Feeling Vs. Intellect

By | on October 3, 2022 | 4 Comments |


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4 Responses to “Feeling Vs. Intellect”

  1. December 24, 2018


    This must be why my short game is so good. I own it. I’m trying to change my full swing but never change my short game. I don’t chip or pitch to targets I just feel what I need to do. Now I just need to get that comfortable with my swing. I try to use visualization but I guess I’m not there yet.

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      December 26, 2018

      Paul Wilson

      Response from David,

      Awesome Jim–you are right–that IS why your chipping is better! Look forward to the same with your full swing..not just “visualize” but feel the swing. How do you want your full swing TO FEEL? When you do it “right” how does it FEEL?

      This is beyond visualization (mental)–this is FEEL (whole body). Get it?

      David Breslow

  2. David,

    I have too much golf in my head. I guess I know too much. For one thing, I’m ball bound. I can make a decent practice swing but when I step up to the ball and swing at it I’m thinking about how I want the clubface to be approaching the ball. Like you say, “what’s the feeling I want to feel”. Except that during the swing I’m micromanaging the clubface, is it square? When do I rotate my forearms? Is the clubface delofted or is it pointed upwards? As a result I’ll leave the face 45 degrees open or I’ll smother hook the shot. I keep searching for that “feeling”. The only thing I can think of is to quit thinking so much but it’s like I’m compelled to think, otherwise it won’t be correct. It’s driving me nuts.

    The only club I can hit decently is my lob wedge and sand wedge. Maybe because I try not to rotate those clubs.


  3. David…. something to add. When working on Paul’s L to L drill if I attempt a shot I think the back L and when I start down to complete the forward L my focus gets hijacked into hitting the ball and it all falls apart. Do I need to do the L to L drill like a 1000 times to give it a chance?


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