Match Hips – Part 1

By | on January 19, 2024 | 18 Comments | Array


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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

18 Responses to “Match Hips – Part 1”

  1. September 26, 2015


    Paul ,The video played awfully on m’y IPAD ,stopping every t’en seconds or So ,needing a re-launch .However ,the message is clear .
    You say the Turn OF the hips lifts the right Heel : I do the opposite: I push m’y right Instep and right big toe to rotate the hips …
    A Few years ago ,a WELL known golf commentator ” invented ” a device to démonstrate the same point .It never sold WELL …
    To train the speed OF the rotation ,I use rubber tubings from the training aid ” THE POWER HIP ROTATOR “.
    Then ,there’s OF course the SOMAX POWER HIP ROTATOR ,and the ” ULTIMATE SWING TRAINER “.
    you showed this in one OF YOUR previous vidéos .

    • September 27, 2015

      Paul Wilson


      This is most likely connection speed. Nothing works 100% all of the time.

      Great. Keep using these things. Anything to get the hips moving faster is good.

  2. July 5, 2018


    That is a great — and imaginative — tip!! I will start doing it every evening while I watch TV until I get it right. Kudos!

    Jim Merwin

  3. Great tip; great advice. You keep coming up with different ways to reach your target audience of golfers. Excellent teaching method. Excellent teaching. I just don’t get why these things are not taught this well even on places like the Golf Channel.

    The difference is your tips are centered on a method based on physics and torque and sound principles. Other teachers think they are teaching fundamentals, but they are “quick fixes” or just plain BAD tips and advice. This is why golfers are not getting any better. They need teachers like Paul and students who actually DO the drills 10,000 times – the number of times it takes to get great.

    I SHOULD SAY 10,000 HOURS TO GET GREAT. Who has 10,000 hours – pros do. And they have put in their 10,000 hours of practice and play. When average golfers realize this, they will listen to pros like Paul and get better.

    • John,

      Glad you liked it. Thanks.

      These things do take time. This is why I keep saying do it at home. Hitting a bucket a week is never going to get it done. If you know what to do and how to do it you can just do it at home daily. I would hit balls and do swings too.

  4. Pro Haney was speaking about Donald Trump’s golf swing. Trump said he was a “Nautural.” Well, he does have some basic moves down at impact, such as a decent hip turn (as is taught here), but the overall swing is in no way “natural.” It’s terrible. Too many moving parts; no efficient, but hey, he says he shoots in the 70s. Who is going to argue?

    The point is that Haney said that there is “no natural golfer.” He doesn’t know anybody who can just step up and hit the ball 300 yards or pitch a ball consistently at the hole.

    It takes lots of work on fundamentals. Lots of years. So . . . look at how long and hard Ben Hogan practiced. Palmer had a great work ethic. Nick Faldo said he “practiced ’til the cows came home.” Vijay Singh was out on the range after he WON golf tournaments, practicing on keeping his swing speed up.

    Pros are super human because they put in the hours and have great instruction (usually). Even Bubba Watson, although gifted athletically, puts in lots of time. And that “natural swing” was worked on as he grew up for countless hours.

    I can’t tell people how many hours I have put into my short game – millions of balls hit over decades – and they think they can get up and down like me in a few lessons.

    Paul speaks the truth! Keep doing these drills over and over “until the cows come home.” As you do, your swing and ball-striking will improve, and your scores will go down. The golf swing changes for the better over time IF THE FUNDAMENTALS ARE PRACTICED DAILY.

    How many golfers do this? Practically nobody, except the scratch golfers and pros. Look at what they DO, and you will improve.

    Thanks, Paul, for telling the truth in a very difficult sport that gives back a ton of pleasure when you put in the time.

    • SAM SNEAD had a natural golf swing :he taught himself alone ,hitting stones in a meadow with a stick ,until a WILSON staff guy saw him doing this and then gave him a set of WILSON clubs .
      SEVERIANO BALLESTEROS was another “natural “golfer :he taught himself all alone with a seven iron discarded by a club member .His instrucion book is called “NATURAL GOLF “.
      I know quite some ice hockey players who took up golf :they hit the ball miles with unconventional swings derived from their ice hockey background

    • John,

      Trump does a few things okay but yes, overall it is terrible. The only way an adult will be a natural golfer is to turn back the clock to the time they had no arm strength. This way from the first ball they hit they would have done it with their body not the arms. Fast forward five, ten, 15 years they are now low single digits. Learning as an adult has you hitting you need to learn how to use the body. This takes understanding and practice but you have to do it right.

      I know people don’t practice. I knew they were leading busy lives over 25 years ago when I first started teaching. That’s why I keep telling everyone to the practice swings. Like I said in a previous reply a bucket a week is never going to do it. Just got to repeat it if the only time you have is at home that’s fine. It will work. Just got to do it.

  5. Hi Paul
    Until this video, I hadn’t realised how slowly I usually turn my hips.

    Question: What is the rear/backside doing? Mine “wants” to thrust forward whilst practicing this move.

    • Gordon,

      You are just rotating. If you are moving forward this is what they call early extension. Just think turn and get to the touch the legs position. This should get rid of it.

  6. Another excellent tip. I will try this tonight. Gives you great feedback. Thanks Paul.

  7. It is the coordination of the hip movement which is the most challenging. Practicing it in isolation is one thing. Practicing the wrists release in isolation is another. Each can be done a million times, but integrating these movements with the full swing is far more elusive than described. So is that another 10 thousand practice swings? I read the testimonials. I’ve religiously followed the body swing lessons, but for me there is a disconnect that I suppose is about trying to learn this system on line. The simplicity of Paul’s teaching is great, until it comes to putting it together. The log in name should be Douglas.

    • Douglas,

      Yes it is challenging because most people have never really done it enough to get used to it. Instead they have hit balls with arms for many years. Throwing a ball is the same move but it it switching from this leg drive in a throwing motion and applying it to you golf swing. This is why I tell people to do practice swings not hit a ton of balls. If you cannot do it in practice swings you cannot do it in reality. So you start there and get used to the legs and hips as the power source. Then you do it at the range.

      You are making it way too complicated and you are trying to do everything all at once. You need to make it simple. You work on grip, setup and follow through first. That’s it.

      Once you get that you add coil. Now your swing should be looking pretty good. Check the hinge and you are done with the positions. The last step is turning the arms off so you are not hitting or helping the shot with the arms.

      So use the tips on IG to supplement the lessons in The Body Swing. If you are working on grip only watch grip tips and so on.

  8. There’s a good way to learn to get rid of the “hitting with arms “move .
    Train your core by throwing a heavy médicine ball -4 or 5 kgs -sideways as if you were making a side pass with a rugby ball. Apart from strengthening your core it shows you you can throw an object using the big muscles of the core and not the arms.
    It also develops the rotary motion you teach in your method and finishing the swing on the forward leg

    • Raymond,

      That’s a great way but most don’t have a medicine ball. If you do though, give it a try.

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