |


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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

17 Responses to “Drill – Move Head Then Club”

  1. 100% right ,Paul.When I train at home in front of a Window pane ,I make a vertical Mark where m’y head is at address .Then I Watch it move when I swing .
    Question: I never look at the ball ,it’s always in the path of m’y swing .I saw a Pro saying you should put a Mark on the back of your ball and look at it when you swing .I don’t do it ,and m’y swing is near perfect.
    What do you recommend?

    • Raymond,

      I don’t focus on the ball. I see the ball as part of the ground but I am not fixated on it. Do what works for you. You can fixate on the ball too much which would lead to hitting with the arms.

  2. Hi Paul. I’m moving it back but struggling to keep it back there when starting down? Any good drills/thoughts that can help me? Im trying to feel the weight on the instep heel but maybe i am to far back? Or its just an old habit 😉

  3. May 29, 2016


    Paul..I totally agree with what you are saying. Like your lesson. I have not looked into this but what happens in our
    swing so that we actually hit the ball on the down swing and the bottom of our swing is in front of the ball. This is how I
    understand that a ball should be hit. Is it the lower body weight shift that causes this?

  4. Had a rough day on the course today followed up with battling “shanks” for the first time ever on the range afterwards. I looked a bit like Kevin Costner in Tin Cup. Saw the “head move” video later and headed back to the range a second time to give it a try.

    Kind of counter-intuitive that a move back with the head back would result in a better weight shift onto the left side but figured it was worth a try, having never had to deal with consistent shanks before.

    It works! Went from shanks to bombing the driver right down the pipe.

    Thanks Paul!!!

  5. Hi Paul. Do you think the confusion over head movement might be a misunderstanding. Moving the head to the side is required but moving the head up or down leads to trouble. On another note, I played my first round of the year and had quite a few 30 to 50 yard pitch shots. Your simple hinge and turn method worked miracles. One of my shots hit the pin on the fly, stopping 4 feet away. That never happened before in my life!

    Thanks, Ron.

    • Ron,

      No confusion. You need to move your head not keep it still. Yes, up going back is not good. It will lower in the downswing due to the body tilting. For someone keeping their head still, moving it will be game changing (even if they move it too much).

      My pitching technique is amazing as you found out. I wish I’d have thought of it many years ago when I was starting out. So easy once you get it. Glad you got it. Just practice it a little to keep it. This takes a ton of pressure off of the long game.

  6. Paul I am having big trouble with this part of my game and weight transfer while keeping my head behind the ball.

    Either one of two scenarios occur:

    First if I concentrate on getting my weight over to my left side, my brain jumps in and ‘helps’ me out by saying we need to move this head first if we want to get our weight over there effectively leading to an over the top lunge.

    If instead I concentrate on keeping the head still, my weight remains more on my right side up until impact and I still feel most of my weight on the instep of my right foot. From there, I can only explain that it feels as though I rock on to my left side as my head comes forward but the transfer is so violent that it causes me to fall back to the right side again at the finish to avoid falling out of balance.

    Have you any advice for where I should be looking on this topic?

  7. August 27, 2018



    Is there an advantage to setting up with the head already moved back? It would seem that this would eliminate one more step in the backswing.

    • Avatar photo

      August 29, 2018

      Paul Wilson


      You can do this but I worry that people will move it too much. If you watch Moe Norman he preset his club 17″ behind the ball. To do this you have to pre-load. I see people do this sometimes and they end up angling their whole body too much behind the ball resulting in pushes and push fades. So the choice is yours but I really haven’t seen anyone do this successfully (except Moe but he set the club well back too).

  8. February 28, 2021


    Hi Paul,
    I watched pushing the club away and now this moving the head lesson. Do the two motions occur simultaneously? When I do this they seem to move together, or close to it.

    • Your head would start to move very slightly in the first few feet of the swing. Then by the top of the backswing your head would’ve moved the most. By the time your hands are off of your back leg into the backswing, your head would have move maybe 1/2″ This tip is just a drill to get teh head moving.

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