The Difference Between 95mph and 116mph

By | on October 7, 2015 | 44 Comments | Array


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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

44 Responses to “The Difference Between 95mph and 116mph”

  1. Paul, years ago I knew a golfer who had a congenital defect that caused his arms to be atttenuated at about the middle of his humerus (both right and left). He had an apparatus built that fit over his shoulders and held a club, and he learned to swing this apparatus by turning his body. I have to tell you, he had the smoothest, most picturesque, effective golf swing ever and he hit the ball straight and pure. It was something to see. Unfortunately, he is now deceased, but he was the picture-perfect demonstrator of the principle that you are constantly trying to convey. I try to use the image that I have of him swinging as my mental model as I attempt to learn what you are teaching.

    • Jerry,

      Very interesting. I have often thought of creating a device like to do a swing. As I thought, it could be doing and successfully hit a golf swing. Would be interesting to see him hit a ball.

  2. Paul,

    I notice that your head drops lower on the downswing in the faster swing. Is this intentionally or something that happens with faster hip movement?

    Also, do you have any videos that discuss this squat move/compression and lowering of the head in downswing?


    • Charles,

      It just happens. Not trying to drop the head in any way. Keep in mind that when I drive the legs harder I get more backward tilt keeping my head behind he ball. The more my head is behind the ball the lower it is. To see it for yourself just stand up. Put your hands on your hips. Tilt right and you will see you head will drop lower than where it started. This is what happens the more I drive the legs.

      • August 27, 2015


        Hi Coach,

        I am now able to get up to about 95mph on my driver on a more or less powerless arms mode on a fairly consistent basis thanks to your lessons.

        As a result of this consistency I have tried to increase the swing speed. Firstly by doing your favourite drill of hitting without a ball at a higher speed. Even without hitting a ball increasing the swing speed by 5mph required a lot of extra effort but I could get it up to +100mph.

        So last week I tried this faster swing wiht both the driver and the irons on the field with disastrous results. I was topping most of my iron shots and slicing the driver shots. Do you think I need to work on extra backward head tilt?

        • August 27, 2015

          Paul Wilson


          With increase power comes decreased consistency until you are good at it. You just sped up your leg drive so of course the timing is off. Did you not see this tip:

          Golf Swing Timing For More Distance:

          You have to keep doing the swing off the ground every night until you can drive the lower harder while keeping the arms powerless. You drove both harder which caused you to start topping. You should have immediately slowed back down to 50% and tried to increase the leg drive a little faster. Once you were used to it you increase again and so on until you are at top speed. Everyone wants greatness right away. You have to build this stuff up and get used to it. It will come just keep working on it.

  3. Paul,

    Once again, you have dramatically proven the benefit of turning your Hips & Legs faster with absolutely powerless arms to achieve more distance and consistency – amazing video!
    You are providing much inspiration to all golfers who are tired of bad golf while doing the same swing in hopes of a better outcome.
    Keep it up Paul, we will get better!

    Thanks, Jeff Slyter

    • Jeffrey,

      Yes, I thought this tip turned out great. I really liked this idea of split screening these 2 swings. I can’t remember if you thought of it. If so, thanks again.

      I just have to keep doing what I am doing. Hopefully, I can reach everyone at some point.

  4. I am having some success with powerless arms. However, after hitting a few balls, I start shanking. Any idea what is causing this?

    • Andrew,

      Typically if you are shanking you are hitting with arms. In doing so the weight is moving onto your toes. If this occurs you are closer to the ball than when you first started so you hit the hosel of the club.

      First, check your setup. Make sure you are standing tall but not too close to the ball.

      Next, Got the top of the backswing and stop. At the top check if the weight is loaded 80% into the back instep/heel. From there you are turning and shifting to the touch the legs position.


      How To Cure the Shanks:

      You have seen success hitting the ball with powerless arms. I would suspect that after you hit a few good ones you start going harder and harder. If so the arms creep in and you shank it. You have to be getting closet the ball some how some way so pay particular attention to the weight rolling to your toes in the downswing. Once you get this, you will never shank it again.

  5. Hey paul
    Was wondering if it’s possible to get another video lesson with you guys?

  6. Also I forgot to add that I don’t think I’m getting a high enough ball flight
    What is the cause of this ?
    Many thanks.

