Get Out of Your Way

By | on December 26, 2016 | 7 Comments | Array


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7 Responses to “Get Out of Your Way”

  1. Hi Dave;
    I’m a new member & haven’t seen any of your previous videos, & with all due respect, I find this video less than helpful. What you’re stating is that all the reasons golfers give for their “issues” is themselves, rather than lack of confidence. In my opinion & past experience, confidence breeds confidence & is one of the main factors of improvement, & this is part of every aspect of your life, not only in golf. The other examples of reasons you stated, again, in my opinion are definitely based in denial & are nothing but excuses. Somehow, I can’t help feeling that possibly, even Paul might disagree with your statement that confidence
    isn’t part of the reason for bad golf. At least I hope so. It is said that 90% of golf is between your ears with 10% being physical. Confidence is definitely between your ears, & is necessary for improvement as well as good shot making, so dismissing it as a non-factor is doing the golfer a disservice. As I stated, this is only my opinion & others may disagree.

    • Hi Michael,

      I understand your comment and I’d also suggest that the point I made was that while many golfers list their so-called “problems”…they leave out the only real issue there is–and that is themselves. I did not say (as you suggest) that confidence isn’t important–that is a misinterpretation.

      The overall point once again…LOOK AT YOURSELF FIRST rather than seeing all these other factors as the “issues”. Confidence…like all of them begins within you. Many allow their confidence to be affected by results so that confidence swings back and forth like a pendulum.This is not the most effective approach as it is inconsistent and makes a golfer “weaker” not stronger. Confidence begins within and can be experienced whether you hit a good shot or not.

      This is the point.

      YOU (the golfer) create the problem and YOU are the resolution as well.

  2. Good morning Dave. I appreciate this video and thought. Looking forward to identifying thoughts on the coyrse today. I wonder what having a goal or goals-or what “committing” to a shot has to do with staying out of your own way or recognizing that you are in your own way?

    Many thanks-

    Craig Smith

    • Hi Craig,

      Because when you make a clear commitment to a shot—you “align” your mind/body/emotions—they are “in sync” and when in sync…you perform better—and without any inner interference (i.e. negativity, poor self-talk, doubt, etc.)

      This leads to you “getting out of your way” so your body can perform more naturally.

      Make sense?

  3. Makes sense…will be working on it during my practice and play. Cheers,

  4. December 26, 2016


    What it tells me is that I am in the 10-15% minority. I think that it is nonsense to think that my, or anyone else’s game, would improve if they quit reading, taking lessons, etc. If we quit using these sources to try to improve, is someone going to wave a magic wand and implant golf knowledge into our minds, bodies and souls and “poof” we will begin to improve? Doubt it.


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