Using Your Breathing To Stay Relaxed On Course

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In this tip do you ever wonder how to be more relaxed and gain power at the same time on the golf course? Most people that I see are not using correct breathing techniques nor even really know what to do with this to keep them under control and calm on the golf course. Today I want to talk about how to use breathing and your body to create power and confidence on the golf course.

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4 Responses to “Using Your Breathing To Stay Relaxed On Course”

  1. With the pre-shot routine should the 3-2-5 method be done prior to the routine?
    Once you get to set up where does the breathing come in?

  2. Avatar photo

    July 31, 2019


    This is great preparation relaxation exercise. I do try to breathe slowly and keep rhythm but it’s nice to have an exact technique to use throughout my golf time.
    Peter, you didn’t pay attention. He mentions when you use it in your routine, while playing and waiting for your turn etc

  3. January 9, 2020


    What about breathing during the golf swing? ie: not the 3-2-5 exercise but when do you breathe in or out during the backswing, downswing and follow through?

    • Thomas

      That is an individual choice.
      Some focus on that…others find it distracting.
      I short…let the body breathe naturally during the swing. Don’t hold your breath but don’t “force” it either.


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