Grip – Strong Top Weak Bottom

By | on August 22, 2023 | 19 Comments |


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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

19 Responses to “Grip – Strong Top Weak Bottom”

  1. November 3, 2013


    Well said. I am one who believes that most people do not pay enough attention to the grip. Hogan’s book devoted a lot of attention to this, and it is one of the things that I took to heart practicing daily until it became second nature to me. Your current tip only serves to enforce this while giving it even more meaning.

  2. November 4, 2013


    Paul ,
    Your’s is a very clear and excellent lesson on the grip with both hands .Thank you .
    However ,there has been a lot of variations over the time in the instructions on the left hand and right hand grips (For a right handed golfer ).
    Your demonstration is more or less a reminder from the classical instruction from BEN HOGAN (THE MODERN FUNDAMENTALS … ).However BEN HOGAN had a more “left hand in the fingers “grip (see page 21 of his book ).The one who knew the best BEN HOGAN was JOHN SCHLEE who was coached quite some time by HOGAN and SCHLEE advises in his book “MAXIMUM GOLF “a “in the fingers “grip in the left hand :the idea behind this is that the left hand just stabilizes the club ,allowing energy to flow through the club to the ball and total control is in in the right wrist and hand ,not the left .According to SCHLEE ,a strong left hand grip does not allow energy transfer .For JOHN SCHLEE ,the left hand grip is 75% fingers,12.5 %palm and 12.5% left thumb :this leads to a long left thumb on the grip ,which you pull back slightly .
    On the whole the hands are in the “prayer “position ,facing each other, the “V”s orientated to the chin ,not the right shoulder as it is commonly and wrongly taught .
    I play with this grip and it works for me .

    • November 5, 2013

      Paul Wilson


      What you are forgetting is that Hogan fought a hook all of his career. By holding the club in the fingers the club is more parallel to the knuckle joints. This allows the left wrist to cup excessively at the top which is how he fixed his hook (big secret). I do not want you to hold the club like this. I want it across your palm. In doing so it creates a secure position on the club and it stops overcupping.


      How To Stop Over-Cupping At The Top of the Backswing:

      I really don’t care about John Schlee (never hear of him). Where is his proof that these percentages are correct? Where is the proof that this grip position does not allow for energy transfer? If this was the case no pro would hold the club in a 2 knuckle grip position yet almost all hold it this way while very few if any hold it in a weak position. If you want to go ahead and doing this go ahead.

  3. November 4, 2013


    Hogan was also fighting a wicked hook at the time, but that’s not why we are here…….Could you point me to the drill using an alignment rod stuck into the ground to practice staying under the plane ? I ran across it a while back, but I cant seem to find it now. Thanks

  4. November 20, 2013


    Excellent tip Paul!! I used to hate trying to get that top hand in finger tips. Felt awful. And when I’m too strongish the right I hit dreadful shots. Without sounding like an a– kisser I now only do what you say and have adopted every piece of your method. It’s perfect and the best anywhere. I am crushing the ball using only my lower body and loose wrists. I went from smashing the ball into the ground to puring the ball w accuracy. Thx forever.

    • November 21, 2013

      Paul Wilson


      Glad you like it. Thanks.

      I have had many people over the years that finally stop watching and listening to other instruction. Working on a single method is the way to go. If this method is mine that’s even better! If you are searching around trying every tip, trick and method you will never get it.

      Glad you are with us.

  5. August 28, 2014


    Hi Paul…

    I just wanted to comment and maybe get some feedback.

    As with many of the other comments here, this seems to be one of the better pieces of advice I’ve received here. I am excited to incorporate it into my game. I’ve seen MANY “draw swing” instructors say that you need to take a “strong grip” with 3-4 knuckles showing in the left/top hand (in order to “hold off” the release).

    I’m a 11-12 handicap and a smaller/weaker player. I have no problem initiating a down swing with my lower body and clearing my hips (as I am flexible). I can hit short irons with precision most days. Coiling up at the top and getting a fully “loaded/tight” feeling has been a slight problem for me. Conversely, keeping my arms/wrists loose when I do feel loaded at the top is another obstacle in my quest to building an efficient/powerful swing. I have been working on these areas and your free youtube videos (on loose arms & follow through led me here)

    However….as far as my grip and my release go;
    This the worst part of my game. Not being able to release the club with the longer clubs (& over-cupping of my wrists) has been a total nightmare for me. This has made golf VERY difficult at times, particularly on days when I am not completely relaxed and smoothly swinging the club. I’ve tried many different grip adjustments; and have pretty much always leaned toward a finger grip in the left/top hand (for as long as I’ve been trying to groove a swing). This is one of the most powerless feelings for me and it truly prevents me from a conventional release. It also seems to create a lot of shaft lean (and not enough of a smooth release).

