Short Game – Long Pitch Shot

By | on August 1, 2019 | 23 Comments |


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Author Description

Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

23 Responses to “Short Game – Long Pitch Shot”

  1. Hi Paul,
    I heard you saying that you used SW for this long Pitch shot. Also you mentioned that for medium and short pitch shots also you use SW.

    I thought I should use PW for Pitch shots and SW for bunker shots. Thanks for clarification.



    • Venu,

      No you need to be using SW or LW for all pitch shots. PW is too strong. You will not get the spin you need for these shots. You should only be hitting a full pitching wedge from the distance you hit this club. From SW to PW you will need a Gap Wedge to fill in the gap.

  2. Hi Paul,

    Would this apply for all shots? Meaning full swings with other clubs as well?

    • Stian,

      This is a full swing. I just want you thinking HINGE/TURN on pitches. On your full swing with other clubs you would be thinking Coil into the backswing then hinge at the top. Coming down you are trying to touch the legs and touch the head as I describe in all my tips.

  3. Paul ,YOUR three lessons on the pitch shots are the building blocks for good scoring .
    Though. I ‘m short off the TEE and also with the FAIRWAY Woods ( But very very straight ),whenever I’m within 100 yards from the pin ,I become deadly ,and that’s how I post good scores .
    I would add to YOUR excellent lessons two points which I Contrôl very strictly ,apart from what you say about the butt end OF the club :
    First and foremost ,nurse YOUR tempo : it must be fluid and rythmic as you show ,let the club play by itself with gravit y and perform a ryttmic HIP Turn .
    Second ,put 60 % OF YOUR Weight at address on YOUR left ( Lead ) leg .
    If you CAN manage to put YOUR ball at less than 10 feet OF the pin ,you have fair chances to hole out in one put .
    That’s how to play par if you can’t reach the Green in régulation .

    • Raymond,

      Your tempo would be determined but the rotational speed of your body.

      I don’t like 60% of the weight on the forward foot. 50/50. You would have more weight on the forward foot in a knock down shot. This is a normal shot.

  4. Paul, I have been improving (specially with the long swings) having brought to my thoughts to tilt before turning. Actually I’m thinking: coil, tilt and turn (kind of 1,2,3 rhythm). Do I have to introduce also the tilt thought into the pitch shot (only the long ones, I cannot think of tilting in the short and medium ones).

    Another question: is it possible to have medium pitch shots with different lofts (9 iron or even 8 iron) to pitch it to the front and have more roll than the 8-10 yards a 56 degree is rolling? Would you recommend also to practice those pitch shots as well?

  5. November 24, 2015


    As you can see by the date of this comment, I have gotten severely behind, but I am catching up. These pitching chips are terrific. I have always used a PW due to a lack of confidence in my SW. I now realize that my lack of confidence was the cause of the bad shots, not the club. All of the mistakes you have noted, I have made. I recently watched a ‘chicken wing’ tip, even though “I don’t do that.” Well, it made me realize that I do do it and it is mainly when I look up. I am now confident that it is just a matter of time until it all falls in to place. I have only played about 12 rounds this year, with none under 90 – until last week. I shot an 85 with 4 three putts. The three putts don’t worry me, because that has never been a problem in the past. More playing will limit them. I am very encouraged and owe it all to you. Thanks.


    • November 24, 2015

      Paul Wilson


      Don’t think you have to catch up. Each video is put in the archive. Get to it when you work on that topic. Too much and you will get confused.

      Yes, you do not want to use your PW for pitching. Doesn’t have enough loft on it.

      Most people do a chicken wing. I would say over 90% of everyone who comes to me for lessons. If you are shooting those numbers and did not learn as a kid you would be doing a chicken wing.

      Glad the scores are coming down. Just keep at it. Low 80’s then 70’s in the future. Then it gets really fun.

      Definitely practice the long putts.

      Practice Putting:

  6. April 18, 2017


    So on the long pitch shot, should I be coiling as much as you advise in the 19 April tip on coiling? Or is this more like the hinge and turn for the short and medium shots where the coil is less?

    • April 19, 2017

      Paul Wilson


      A long pitch shot is your normal swing. I just want you thinking about hinging not necessarily about coiling (although this should be happening).

      The medium pitch would have you coil less but again, you would be thinking about hinging not coiling.

  7. March 6, 2018


    I have a tendency to take the club too far inside on the takeaway. So I work a lot on the one-piece take and pointing the thumbs to the ears on my full swings.. For pitch shots should I be thinking about hinging versus the one piece takeaway?

    • John,

      In pitch shots there is a little shoulder rotation but yes the idea is to hinge it to the appropriate backswing length. On the short and medium you would not be doing the one piece takeaway. Give it a try. Pretty easy to tell on the short and med if you are taking it way inside.

  8. November 17, 2018


    Paul, I set up all your advices, and it works very well for the regularity , and the accuracy, but i have a problem of length, particularly for the medium and long shots
    My balls go up about 8 or ten yards, and with an angle of 60 degrees. So I lost a geat part of length.
    What is your advice for the lauch angle and a soution to cure this problem
    Thanks for your teaching

  9. Do you have any drills to help turn my hips more quickly?

  10. June 19, 2020


    Hi Paul:
    With the same club (the P to me), I understand there can be other ways to make a shorter distance: (1) Half swing; or (2) hands holding club shorter, all using normal swing, with normal speed.
    To me, to regulate my body swing is bit more difficult to determine. It’s not easy to use half swing either. So going out to the course, you tend to use the club you are most comfortable with, and make the swing you are most familiar with. The end justifies the means.
    Tks for teaching!

  11. June 23, 2020


    Thanks for your help. I find your short game process especially helpful. Unfortunately longer SW Pitching Hinge-Turn confused my short irons.
    I have tried to keep Longer SW Pitch (Hinge-Turn) separate from short irons (coil momentum hinge feel Lag, then Turn).

    My best SW-Pitch Hinge seems like a Rot-Lag Point. The Rotation keeps Hinge from dorsiflexing my wrist. Works on my Short & shorter Medium Hinges but trying to combine minimal turn hinge-Lag with lesser coil-then Turn, seems to confused my full coil short Irons and limit my Long Pitches.
    These are the weakest part of my game by far between 120 and 50 yards for me. My experiments of separating and fusing them have failed so far.

    I would love your comments about how to separate Longer SW Pitch -less coil, Rot to hinge (Lag) to avoid wrist dorsiflexion, then turn vs. Full Swing -turn momentum feeling wrist hold of momentum Hinge to Lag before Turn. Mirrors and experiments have let em down.

    Thanks for your guidance – I find it invaluable.

    • You need to first find your maximum distance with a SW, most people hit it 90-100 yards. Then with that you are using 3 rotational speeds of your body, basically a slow/medium/fast, then combining that with the 3 different backswing lengths; short/medium/full. This will give you 9 different yardages and if you only max out at 90 (or have 90yds as your max) then this gives you perfect increments of 10yds per swing. It sounds like you are making things a little too complicated for a pitch short. Hinge the golf club to the desired backswing length and then turn your belt buckle left (for a right handed golfer) of the target. Hinge and turn. The full length backswing is basically your normal golf swing with different rotational speeds. Check out this tip:

      How To Pitch The Ball –

  12. September 1, 2020


    I am having problem deciding on 40 to 70 yard shots if I should hit a chip, a pitch or choke down on a club shot. I hit a full swing sand wedge 60 yards, a full swing gap wedge 75 yards. I hit my chip, pitch & choke down club shots about equally good ( or bad ). It is a very hard distance decision shot for me. Jim

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