Forget Impact

By | on March 26, 2013 | 27 Comments |


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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

27 Responses to “Forget Impact”

  1. Paul the next time you work with me I should be able to touch my right leg to my left leg. Knee replacement surgery on April 1st. No more left leg bow. Hopefully a stronger and straighter left leg.

  2. March 27, 2013


    hello again paul,,still no improvement with ur system yet.i have been informed by many people that my practice swings are near perfect,but that once the ball is placed in front of me,total chaos occurs.they tell me that the ball”scares me. if i simply do ur thing,and finish with the shaft bisecting my head and ears,without staring directly at the ball,almost closed eyed,will that help??

    • March 27, 2013

      Paul Wilson


      I can give you the information it is up to you to do it. If you are not doing the same swing when you go to play YOU are trying to HIT the ball instead of doing the positions. So instead of playing with your friends why don’t you play a few rounds by yourself late a night where no one can watch you. Use the thought of swinging easy and absolutely focusing on the movement NOT the ball. Do practice swings before you hit each shot. Then apply this feeling at a slow rate of speed. After you hit the ball you hit it HOLD IT and CHECK IT.

      I did a tip on this here:

      Hit, Hold and Check:


      How To Take Your Swing From The Range To The Course

      You need to convince yourself it is not about distance. Just get doing the moves. You can get distance later. Focus.

  3. March 27, 2013



    I just got back from a “demo days” this past weekend and was uniformally told my first move with my upper body was still “over the top” with my right shoulder and hands, whereas the butt of the club is pointing back inside the line and the clubhead has been already thrown. The end result is a chicken wing as the club swings outside in.
    I feel that I am initiating the swing by turning my hips but it seems that my “over the top” move is so ingrained that it is automatic no matter what I do. I know you have told me in the past that I just needed to take all effort and tension out of my arms and start the swing with my lower body and the clubshaft will flatten and the path will flatten and come from the inside. Is it possible I need another drill or exercise that can help me start the downswing on the right path?
    Ps. I am still following your advice on the “rolling the wrists prior to impact” drill all the time.

    • March 27, 2013

      Paul Wilson


      I have seen you swing and I think you swing way too hard. Slow down and get the arms out of this swing. As much as you think you are not using them you are using them. Guaranteed.

      Understand that when you fire the lower body the upper body should be tilting right. If so and you cannot stop the club from going over the top then MANUALLY tilt your whole body to the RIGHT in the downswing. I want you to do this from not hitting with the arms but if you have to manually do it then DO IT.

      Watch this tip. In it I tilt left and right. When I do I change the direction of the shots:

      Body Tilt – Left Right:

      This is what you are trying to do:

      Impact Head Behind Ball:

      If you are doing the roll over with the wrists this is great but this is probably what is keeping you using your arms. Do this drill until you are no longer slicing the ball then just keep the arms loose and stop thinking about it unless you spin it right again. If so, roll it a few times to unlock it then loosen it again.

  4. March 27, 2013


    Hi Paul,

    “Do not think about impact.” So contrary to what we consider “logical thinking” that it is pure genius. I recently asked you how many balls I will have to hit before your swing becomes ingrained into my body. Your answer was that I don’t have to hit any, but you didn’t think I could do that. Well, so far, so good. Because I am a CPA and cannot get out until after April 15th, I haven’t hit any. I am doing practice swings in my office and watching your tips. I am completely sold on your system. I am positive it will work once I am able to implement it. I know it won’t be instantaneous but I am willing to be patient and improve over time. I am convinced that my current handicap of 14 may rise a bit at first, but will be less than 7 by the end of the year. I cannot thank you enough.


    • March 27, 2013

      Paul Wilson


      Glad you liked it. Yes, it is contrary to what is being taught. Just got to think outside the box (and use Iron Byron to understand how the golf swing works).

      Glad you are doing the practice swings. Make sure you are doing them precisely. If you do you will look like you can shoot 65. If this occurs you have the right fundamentals.

      • March 27, 2013


        This is a serious question. If one has a swing that looks like he can shoot 65, an athletic (baseball) background, good eye-hand coordination, should one be able to shoot the occasional 75, at least? Please say yes. 🙂


        • March 27, 2013

          Paul Wilson


          Exactly. That is the whole concept. To shoot 65 you would have to be practicing 4-8 hours per day. I did this with one student many years ago. I took him from a 95 player to shooting 75 in 2 months he never hit 1 practice ball. He played and worked on his short game and did my positions only in practice swings. After 2 months I made him look like he could shoot 65. It’s about the movement. Move like a better player and you will hit it like one.

  5. Paul, how does this necessarily lead to contacting the ball first? Ball position,etc, etc. You can have a beautiful looking swing but if you are not making proper contact with the ball what does it matter?


    • March 27, 2013

      Paul Wilson


      A great looking swing has the right fundamentals. If you have the right fundamentals you will hit perfect shots.

      Why would you not want to look like a great golfer? Stay focused and make the swing changes. You’ll be glad you did.

      Oh yeah, your version of a beautiful swing and mine may be light years apart. Mine has you looking like you can shoot 65. This is a good looking swing.

  6. Dear Paul,
    I am a 17 hc. golfer. I had won many club championships. I had been a hands and arms player. I have been trying for the past 2 months to initiate the swing with my lower body. My problem is that I can do it without the ball. But when I try to hit the ball something happens and I hit from out to in a very thick shot, my weight on my rear foot. I have lopst my previous swing and can go out in the course at all. I am beginning to consider giving up golf. It has become a psychological thing what do you recommend?

    • March 27, 2013

      Paul Wilson


      First, 2 months is nothing to be working on your golf swing. It took me years. So this stuff takes time.

