How To Hit From An Uphill Lie

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In this tip, I explain how to hit from an uphill lie.  This is one shot that people really do not like.  That’s because they usually fall out of balance and the ball never goes as far as you think.

As far as hitting the shot is concerned, you really just have to make a few set up changes and create a modified version of your normal golf swing.  Unfortunately, if you’re hitting from a severe slope there’s not much you can do about falling backwards but keep in mind the ball will be long gone by the time you come out of your swing.

Make sure you take note of the various changes you need to make to your setup and swing and try to find an area that your course or range where you can if you practice shots.  Once you know the right way to do them, do your best to incorporate these things when you go to play an actual round of golf and you encounter shots from an uphill lie.



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5 Responses to “How To Hit From An Uphill Lie”

  1. If I am hitting to an elevated green 150 yards out, would I go to a club one size longer to make up for the elevation?

    • Jomo, Yes taking one more club is usually the way to go. If you are downwind this would be like adding one or more clubs depending on how strong the wind is.

  2. May 13, 2013


    Paul, you always comment about hitting the ball with “powerless” arms. In the case of an uphill lie (or a side hill lie), are you pretty much swinging with your arms and not your body? Are you still using one of your three triggers to initiate the downswing? Any additional insight into handling uneven lies would be appreciated by all. Thanks.

    • Jim,

      I am still using my body the best I can use it. Arms are as powerless as possible. I say you use the body the best you can use it because there are times when you cannot touch the legs. If this is the case you are still trying to turn the hips to power the swing. These shots are tricky but keep the overall positions and concept of the swing in mind.

  3. We have a lot of elevated greens so these shots are common for short -medium pitch shots. How do you get the body turn correct when your weight is all on your back leg?

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