Get Your Muscles Moving Faster

By | on September 6, 2023 | 16 Comments | Array


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16 Responses to “Get Your Muscles Moving Faster”

  1. Jeremy ,
    I do this drill with an alignement rod and with the MOMENTUS SWING WHOOSH .I measure the speed generated with a Swing speed radar : I have improved my speed .
    But the drill you show is only for the upper body :do you have one for the lower body ,especially the hips ,which ,as PAUL shows ,are prime speed générators .
    I do mine ( lower body ) with the rubber tubings OF MIKE BAUMANN ,promoted by PAUL on his site ( The ULTIMATE SWING TRAINER ).
    Now ,I understand That ISOMETRIC TRAINING is the best way of increasing speed ,as demonstrated by BRUCE LEE ,who was Incredibly fast :do you agree with this statement ?So I do also ISOMETRICS with the rubber tubings :top OF backswing ,impact position ,half way through downswing .It’s important to increase the tension OF the bands as you get stronger ,So I now exercize with three rubber tubings at the same Time ( All bought on the IGNITION GOLF site !)

    • Hi Raymond,
      Good research. Yes, isometric training is essential for stability. Eccentric training (or Negative training) is similar and great as well. The research done on kinematic sequencing in golfers shows that deceleration of our hips and torso translates power into our arms and club right around the time the club is released at impact. This is why Paul’s description of “powerless arms” is so great. Deceleration of our hips and torso isn’t anything I would ever want golfers to think about… it’s just how better “swingers” of any object translate power from the ground to the object they’re swinging. Therefore, working on isometrics and eccentric training is a great thing. There are many videos on this site that show how to do this and you’re doing a great job I’m sure with the rubber tubing you describe.
      Jeremy Klinkhamer, PT

      • Jeremy ,i’m not quite sure how “Negative” or “Eccentric” training of my muscles will enhance the speed of my “fast twitch”fibers.
        Where on this site is an example of this negative training and how it can speed up my swing ?
        I just read that RORY Mc ILROY has had to slow down his fantastic hip speed because his “POWERLESS “arms couldn’t catch up ,resulting in pushes …

        • Isometric and Eccentric (or Negative) training improve stability of certain segments that can then transfer their energy into the next segment that uses fast-twitch muscle fibers to accelerate. Think of a whip… in order for the whip to “crack” your arm/wrist segments must quickly decelerate/stabilize. As a golfer, that’s how working muscles properly can help lead to more efficient swing patterns with the right technique like Paul is teaching.
          Jeremy Klinkhamer, PT

  2. October 29, 2014


    Jeremy ,Wrist flexibility and amplitude of movement are Paramount to ensure clubhead lag and clubhead speed.
    Colld you show us some driles to enhance them

    • Good point. Find the video on “Hula Hands” and perfect that move. In the meantime, I’ll think of a new video concerning the wrists.
      Jeremy Klinkhamer, PT

  3. Jeremy ,Continuing our previous discussions on speed training.I have the SUPERSPEED STICKS of MIKE NAPOLEON to perform this drill: sticks of different weights:Ultra Light ,Light ,Medium,Heavy .The idea is Overspeed /Underspeed .
    MIKE recommends to do 5 swings in a row (in succession ) ,one side after the other :kneeling as you show ,then standing in your normal address position .
    I follow the speed with two Swing Speed Radars ,placed 6 inches apart ,to make sure I accelerate during the swing:the first SSRTT is where the ball lies ,the second one 6 inches towards the target .This drill performs wonders :I have now moved my clubhead speed to 109 MPH :when I started ,I was in the low 90’s….

    • Awesome! The research backs that training up quite well. As long as you marry speed with proper contact you’re good to go. As you know, club head speed is not always a perfect correlation to ball speed. FYI, I had a client using that device and the weight came off during a swing… he said it flew a long ways and he was very lucky to be in a place where it didn’t hit anyone or anything. I guess the company was very good about replacing and fixing the issue – I believe they said it was a bad batch. Anyway, make sure you’re in a safe place just in case.

      • I train at home ,in front of a Window pane ,on m’y terrace .Ther’s another Window pane which is at right Angles and would get the Weight if it flies off:it is “unbreakable glass “!
        I âgree ,clubhead speed is not the only factor ,there are the other parameters ” Smash factor ” ( Quality of contact ) and launch angle ,and rotation of the ball.
        All in all ,I fin d That by swinging ” SMOOOTHLY ” gives the best résults .
        I saw a gain the wonderful Movie ” THE LEGEND OF BAGGER VANCE ” and specially the passage where BAGGER VANCE talks about ” Owning your swing ” ,and think about it when I’m ready to swing .It helps . .
        The player ,in the Movie ,who Plays the rôle of GREAT BOBBY JONES is the exampke I try to follow :his swing is effortless and smooth as Silk!

  4. Jeremy ,Do you see where DUSTIN JOHNSON Gets his amazing distance from ! I saw him driving in THE MEMORIAL TOURNAMENT,at MUiRFIELD VILLAGE ,OHIO .Hé consistently drives over 300 yards ,dwarfing THE other players .
    He’s an” ordinary ” athlète ,he’s not ” full OF muscles ” ,hé makes a” normal” swing ,but his Ball carriesfar away..Hé didn’t win ,because hé was unlucky in his putting .Hé should work on it More !

    • His spine flexibility gets him wonderful separation and a large shoulder turn. He retains his energy for a long time. Video I’ve seen shows evidence of something called segmental stabilization… this allows his club to release energy like the end of a whip. Not to mention: youth, strength and leverage… he’s a tall guy. In terms of the golf swing, he’s quite an athlete in my eyes.

  5. Jeremy ,So to improve my distance ,I should work more on my rotation and the flexibility of my spine.
    Please tell me again which are the videos you have shown already giving the corresponding drills .
    I do already the shoulder turn so my left shoulder goes past an alignmment rod placed Inside my right heel at right angles to the target line .
    I practise also an exercise with my legs flexed at the knees turning over to touch the ground ,with my back stuck to the ground arms extended sideways at right anges to the body .

  6. Jeremy ,Could you show us how to perform correct ” sit ups ” . I’m not sure how they should be done .What is THE différence with THE so called ” crunches ” ?
    I also saw an exersise to work on your back ,performed on a training device called a ” ROMAN CHAIR ” .You lower THE upper body towards THE ground ,then you contract your back muscles and elevate your body again .
    But you have to fin d and buy a ” ROMAN CHAIR ” to do this exersise.
    I understand you CAN have the same benefits by doing THE movement lying flat on your back and lifting simultanously THE ARMS and THE legs .
    Could you show this also .
    Doing THE ” PAUL WILSON SWING ” has mightily developed THE chaîn OF muscles around THE upper part OF m’y torso .I feel them when I press m’y upper ARMS against m’y torso .
    I beleive this is due to THE ” POWERLESS ARMS ” swing ,THE torso pulls on THE ARMS to rotate them arpound .
    Is it so?

  7. Is this excercise conterary to Paul teach of powerless arms

    • Hi Dave,
      Good question. The answer is: not necessarily. I’m using something light so my body can move quicker than with a normally weighted club. There’s a lot of research based around swinging faster by simply training faster than you normally would in your sport. The other explanation here is even though I’m on my knees I’m still swinging from my core. Those are the muscles we’re working to move faster.

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