From The Range to the Course

By | on October 9, 2017 | 1 Comment |


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One Response to “From The Range to the Course”

  1. Dear Dave ,
    This lecture on “How Take your Game from the Range to the Course ” examplifies what I “preach in the desert “(Like PAUL WILSON and his “POWERLESS ARMS ” concept )since a long, long time :save your time and efforts ,play only on the golf course ,never go to a driving range . Golfers recent to the game should know that in the early years of golf (and up to the ’30’s ) ,there was no such thing as a “Driving range “;
    The driving ranges were invented by “lazy” golf instructors ,who found more profitable for their purses to have pupils in front of them with a “Mat ” and pushing balls to them with a pincer.
    True golf Instructors would take you on the course and teach you on the short grass ,the short rough ,the high rough ,the sand traps ,the “dirt “,with slopes all around .
    But then ,they could handle less golfers at a time and had to charge you more .
    That’s how I learned to play golf .
    Therefore I feel strongly this “RANGE TO COURSE ” question is of no interest whatsoever .
    I just address the ball and I swing!
    Play golf where it’s meant to be played :on the Golf Course for sure !

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