  7. Paul ,I don’t “see “that much of a difference in your two swings ,and there’s however a 20 MPH difference between them !
    I’ve been trying hard your method for more than one year now ,with the “POWERLESS ARMS “concept ,and yes my swing has improved ,is more consistent ,more smooth, I ‘ve gained distance (Roughly 20 yards ) but it’s not a 20 MPH improvement (This would have been 50 yards ).
    I guess there’s more to say and find than just rotating faster the hips
    I suspect “FLEXIBILTY “of the entire body comes into play ,as says ROGER FREDERICKS ,and also “EXPLOSIVE POWER “of the fast twitch fibers of the muscles in play :when you get old as I am (80 ) ,you lose that “EXPLOSIVE POWER ” whatever you do
    I work on the “HIP ROTATION “stuff ,but it’s a tricky thing to master,even with daily training with the ULTIMATE SWING TRAINER’s tubings of MIKE BAUMANN and plenty of other “Speed drills ”
    I played yesterday 18 holes with a long hitter,my stature(5 Feet 9 ) and weight(160 pounds ),62 years of age :he found me in perfect shape and physical condition for an 80 years old man but his drives were 30 yards longer than mine though his swing was not that good looking .
    Happily my short game made up for the difference of distance off the tee
    I still work on improving speed but the plateau I’m experiencing is rathter long and tedious to live with!

    • Raymond,

      I have said it.

      Turning faster – This turn the axis faster. You are 80 years old. How much faster do you think you can turn?

      Loose wrists – this creates more lag and a faster whipping action of the club

      Other factors:

      Path – you need direct contact as opposed to hitting it at a glancing blow. path is affected by body rotation

      Loft – your arm cannot buckle through impact. buckling arms adds loft to the club

      Arc width – wider the arc more clubhead speed

      Center contact on the face – off center hits lose distance

      Shaft – you need to right shaft flex for your swing

      Clubhead – you need the right clubhead for your swing

      Ball – you need a ball soft enough to gain full compression. too hard and you will lose distance – too soft will lose distance as well

      Check the list to see what you are missing.

      I guarantee you are not lagging it like I am. And there is no way you are turning anywhere near as fast as I am but even turning slowly I can hit it 250 so it is not all about how fast you turn. You need the other elements too.

      • Thanks,Paul,for the advice .I shall Check each factor individually .I utilize very hard halls :I understand it’s a mistake .
        This is going to be the first change I”ll m√Ęke .

        • Raymond,

          I don’t know what your swing speed is but one the members suggest Callaway Super Soft balls for slower swing speeds. Also try 80 compression balls.

  8. Hi Paul,
    I find when I try to keep my arms powerless my left arm tends to collapse in the backswing. Any suggestions on how to stop this?
    Thank you

  9. I know you already commented on the following subject :while playing on the golf course this morning ,I “discovered ” that by “forcing ” a more complete rotation going back ,my timing was much better ,my ball striking was cleaner ,and the ball went further .The improvement was most spectacular with the Fairway woods ,which I tend to thin otherwise ,and with this more powerful rotation back they were hit flush off the turf!

    • Raymond,

      Maybe as you coiled back more you loaded your weight better which allowed you to use your legs and hips to power the swing more. Keep doing it.

  10. Paul ,Coiling back more also enables me to lift the arms higher!

  11. Paul,
    If you listen closely to the two swings side by side you will hear the hit on the 116 mph sooner about the blink of an eye sooner. Amazing as without slow motion you see no difference.

    In my case it seems now that my real increase of power lies in my wrist hinge as I have learned too move my lower body very fast almost a snap type action which I can see in the mirror but my distance and speed have not changed that much. I must be losing power at the end with a less than perfect rehinge?

    Getting closer to what I need work now on the range after a streach or two by taking out my 3 wood (no longer working up from the sand wedge thru the 3 rescue club as I have done over and over. I go first to the three wood and it is beginning to work from usual 185 to now 210. If I can add the speed increase on my lower body to the rehinge might get me there.

    Anyway great work keep it up.

    Jay Jay

  12. Paul,

    Thanks for a great comparison. I’m slowly getting the powerless arms. It is a struggle not to crank it up. I hit balls several times a week and it is pretty easy at the range but very difficult at the course.


    P.S. As a mechanical engineer I am compelled to let you know that rotational speed is measured in revolutions per time and linear velocity is in distance/time like mph. Now your students will have no clue about say .5 rev/s so the mph analogy is ultimately better. Now if you really want to get technical, part af the acceleration of the club is due to coriolis acceleration. This is the acceleration that occurs with a change in center of mass radius. As you swing down and your hands and club move closer to your rotational core, the core speeds up. Think of a figure skater pulling thier arms in during a swing. This is another component of club speed that occurs by technique vs. brute strength. If only a good golf swing was as easy as engineering, I’d be a touring pro.

    • Paul,

      Glad you liked it. Thanks.

      Yes, I know that it is not mph but I don’t want to spend an hour trying to explain it to people that are not mechanically inclined so you get why I am saying it like. Yes, I have studied the inward force but again, people’s eye would glaze over if I went there. 3 things. That’s it. If I can get you to think this way you will be a tour player! Simple Simple Simple.

