How Your Hip Speed Affects Power

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This is a huge tip if you want more power in your golf swing. This one explains the rotational speed of the hips and how it affects your power. A lot of people wonder how I generate tons of power without using the arms. This is one of the secrets. Be careful when you try this. Slowly build up your hip speed over time. If you do you will hit the ball farther than ever before.




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2 Responses to “How Your Hip Speed Affects Power”

  1. I have had good results from working on hip rotation speed. On average (in Colorado) I drive the ball about 210-215 when I hit the ball well. Having worked on hip rotation, I find that 220 or a little more is possible and I also hit the ball more consistently solid. This week I am in CA where the fairways are dry so I get more roll and the ball is travelling more like 245-250 with a max distance on one drive at 278. Is there a way to consistently get more roll at home on fairways that are a little less dry?

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