Free Golf Tip 12 – How Tee Height Affects Your Swing

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Teeing the ball seems like an easy thing to figure out.  Did you know that if you get this wrong you will actually have to alter your golf swing to hit the ball from the ball teed the wrong height.  Make sure you watch this tip so you don’t harm your swing.



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2 Responses to “Free Golf Tip 12 – How Tee Height Affects Your Swing”

  1. September 17, 2014


    Hi Paul,

    I seem to be teeing the ball up higher than this.. probably covering only 1/4 of the ball.
    I seem to be hitting the balls more solid that way.
    I’m not totally buckling my arms, but just a slight bend I think when I hit, which I think should be normal right? since your arms become stretched out after you hit the ball.
    I’m not exactly sure if I’m sliding or not, but I’m definitely using the leg drive to swing the golf club because I can totally feel my legs when doing it.
    Lastly, I’m not sure if this is standing up or not but this happened a few times with my irons. As you know, my left knee is actually bent from the set-up and same throughout the backswing, but during the downswing(as you know left leg starts to straighten), I’ve noticed my club is actually not reaching the ground fully when I did some practice swings and thus resulted in topping shots that go to the right with irons. I’m not sure if this same thing is occurring when I’m using my driver as well because if I tee up the way you do, my ball goes very low altitude and then all of sudden sky rocketing(when it’s hit, I feel very hard sensation instead of that light sweet-spot hitting sensation).


    • September 17, 2014

      Paul Wilson


      A little higher would be fine. Too high and you have and issue of hanging back to much to hit the ball solidly. This would promote a slide.

      Your lead arm should be perfectly straight when you hit the ball. The back arms is very slightly bent. By the time you hit the release point just after impact both arms are fully extended.


      How to Release the Golf Club:

      If your lead leg is buckled when you are in your follow through you are sliding. Just check it. You want it locked dead straight:

      Follow Through – Leg Locked Three Quarters:

      I get the feeling you are jumping not turning. If you just of course you will be taller. This is not why the lead leg is straightening. It straights due to you turning.


      It’s a Turn Not A Jump:

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