How To Be Loose With A Secure Grip

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In this tip I am talking about how you can be loose with your wrists and still be secure to the golf club. This is a simple drill that’s been around for a while. You want to make sure that you have a secure connection to the golf club through your grip. If you do not then I see a lot of people let go of the club when trying to be loose with their wrists. This is wrong. In this drill though, you can grip onto the golf club securely, then hinge it straight up in front of you almost to touch your nose. When you do this, you are getting the feeling of what it is like to hinge your wrists. Try this a few times then try to replicate it in your golf swing.

Fully Hinge

Pro Versus Am – Hinge

Secure Top of Backswing

Powerless Arms vs Floppy Arms



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8 Responses to “How To Be Loose With A Secure Grip”

  1. In my back swing I turn my shoulders and let the weight of the club hinge the wrists.
    In your exercise hinging the club towards the nose is a “mechanical” movement. Should I be consciously thinking about hinging my wrists in the back swing. Your tip, pointing the thumbs towards the ear seems to imply this also.
    In other words should it be a physical movement of the wrists or the weight of the club putting the wrists in the correct position? Ian

    • Ian,

      There are times when you feel your arms. This is when you are working on positions. This is a way to set the top. You can both understand what you are doing and feel the correct position. As you keep doing it it will goo there on its own.

      When To Use Your Arms:

      After your wrists loosen up and you have a secure grip the weight of the club swinging back should allow them to hinge. A hinge is loose. So it should set perfectly at the top on its own. Most people are way to tight so they have to work on setting it.

  2. Being loose with the wrists has much to do with how you hold (“grip” ) the handle of the golf club .You must hold the club in the fingers and with the left hand ,make sure you hold on to the handle with only the bottom of the left index and the small cushion at the base of your left palm Holding on to the handle with the last two or three fingers of the left hand is an error golf teachers unfortunately teach you most of the time The hands are loose at address of course but tighten autoamatically when raising your arms into the backswing .The” raising the clubhead towards the nose” is an excellent exercise to find out if your wrists are loose enough

  3. Great tip on grip pressure.

    I will also use this tip to check how much cupping/bowing of the wrists is appropriate at the top of the backswing. When I feel my wrists hinge at the top, I sometimes wonder if I am cupping too much.

  4. My wrists , I think, are too loose. I seem to be flipping at the ball no matter what club- driver and or irons. Do you have a drill for this problem? [email protected]

    • Dennis,

      You cannot have wrists that are too loose. Plus, there is no way yours are looser than mine. The whole point of loose wrists is to roll it over and get it hooking. Once you can do that you are not thinking about rolling it. You are working on coiling and uncoiling your body to straighten out the hook. So stop thinking of rolling it and fire the lower. Harder than you are. Your body needs to start the downswing. If so, you will hit it dead straight.

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