Hazard or Helper

By | on December 30, 2019 | 5 Comments |


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5 Responses to “Hazard or Helper”

  1. Wow David, I really never thought of “them” that way. It is definitely a new way to manage your way around the course. I am going to do my best to implement this into my approach. It’ll be a challenge I’m sure, but will keep you posted on my progress.
    Thanks again for your insight, Mike

  2. Hey David…if I happen to blow a drive off into the woods on my tee shot and then hit a provisional off the tee and have to play that then is the shot I hit in the woods essentially my penalty stroke ( hence I’m hitting my 3rd shot when I play the provisional I hit)?

    • Bryan, if you decide to hit your provisional ball that is the ball that is in play. You would now be hitting your 4th shot.

      Stroke 1 is the shot in the trees
      Stroke 2 is the penalty shot for a lost ball
      Stroke 3 is your provisional tee shot that you hit

  3. Thanks Paul. Is my only other alternative to take a drop where it entered the woods (or can I only do that if I find the ball)? If I did that would I be hitting my 3rd? Thanks!!!

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