Golf Hip Turn In The Backswing

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In this tip, I explain about the golf hip turn in the backswing.  This is absolutely critical because turning the hips too much doesn’t allow you to create the torque necessary in a consistent powerful golf swing.

Learning this is the complete opposite to what you think and feel.  You will want to turn the hips more as you go back because this gives you a powerful feeling in the arms.  The problem is, you will just be whacking the ball instead of using your body.

What you should be doing to stabilizing the lower body and coiling the upper body until it’s tight.  This tightness is the torque you need so your golf swing will repeat.  So although your swing will feel tight this is the correct feeling that should not be avoided.  Make sure you really work hard on the hip turn and it will pay off in a big way in the future.



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6 Responses to “Golf Hip Turn In The Backswing”

  1. September 24, 2014


    Thanks Paul, for cure to my my swing, you got me I was going to far back swing. I was losing ten yards. (I made some $ today)

    • September 24, 2014

      Paul Wilson


      Very good. Keep it tight and compact. Then you get torque which repeats 100% of the time in life. The farther you go back the more you will try to whack at it with the arms because they have to pull down to catch back up to the body rotation.

  2. I have had this fault in my swing for a long time.I have been working on your positions in my swing for three weeks with some great results. When things aren’t going right I go back to the beginning positions grip, alinement,coil, and so on. Coming over the top was and is still a problem because of many years of arm swinging. It is definitely changing and Ifeel very positive of your technique of the powerless swing. The hip rotation will be my next drill to work on when I am idle at home and working on the range. My main thought now is one step at a time! I will keep you posted on my success and failures. I am confident that there will be more successes because my glass is always half full. Thanks you for making golf exciting again and fun!

    • Rocky,

      One step at a time is a great thought. Too many people want everything in 5 mins. It doesn’t work that way. You need to put the pieces together then you see the picture.

      Glad you are starting to see results. It takes time and many repetitions if you want to do it right. For the over the top just look at the back of the ball as you come down the impact. You cannot see it if you are leaning forward in the downswing. This is how I got it many years ago. Plus, it’s simple. Just make it a habit.

      Definitely keep me posted. I really do want everyone to get it.

  3. January 27, 2020


    I am guilty of a little too much hip turn at Age 71. I’ll try this and se where it takes me. Rick ⛳️

  4. Paul, 3 to 4 years ago via PW video, I learned that in the coil, turn shoulders 90 degrees and the hips will turn 45. Well, in front of a mirror at 75 old at the time, doing a coil I found my hips at 60 degrees. YIKES!! Thus, I worked on “holding my belt buckle on the ball” while still coiling shoulders to 90 degrees made it ssooo easier to uncoil with the hips leading and taught me “torque”. Results: greater distance with every club in the bag and terrific accuracy. Bad news, I guess no play for too long, found recently that my coiled hips were well past 45 degrees again – messed up every shot on the course(s). So, now at 78, back to 45 or less hip coil and WOW, what a game changer!! Thank you, thank you.

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