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Looking to improve your flexibility and strength?  If so, check out the Golf Fitness Kit by LYFE Fitness.  This kit contains everything you need for strength training as well as bands to help increase your flexibility and lag angle.  All components come in a handy travel bag so you can take it with you.  Now, with the Golf Fitness Kit you can work on your strength and flexibility no matter where you are.

This kit also includes an instructional DVD and manual showing you all of the various stretches and exercises you can do with it.  This product is highly recommended for all golfers who are serious about improving their swing.

Golf Fitness Kit

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Buy the Golf Fitness Kit Here


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  1. January 12, 2018


    Hi Jeremy, I’m ready to order this Kit today but, before I do so, I need to know if the Golf Grip is available in left handed orientation? I am, admittedly, a left-handed golfer and I need a left-hand grip. Will you please check and get back to me?

    I enjoy your videos and, once I clear them with my PT, I implement those flexibility and strength exercises that I need for my body.

    Many thanks,

    Michael Drake

  2. Hello Jeremy

    I have a question relating to Paul Wilson’s swing method. I have been applying his guiselines to turn the shoulders back in the backswing, while “fixing” the hips, so that torque is created. The results are indeed soectacular and I’m very happy. However, after a round of golf I feel pain of a stretched muscle ( or something like that) in the extreme right of the lower back just under the lowest run. The pain goes away after a couple of hours, until my next round. This is not a lower back issue, which I am familiar with. It is may be a weak muscle in there which is stretched at the extreme of the backswing, and then solicited in the down swing, via the hips. Are you familiar with this issue? If yes, any exercises you would recommend? Thanks.

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      April 26, 2018

      Paul Wilson


      You are either not used to it or your are trying to coil too much. You need to coil the amount you can coil. So as soon as you feel the tightness you uncoil. You do not need to do this hard or super fast. You just need to do it. Also, are you trying to keep the lower body too stable? The lower needs to be pulled into position by the coiling upper. So if the shoulders coil to 90 degrees, the hips would be pulled to 45 and the hips would pull the knees. I think you might be keep the lower too still.


      Left Knee Behind Ball:

  3. November 15, 2018



    I keep hitting behind the ball. All the drill I see online have me bumping my hips with is contrary to your swing method. Any drills or tips?

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