Lower Body Warm Up

By | on November 30, 2022 | 6 Comments | Array


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6 Responses to “Lower Body Warm Up”

  1. August 18, 2016


    Hi Jeremy,
    The warm ups are great!
    What are your thoughts about getting into the piriformis…A deeper glute engagement/warm up ? I often use a tennis ball or lacrosse ball to trigger point this area , wake it up, get a release. But anything that helps keep that muscle from overworking or getting injured would be great to learn.
    Thanks, Craig Smith

  2. August 19, 2016


    Thanks for the warm up tips

  3. Excellent warm ups. Do you have reference for study or studies comparing dynamic stretching to light band warm ups?

  4. Always nice to see repeat video’s as reminders are helpful. When I was in high school as basketball players we were told not to lift weights as it made us “muscle bound”, Ken Cooper popularized Aerobics in the 80’s, colleges now do both weight training and aerobics for most sports, we now know the importance of core and balance. Golf is now catching up with the science. I volunteer on the board of NutritionFacts.org but unfortunately there is no FitnessFacts.org. I’m still wondering if you can forward reference on study(ies) comparing light band stretching to dynamic stretching to none. I currently am working with Greg Johnson, FitGolf, Sacramento, and finding it helpful. Keep up the great work. Don Forrester MD Sacramento, CA

  5. My fundamental concept on exercise is to do actions that warm up muscles before engaging in sports, and then stretch after sports to avoid contractions and stiffness. I see lots of people who do the opposite. What do you say?

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