Flexibility – Rolling for Powerless Arms

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5 Responses to “Flexibility – Rolling for Powerless Arms”

  1. August 1, 2013


    Jeremey: RE: ROLLING OVER: It seems the torso and pelvis is moving which causes the shoulder and arms to follow their lead:: Is this a correct assessment. Don’t forget the shoulder and arms as in swimming could cause the torso and pelvis to follow their lead. Thank You for the tip.

    • Hi Michael,
      The gist of this video was to help give people the feel of the arms “powerlessly” following the rest of the body. 3D biomechanics of PGA and LPGA Tour players confirms that the downswing is initiated with the lower body (legs and pelvis) followed by the torso, then the arms, then the club. Unless they are performing a “specialty” shot of some kind, it doesn’t waiver from this sequence. So in looking at your question above I would say your assessment is close but not perfect. The sequence is made up of 4 main parts rather than grouped together like your question above. As for the second part of your statement above you are correct. The arms can influence the rest of the body below and rolling in that manner is definitely possible. Having said that though, for golf-specific training I would definitely stick with the rolling as shown with the video for anyone having a difficult time feeling the proper sequence.
      Jeremy Klinkhamer, PT

  2. Jeremy ,I do a movement which is close to this one but is not a “Rolling motion ” per se .It’s more an exercise for the flexibilty of the hips :on your back ,arms extended at right angles to your body ,flex right leg and roll over the right leg flexed over the the left leg extended while keeping both arms glued to the ground .
    If you watched the PALM SPRINGS GARDENS OPEN on Sunday 26 February 2017 ,you may have noticed the winner RICKY FOWLER didn ‘t use at all his lower body to trigger his downswing ,just the arms .This was underlined also by JACK NICKLAUS who was on the bench of TV commentators .So….there are several ways leading to ROME!

    • Agreed, many ways to accomplish great shots. No other place to see that than the PGA Tour. But, I think you and I would agree that Paul’s instruction is the best out there for all of us amateurs. I also do the exercise you speak of. Great exercise. This one in the video is to help those of us that need tha “linking” and “syncing” feel of s lower body initiated downswing that creates an upper body trailing movement pattern. Two different exercises with different outcome desires.
      All the best,
      Jeremy Klinkhamer, PT

  3. Jeremy ,It has taken me a long time to ” feel” THE Power coming up from THE ground THE ” POWERLESS ARMS ” method OF PAUL WILSON had been an eye or mind opener for me .When I swing now ,all m’y thoughts are directed towards using THE ground and THE legs ,glutes ,quads,etc …..THE best way possible .Also PAUL and you have emphasized That good balance was Paramount to a good swing .When you start playing golf and long after ,you don’t know all That

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