Do You Get It

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17 Responses to “Do You Get It”

  1. November 13, 2012


    Hi Dave
    Thanks for the tip. I’am guilty as charged.

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      November 13, 2012

      David Breslow


      ME TOO! (until I wised up:)
      You’re certainly not alone!

      • September 19, 2017


        I get it. But the fact that I get it doesn’t help. When the moment of truth arrives ( swinging ) I have no trust or faith and it falls apart. How do you overcome that. Don’t tell me to have a pre shot routine or to breath deeply or to visualise the shot. I do all those things. I lack confidence, commitment, and faith in the swing or shot or outcome.

  2. November 13, 2012


    Great tip … question, would your 7 laws work for an 18 year old who is battling changing behavior and hates hi freshman year becasue he doesn’t think he should have to do & turn in his home work? … or do have or would recommend another program to help a young person change counter productive habits into productive habits? … wouldlove to help him find energy and passion again.

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      November 13, 2012

      David Breslow

      Hi Norman,

      Great question.
      I can tell you that many junior age students take the Wired to Win program and find they become more clear, make stronger choices and feel better about themselves and see what was once a “problem” in a much better light.

      Remember–there is a 30 Day guarantee so if it doesn’t work out–you can always let me know and get a refund. I hate to have anyone going into it this way but it might be of value to and and a comfort as well?

  3. November 13, 2012


    Sorry, I don’t find this a “great tip”. This is a very correct description of a problem we all have, followed by a suggestion to buy the “Wired to Win” product. Indeed, that program may be great, and I am sure it is, but I ran away from “Revolution Golf”, following Paul Wilson for the tip and lessons with content. In fact, I bought some of Paul’s “stuff”, over at Revolution, because Paul showed me some things that convinced me that I should see more. However, that site turned into a place where people pay for membership and become an object for sales pitches. So to hint that “if you buy my product you’ll deal with this problem of the “inside game”, as inappropriate, Mr. Breslow. Show us some things, as we pay for the membership, teach us something. Then, as we learn we may buy your product.

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      November 13, 2012

      David Breslow

      Hi Dave,

      Everyone reacts differently to everything so thank you for taking the time to do so. Yes, in this one I did mention Wired to Win and believe me–there are many other (most, if not all) in which I don’t. Not every video has to have a “tip” in it such as this one. It has more of a message to “wake up” to the reality that your outside game IS a direct reflection of your inside game

      To anyone who isolates on one thing–it is a small sample and not indicative of any kind of “trend”. The message is clear so hopefully you or anyone else won’t get “lost” on one or two lines.

      Thank you and all the best in your game!

    • November 13, 2012


      Exactly what I think David Weinstein, in fact Paul, before revolution golf, was the very best! It was free and very good!!

  4. November 13, 2012


    That really explains why I hit incredible balls at the range and all breaks down at the course. The inner thoughts are too much and it gets too crowded in the mind at the course.

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      November 13, 2012

      David Breslow

      Hi Amit,

      You’re right on the money…that would explain it!
      Those inner thoughts are often causing the “breakdown”.

  5. November 14, 2012


    Can you really change your thought pattern? I can force myself to think I am not going to hit the tree or hit it over the green, or leave it in the sand… but my subconscious seems to focus only on the negative outcome even though percentage wise, the bad shot does not happen as much as a good or even “ok” shot. Also, I find I am impacted by being too competitive against whom I am playing, always thinking I can’t mess up a shot or I will lose the hole. I understand you are supposed to play the course, not the person, but as they say in one ear, out the other. I would appreciate your perspective even if you refer to your Wired to Win as I am not sure how reading or listening to self help material can actually change your thought patterns.

    • Avatar photo

      November 14, 2012

      David Breslow

      Hi Randy,

      The answer to your question, “Can you really change your thought pattern?” is YES.

