Free Golf Tip 3 – My Favorite Drill

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Firstly I have to say a big thanks. I have tried a variety of lessons etc and have never had any consistency in the past. The image of the swing machine and swinging through to the follow through has transformed my golf and I have dropped 10 stokes by my third round and it would be quite a bit lower if I didn’t have the odd mishit. I have signed up for the member section as an extra thanks.

Paul Carrington


Paul’s teaching is the clearest, simplest (though not exactly easy!) that I’ve ever found. This subscription is probably the best investment that I’ve ever made in my golf game.


Steve Hartman


You are the ONE GUY I identify and like to learn from. I have gone from a 7 to a 3.4 with your instruction over the last two years. Would you update me if you have moved to another site with you tips?

Don Schwass



Thanks for assistance. Also want to express my thanks for your wonderful web site and time and effort creating all the great instruction videos and your method of teaching.

At 60 years of age, I’m just beginning my golf experience and have found your site the most beneficial for helping me hit the ball better and more consistently.

Mike Geist


Hi Paul. I had an opportunity to play a round of golf with some friends yesterday and used the recent tips for increasing club head speed. The results were almost miraculous. My drives had been consistently in the 200 to 220 yard range. With the relaxed wrists, arms, and a shorter backswing to keep my left arm straight, I had multiple drives in the 245 range and a couple at 260 yards. My friends were impressed with my balance, which has always been a problem because I try to muscle the ball out there.

Best Regards,

Ron Calabrese


You ROCK!!!

You are fantastic — you got my hips going. I hit some shots today that I’ve never hit in my life. I love your videos which I found on You Tube.

Dhruv Khanna


Hello Mr. Wilson,

I’m Jose Ballesteros, from Puerto Rico (I’m related to the later Seve Ballesteros, so when I took golf lessons, the expectations were a little high for everyone). Yet, my golf swing was very inconsistent and very far from accurate, so I got to this road block were I had no idea on how to improve my swing and got very frustrated.

I found about your golf training videos on YouTube. I stumbled across many, many instruction videos before and none of them had the effect yours had. I can’t explain how much I improved my swing just by letting my arm loose, applying lag and touching both legs together. The difference is unbelievable! And I’m not taking about going over and over to the range and applying your technique. I’m taking about an instant improvement!

Last time I went to the range, out of 50 balls, I can proudly say 35-40 were amazing shots, thanks to you! (Those were iron shots, I still need to work on my driver because when I was taught, we never got to it).

I have a friend who plays very, very good and he was in shock about how much I improved my game just by following your tips! (Actually, all my golf buddies were in awe!). At the range my friend and I were both hitting balls at the same time, using the same iron, and both balls were practically flying together in unison next to each other!

I know you must be very busy, but I just wanted to thank you for improving my swing! I really can’t thank you enough!


Jose Ballesteros

Hey, love the way Paul teaches the game. Was a Revolution Golf member until Paul left them. Found Ignition Golf and am a happy camper again.

Jim MacMillan


Dear Paul,

I want to thank you for all the help you are giving me. You have been the most wonderful coach! I have had golf lessons all my life but no one has managed to simplify things the way that you do.

I have seen most of your videos and they really are marvelous and I think that you should receive a medal for all your kindness and good work.

If you are ever in Dubai please let me know as I would love to have a lesson or two!

Best wishes

Liz Hawkins


Thanks. Still far from single digits, but I feel like there’s no reason I can’t get back there. Like I said, the good shots are really good. I’m now hitting 3 Wood where I used to hit driver when I was a 9 handicap. And, using a stiff shaft which I never used.

I’ve told lots of people about Ignition Golf. Hoping that’s generated some revenue for you.


Jay Schwarz



I most certainly have been promoting your technique. It’s been about two months now and my golfing buddies have been amazed at how accurate and consistent I’ve become. Many have become extremely interested, but are on the fence because of the cost. No worries in time they’ll come around. Competitor’s don’t like losing. Give them time…

Any-who, keep up the good work, and I really appreciate all you’ve done with my golf swing. Also, I love the profound closing on disc 4 of the ‘Swing Machine Golf’ DVD; “Thank you for trusting me with your golf swing.” That was spiritual…!


Joe Walker

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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

8 Responses to “Free Golf Tip 3 – My Favorite Drill”

  1. Hi Paul ,could you clarify for me when I am at the top of my backswing exactly how high should my club be I think I am dropping my arms and this is having a bad effect on my shot

  2. Hi Paul could you tell me in relation to my right knee touching my left leg where would the club head be at this point I am trying to move my lower body faster than the club because I am hitting out to the left

    • Sean,

      As you approach the follow through the legs touch then immediately after that the club touches the back of the head. The key is thinking about touching the legs at the top of the backswing as you start down. If you are thinking “hit” or arms you will use them. The swing happens very fast. You need to see the legs as the motor. As soon as you start down you apply your downswing trigger.

      What To Feel In The Transition:
      Power: How I Got Power In My Swing:

  3. Hi Paul just a question on weight shift how much weight should be on right leg in backswing .i have already seen big improvement in my ball contact using your teaching and I have got the feeling of rolling the club after impact thanks for all the help

  4. Hi Paul,
    Thanks once again for your tips. I find they let me think about on my golf game every day. This is much better that a lesson from the pro as they never convey the message adequately.
    I’ve struggled to implement your tips, sometimes I think I’m trying to do too much at the one time.
    However, while at the course yesterday I recalled this tip, certainly not all of it but the general idea of practicing with the club in the air.
    I found that 2 or 3 swings seemed to subconsciously put everything in order, my weight transferred easily and the shots where my wrists were totally loose went dead straight and longer than I’ve hit for years.
    My long irons were long and either dead straight or tailed off with a slight fade of no more than 5-8 metres.
    I found my touch the legs and finish worked perfectly.
    It was crazy, the best shots were nothing shots, no effort, relaxed with an easy swing.
    This is going to become part of my regular pre shot drill.
    I’m looking forward to increasing the speed of my hip turn so that I can really hammer the ball.

    • Ian,

      Thank you for the kind words. I try to tell you not only what to do but “why” you have to do it. Glad you see that. My feeling is if you don’t understand why then you will not see the importance or how it fits in the big picture causing you to not ever master it.

      Yes, you can certainly try too much. I see this all of the time. Everyone wants this in 2 seconds whereas the swing takes time to build. You need to work on each piece until mastered.

      I like what you are saying. You need to do a few practice swings before every shot. Have it clearly in your mind what you are doing then attempt to do it. If you do it, great! If not, try again until you can do it. you are starting to see it so keep doing it like you are. Know that the swing takes time and you need to work on each piece. Just because you are working on a piece doesn’t mean you are going to hit every shot perfectly. It is when you put the pieces together that you see the whole picture.

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