    Using the palm more in the left/top hand makes a lot more sense. It feels more natural to me. In just taking some practice swings with this grip, I can feel my the club naturally turning over when I am fully extended after.

    Looking forward to swinging with this grip and incorporating some of your moves into my swing. Any other advice would be appreciated.

    Thank You

    • August 28, 2014

      Paul Wilson


      Glad you are working through things and understand the importance of the grip. With a strong grip it is impossible to release it properly unless you like a 50 yard hood. I have a tip coming out on this in the next few weeks.

      Funny but I get people bashing me about how I teach the grip yet when Hogan held the club in his left hand it is the holy grail of how to grip it. This is exactly what I teach. It stops over cupping at the top and allows a secure connection in the typically weaker hand. Remember, Hogan had a big hook earlier in this career. Part of his new swing was a change this grip.

      Now, I have tried to get strong grippers to do my grip in the past. They usually try it for 3 balls then give up on it. If you make this change you need to hit at least 30 balls in a row with this grip to get the ball on target. I say this because people with a strong grip usually slide as well. If you neutralize the grip but still slide and you get a ball that pushes or push fades. Hookers don’t like this so they go back to what does not work.

      If you keep doing it for about 30 balls it gets looser in your wrists and you can start releasing it. Then you just turn more instead of sliding and you hit it dead straight.

      The other beautiful part of doing this grip is that you can release it all you want and never hook it out of bounds left.

      Sorry, be careful. Do this grip as I show. Place the grip on the club and don’t wiggle around. Hit your shots. The first ones will go RIGHT/RIGHT. No matter how bad they are keeping hitting shots with this grip. After about 30 balls you will see that they will go straight right. This is your slide showing up. Just turn more (my touch the legs position) and you will hit is dead straight.

      Have fun.

  6. October 4, 2014


    Paul People need to listen to YOU! I was taught strong grip for years 4 knuckles.
    It worked for a while but then I started your teaching and as I got better at releasing the club I developed a frustrating big hook.
    I changed to a neutral grip at first it felt horrible and all shots went right I hit hundreds of balls at range and eventually I got it!
    People should listen…. I hit good shots for a while with very strong grip because I had flaws in my swing when I changed to neutral grip it showed how bad my swing was!
    Thanks for all your hard work maybe more people will trust your neutral grip!!

    • October 4, 2014

      Paul Wilson


      They sure do!

      A 4 knuckle grip was a band-aid you put on your swing to most likely cure some slice spin you were putting on it. Problem is: you can release it properly with this grip. I recently shot a tip on it. I will be posting it in the future. Stay neutral.

  7. This is a great tip and critical to a good golf swing. The past couple rounds I’ve been hooking the ball, hitting with arms and stearing the club face. I came back to this tip and you are absolutely correct. My bottom hand was just a bit to strong. I rolled it a bit weaker on the top of the grip and I’m back to hitting straight and powerful using my body not my arms. It’s amazing that such a simple incorrect tweak by me on my grip could totally derail my swing. I’m a believer in you methods and recommend you to my friends.

    • David,

      Thank you for the recommendation to your friends. I appreciate all of the help I can get.

      Glad you caught the strong grip. I keep saying you can’t have loose wrists with strong grip. Just remember. strong is wrong.

  8. I am a right handed golfer; when I wrap the right hand over the left should I be totally covering the line made by the left thumb and forefinger as I place the right hand in a weak position? I am using an overlapping grip

  9. January 3, 2021


    Paul, I play right handed but I am a leftie. Why is this so great? Should I weaken my left hand and strengthen my right hand? I don’t have a problem but I’m always looking to improve! Happy New Year!

    • Avatar photo

      January 3, 2021

      Paul Wilson

      Its good because you are putting your dominant hand in a dominant position on the golf club. Phil Mickelson and Bob Charles are both righties playing lefty. Keep your grip neutral and you will see the payoffs with having a good grip, you do not want one of the hands to be in a stronger or weaker position than the other.

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