Eliminate the First Tee Jitters

By | on April 16, 2018 | 2 Comments |


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2 Responses to “Eliminate the First Tee Jitters”

  1. Great tip! Always hit it good on the range and see it go downhill starting on first tee and then once I have gotten behind I relax and just play…and things come together. So your explanation makes total sense. My thoughts are completely different on the range versus the 1st tee and now I understand why things don’t go well. Can’t wait to think different and get some good early starts to my round!


  2. David:
    Your explanation of the processes is so true. The range pro to course schmo scenario. But I have to ask you: How but for the grace of God did you not tell the camera crew …’ Cut, cut, I can’t take it anymore!!!’

    It sounded like Armageddon was going on in the background. Jet airliners, helicopters, power drills, …….human sacrifice, dogs n cats, living together…..mass hysteria!

    You get the picture. Next time pick a green cemetery to tell us the wisdom of your ways…. Less talking going on in the background


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