Easy Ways To Hit The Ball Lower

By | on August 4, 2011 | 8 Comments | Array


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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

8 Responses to “Easy Ways To Hit The Ball Lower”

  1. February 8, 2014


    A very thorough lesson on how to lower your ball flight :thank you Paul.
    With THE driver ,I have tendency to hit THE ball to High,maybe because I TEE THE ball to High,more than one half OF THE ball above THE equator OF THE ball ,as I was told that on “MODERN” drivers THE sweet spot is higher on THE face than THE geometrical center OF THE clubface .
    When you hit THE driver ,and you want to hit it LOW ,do you also ,as you d

    • February 9, 2014

      Paul Wilson


      I really wouldn’t be trying to manipulate the face of a driver. There is so little room for error that if you just hold it a little open r closed you will miss the fairway. I would be teeing it down and swinging easy doing your normal golf swing. You could also move the ball back but if you do you would probably need to play for a push due to the club contacting the ball sooner in the arc.

      I never try to change my swing. I simply make sure I am swinging easy. This keeps the spin rate down and allows the ball to stay on line.

  2. Hello,

    You mentioned at the beginning of the video, you would be posting another tip on ball flight. This tip is meant to help with special situations. e.g. getting under a tree. Not standard golf shots.

    Can you please give me a tip on how to lower my ball flight, I feel I am losing distance. I think this is due to a scooping action I am getting at impact. How can I cure that.

  3. Hi Paul,
    How many inches should I setup between the club face & ball before Tee off.

    • Avatar photo

      April 30, 2017

      Paul Wilson


      This is totally up to you. I have it probably an inch or two behind the ball so I don’t touch the ball. Anywhere in this range is fine.

  4. Paul, this video is out of sync, makes it very confusing lol. Talking is way ahead of video.

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