      I ask golfers to look at this:

      Your current mind is limited–you’ve even described contents of it in your question (i.e. too negative, competitive,”don’t hit the tree or sand” or whatever). All this “stuff/junk” is in your “old mind (what I call Circle 1) and what you truly want is in Circle 2 (or a new mind).

      Here’s the point:

      You can’t get to Circle 2 using Circle 1–many try and just as many fail. Why?

      Because your Circle 1 mind (current thoughts, limitations, fears, doubts/beliefs and so on) is VERY limited as you can see–it only knows what it already knows from your experience which is why a golfer keeps “referring” to it. DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT THIS IS ALL THERE IS TO KNOW? It’s not! There are possibilities for you that are far beyond your circle 1 limits.

      You CAN learn to move into Circle 2 and do it more quickly than you might imagine. Circle 2 IS NOT LIMITED by the stuff in Circle 1–it just doesn’t exist there. Circle 2 is made up of all sorts of exciting and unlimited possibilities that circle 1 can’t fathom.

      That’s why people love being there.

      Now, how does one get into Circle 2 more quickly and consistently?

      This forum does not do the answer to that question justice because it is limited in how we can do that except for some insight or tips/strategies (which are not enough to get it done anyway)..

      Getting into Circle 2 quickly and consistently SHOULD be the goal of any kind of real “Mental game” work a golfer does no matter where it’s done.

      This has been one of my frustrations with the mental game arena…most are happy to help you “fix” or “deal with” the junk in Circle 1. I am not because all that does is leave you in Circle 1. Sorry, not good enough!(unless you want to “hang out” there).

      Why not live in Circle 2? That’s where the “juice” is anyway, and yes, that’s what my approach and focus has always been and always will be.

      Hope this helps?

  6. December 9, 2012


    okay,so accdn’g 2 ur video presentation,one’s mind must always focus on the circle 2 (positive reinforcements),than the circle 1(negative reinf)!!. so tell me please,if u r able to…”how is this procedure accomplished???

    • Avatar photo

      December 9, 2012

      David Breslow


      First, remember, when I talk about tips and strategies not being all that effective–I refer to MENTAL GAME TIPS AND STRATEGIES–(some believe I’m negating swing technique tips and that is not the case at all).

      You mention Circle 1 and 2 which tells me you saw another video where I mentioned them? (I did not mention them in the video above). The video above is about getting the sequence of things from inside to outside.

      However, let me say this much.

      Circle 2 is MUCH MORE than positive reinforcement–it is where you are unlimited by the limitations (old beliefs, judgments, lack of awareness, etc.)that exist in Circle 1.

      The Circle 2 experience is a natural by-product of a new awareness, clarity and real understanding of the power you have within you–something NOT limited by your Circle 1 “stuff”–that serves to do nothing but hold you back.

      You don’t get this experience from reading mental game tips in an email.

      I have mounds of proof for this…how? The thousands of golfers I’ve spoken to who have tried exactly that–with little or no results–who remain frustrated and continue to look for that “golden tip” to help end the frustration.

  7. Avatar photo

    December 9, 2012

    David Breslow

    Hi Rich,

    I see where you got it from…I just saw my older response in which I mentioned Circle 1 and 2. That response in my post says it all.

  8. August 25, 2015


    Great tip an so true. I have your Wired to Win program but have little time for it at this time. The golf season here in the north is now getting short, and want to get the most of it in the next two months. My problem is that I let other people affect my performance. My outside game is been affecting by my inside game. I don’t like an audience. First tee jitters and more importantly people catching up to me because of slow play in front of me. I am waiting to tee off and can’t. The people in back catch up and I screw up because of the audience. Please help me deal with this quickly or let me know where I can deal with this in Wired to Win program. It’s my biggest problem with the game. Thanks David

  9. August 25, 2015


    So David,you gave us an example of standing over a chip shot. I will think to myself watch the ball and I STILL LOOK up. What should we be thinking about prior to our shots.


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