      Next, you need to be working on each move precisely. If you are jumping all over the place you will never get it. Just stick to grip, setup and follow through (touch legs and touch head positions). Mastering these positions alone will allow you to play the best golf of you life.

      Lesson 1 – Legs Touching:

      Lesson 2 – One Of The Secrets To The Golf Swing:

      Drill – DRILL: Touch Legs Touch Head:
      Hit, Hold and Check:

      Also, if you really need help just do a Video Golf Lesson. This way we can check it and let you know what you need to work on. More info here: (I can’t believe more people don’t do this).

      Finally, if you are over the top and hitting the ball fat you are hitting with your arms. So make sure you are doing the positions and forgetting about distance for now. Once you get the positions you can then do it faster. Crawl before you can run.

      Here is what I just posted for someone else in this same situation:

      I can give you the information it is up to you to do it. If you are not doing the same swing when you go to play YOU are trying to HIT the ball instead of doing the positions. So instead of playing with your friends why don

  7. March 27, 2013


    G’day Paul,
    Yesterday, I went to the course, having watched this lesson and your previous swing from A to B lesson. I practised getting to position B, because that was where I had been failing. At position A, I held the thought of touching the knees. I had some great results 2nd shot to (par 5) 8th ran to the back of the green, 2 putts. 2nd shot to (par 5) 18th 30 metres short of green, sand wedge and one putt. OK there were a couple of holes where the urge to hit crept in. Overall, this was a better round, given the strong northerly wind.

    • March 27, 2013

      Paul Wilson


      That’s great. Did I not say to forget impact and think about Point B. Hopefully, you don’t stop doing thinking like this. The Follow Through really is the most important position in the golf swing.

  8. April 1, 2013


    Paul, My program is progressing but i am hitting my driver to high resulting in no run, any tips

  9. May 18, 2013


    I took lessons from you along with three other guys from Atlanta about 6 weeks ago. Couple of questions:

    I’m having good success with loose arms with no tension. However, my primary swing thought when I start to take the club back is to finish the swing with the club behind my head in your position. Secondary thought is to keep my head behind the ball as I make the swing. Thinking about finishing the swing seems to keep me balanced and smooth. I’m not using your three keys to start the downswing, straighten left leg, turn belt buckle, etc., however these moves are happening without me thinking about it.

    Any comments?

    • Don,

      Great to hear from you.

      I like what you are working on. Just keep working on the follow through until it is perfected. Once it is, slowly start to work on coiling in the backswing and hinging the wrists. Once you get that side of the side it should be looking and working pretty well. Then it is a matter of making it even better by trying to make each position perfect and having you consistently repeat them exactly the same every day for every full shot. Just build it slowly and you will get there.

      The trigger should become clear in the future. Just so long as you are getting to the touch the legs position I am okay with it.

  10. Hi Paul:

    When I swing with the lower body, I often initiate an up and over the top with the shoulders. After doing nothing but practice swings (I lost count but certainly 100+), I discovered that when you start your downswing with powerless arms there is a natural downward flow of the right shoulder (or perhaps on swing-plane movement describes it). It is the most wonderfully natural movement and produces a cleanness to the stroke that is exhilerating. That sensation, alone, gives me an incentive to swing with powerless arms. – Oh, and by the way, when I feel that sensation the ball flies straight down the target line.

    I continue to thoroughly enjoy your instruction. It is a hard fought battle to unlearn bad habits and replace them with good ones. I appreciate the way you come at common problems from a dozen different perspectives and mix encouragement with instruction. It is very apparent you have learned to adjust your teaching methods to meet the needs of many different learning styles. That is a rare gift. Thank you!


    • Bruce,

      When you fire the lower body it is like hitting the accelerator on a car. This forces the upper body back so it tilts to the right in the downswing (behind the ball). This determines the path from the inside. If you are not getting this you are still using your arms to start the downswing and/or you are shifting your weight immediately to the left leg when it should be a gradual shift.

      When you start the lower body first the upper body tilts right.

      So if you are having trouble getting this tilt by starting the lower body then manually tilt your whole upper body to the right. If you are not hear to work with me and I can get you the feeling you have to manually fix it. So the next time you are at the range hit balls tilting your body left then tilt right. When you do you will see the direction of your shots change. If you are over the top you need more right tilt. So manually tilt more right. As you get used to it you will feel the legs and hips powering the swing. Give it a try.

      Yes, when you do it right you will hit it dead straight. Glad you see it. Now you just have to do it all the time.


      Body Tilt – Left Right:

  11. August 14, 2013


    Hi Paul,
    I find the club usually slams into the back of my head on the follow through. Any tips that could remedy this in the future. I do find that my right hand tends to slip off the club a bit.
    Thanks again for your time.

    • August 14, 2013

      Paul Wilson


      You should be slowing the club down into the follow through so you are not hitting your head hard. Does it look like I am hitting mine hard? No. If I am not doing it then you do not do it. So release all the energy at, through and past impact then gradually slow the club so it is gently touching your head. If the right hand is coming off the club your wrists are too tight. I did a tip on this here:

      Are Your Hands Coming Off the Club?:

  12. Hi Paul,

    Great tip as always. Early in the season, I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from your tips and playing techniques. My game was definitely improving. However, at this point of the season, I am in a funk and frustrated with my swing. I’m hitting off the tee fairly well, but after that– no consistency. I keep topping my fairway woods and approach shots down on the fairway. I practice at the range quite frequently, but only play once or twice a week. When I leave the range, I feel confident that I have fixed the problem, but when I’m out playing I’m back to square one. I have watched all your videos on the subject and certainly will revisit. In the interim, any other suggestions or tips when coming off some bad rounds? On a side note, we have other challenges playing on public courses –slow play. Hard to maintain consistency. Look forward to hearing from you.

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