How To Maintain Spine Angle

By | on January 10, 2017 | 14 Comments | Array


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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

14 Responses to “How To Maintain Spine Angle”

  1. January 12, 2017


    I like your spine angle tip. I have been told by some friends that you need to keep your eyes on the front of the ball not the back of the ball. Your comments please.

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    January 12, 2017


    This is a great enforcer of you help breaking my old habits.
    Lifting the foot up also helps me remember to fire my hips to allow the club to swing through more on plane. Then feeling my knees touch while the club matches my ears on the back of my head with my upper body at a slight angle…
    How sweet it is!

  3. January 12, 2017

    Bill Freeman

    Hi Paul,

    This too is something I struggle with. But, I’ve noticed I even tend to loose the spine angle when swinging indoors and working on leg shift. I will try watching in a mirror…I’m sure that will help. Anything else for those indoor practices?


  4. January 13, 2017


    Hey Paul:
    Watching this tip, I am reminded that you professional golfers all seem to have a “lowering of the head and possibly torso” during the first part of the downswing and prior to impact. If I watch face on slow motion video of your swing and pick a distant point even with the top of your head, just before impact your head is below the distant point I used for reference at the start of a swing. I can also do the same with a DTL view. In thinking of this, I thought at first it was a result of the hips moving forward faster than the upper torso moved and therefore resulting in a drop of the upper torso while the head stayed behind the ball. However if this happens, it would seem to me you’d always be hitting fat? What is that movement caused by? I really enjoy and have learned a great deal from your daily indoor practice LESSONS (amateurs give tips LOL).

    • Avatar photo

      January 13, 2017

      Paul Wilson


      Glad you like the tips. I appreciate the feedback. Don’t over think it. Over 25 years, I have done a lot of thinking about it.

      The head definitely lowers as you hit the ball.

      Reason 1:

      Illustrating Why A Divot Is Taken:

      Reason 2: You are watching what you are hitting so you tilt your head down to watch it.

      These 2 things lower the head. More than that though and you will hit it fat. This is why I said approximately the same angle not exactly the same angle.

      You would do not hit it fat because the club is not fully released until after the ball is hit. At impact there is a slight angle between the club and lead arm (forward shaft lean). So the club hits the ball first then descends into the ground.

      Why The Shaft Is Leaning At Impact:

  5. February 23, 2017


    The tip to lift your heel lift 3-4″ lift just before you hit the ball is key

    • Avatar photo

      February 23, 2017

      Paul Wilson


      It sure is. I see so many people who are flat footed. This is the tell-tale sign of just hitting with arms. Got to get the body moving to hit it long and straight.

  6. Hi Paul…I’ve always struggled when I try to straighten my front leg, causing me to come up and out of my shots. I’ve tried implementing the hip turn by turning the front leg back while I’m turning and straightening, but still struggle with consistent contact….usually hitting a push to the right as I come out of the shot. Please refer me to the proper drill as I’m just getting acquainted with all the videos. Thanks. (ps…love the freedom of turning off my arms)

  7. Paul, I often stand up a bit at impact, causing my hands to stay open and hit pushes or push/fades/slices. However, it’s not because i’m looking up to see what i did. I’m doing this mostly because it’s easier on my back. You mention in a different video that standing taller at address is easier on your back than bending over, and i agree. I like to stand tall at address. I actually find when i stay down and keep my rear shoulder down thru impact that i hit the ball better, but it hurts my back and i naturally try to avoid doing it.


    • Eric,

      I like a pain-free golf swing. You need to be sure you are not hitting just with arms. Taller not a bent over setup. Instead you are coiling and uncoiling getting off the back foot through impact. oiling and uncoiling on the right angle. Then perfectly vertical into the follow through. You do these things you should not have any pain.

      For you, you need to be aware that if you are coming up to save you back you might hit some thin. If you know this you can plan for it and not keep wondering why you are hitting it thin.

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