Mental Game – Finish Strong On Your Front Leg

By | on June 3, 2013 | 3 Comments | Array


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3 Responses to “Mental Game – Finish Strong On Your Front Leg”

  1. Dear Dave ,that ‘s fine ,not thinking ,but how do you get your mind become blank?
    I try to have only one swing thought which is usually my swing tempo ,not to,let it get too quick,therefore counting 123,456 !
    Do you have other tricks to fool the little Voice who speaks in your mind?

  2. Dave,

    Great tip. Your discussion was a description of my game. You are right. Just this past week end I played very poorly. Could not miss a shot on the range before playing. on the course I was terrible. I have the same question as noted above. WHAT SHOULD BE IN OUR HEADS OVER THE BALL.

    • Hi,

      Does anything have to be in your head?
      If you’ve prepared properly (what I call Phase 1) what is their left to think about?

      I think it’s a mistake to tell golfers to think about things because this engages the mind at a time when you don’t need it. Your body functions more smoothly and powerfully without it, doesn’t it?

      Ask yourself: “Why do I fell I have to think about anything?”

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