  13. Paul,

    Thanks for the reply. What seems odd to me is that if I swing as slow as you do and use only hips as the motor I can get no more than about 97 mph. Would you expect more speed as I get better?


    • Paul,

      That is pretty good sped for slow. I was at 95mph with an easy swing. It wasn’t until I put my legs and hips into it did I get it to 116mph. Not sure how slow you think you were swinging. If you are feeling like you are powering it with your legs the swing will not feel slow. It will look slow like mine. I am really moving when it hit it.

  14. Paul,

    I did not ask my question succinctly. When I move as fast as I can with my lower body alone, and have powerless arms, I can get up to 97 mph. With help from my lats and upper body I can get to over 110 mph (now I’m not saying they are all strait at that speed). My question is In other words, if my lower body is maxed out is the next source of power to work on lag? How much speed is more lag worth? I do not have great lag mostly because of relatively poor wrist movement. I have almost zero radial deviation in my right or left hand (no injury, just unlucky).


  15. August 24, 2014


    How do you get your upper body not to get “stuck” when turning lower body faster ? Faster I turn the more blocks I get and video shows my arms are not catching up to lower body action. Mainly blocks with an open face.



    • Avatar photo

      December 11, 2014


      I have a suggestion. I am an avid follower of Paul.

      Here is something I do……….

      Become more aware of your shoulder action. A lot more happens through the shoulders and if you use them more it will get this clearance you speak of. As you turn your club feel the left shoulder dipping a bit more. It makes the feeling of the right shoulder going up too. Try feeling shoulder action on the range. Eventually after you feel it you will feel how it is the primary gear for getting those loose arms moving…………..


      • December 11, 2014

        Paul Wilson


        I really don’t want people thinking shoulders in the downswing. This is unnecessary.

        Shoulders in downswing:

        You should be doing a taller setup and coiling more level going back. Remember, I want a spring-like effect. Shoulders going down reduces the coil.

  16. Avatar photo

    December 11, 2014


    Hi Paul. Long time no hear. I have actually been so busy with my golf and work its my dream come true. I am realizing some goals I made last year and its just so much fun I had to share with you.

    First, I did lose all that stupid weight. Now the 205 feels a lot different and there is no going back. No way. This is so much more fun living. And some of my best golf too, of course.

    I found a fun local short course to play about 3 times a week. I fell in love with the short game but with difficult pathways to the greens. Great greens though, in my opinion. So, I worked ferociously on my short game. Still doing it. Its way cheaper, and its just down the road. Nothing like regular golf. It made a difference.

    My wife and I decided to live right and eat quality food for the most part and much less meat. Ive gotten used to it and actually do enjoy sharing a salad now when we are out for a dinner. But, again, what a terrific difference in lifestyle.

    My game is now just a delicious time with being able to truly aim at targets and feel comfortable with what I must do to get the ball there. To look at a target and feel an element of control I had only dreamed of is now starting to happen on a more regular basis. I can feel this joy after I hit shots that just blow my mind with accuracy and distance that I never thought possible for myself. Just gives me chills Paul, and I owe a lot of it to you my friend. Thanks again, for giving me this joy of playing a round of golf that is so filled with fun and just plain good feeling of being alive and doing something I have become totally passionate about. Its just so great to have this sport now…………..

    Of course I have my good days and bad ones still, but its clear where my issues and fault truly lies. Its simply in the good ole brain. My own thinking gets in the way. I saw an example of this the other day.

    When I came up the 7th hole at Lindero a group of guys said I could play through. My wife was with me and so I stepped up quickly to the hole and felt a bit rushed that I had to get it done. I remember stepping up a bit more casual than usual and totally just focused on my desired ball path and spot. What I felt was that free feeling simpleness that gives the illusion of not really hitting. That 3 hybrid sailed almost 200 yards and I did not think about any part of my swing.

    Thanks Paul,…………I think of you a lot while out there. It works. Thats for sure.


  17. January 24, 2015


    Paul, I saw an old video of Hogan on the Ed Sullivan Show telling everyone that you hit the ball with your body not your arms. If it’s good enough for Hogan it’s good enough for me.
    Keep teaching the body rotation as it works.
    When I make my best shots I thing “heavy club” & it turns off my arms.
    Now if I can just get over the HIT thought.


    • January 25, 2015

      Paul Wilson


      Exactly. I promote this yet people bash me for saying it. Truly mind boggling. Here is a great video of Hogan. You can clearly see him turning his hips:

      Stay focus and keep making the club feel heavy as you swing it. This is the tell-tale sign your arms are turning off. LIGHT = TIGHT.

  18. August 31, 2015


    I seem to be swinging much faster, 115-120 mph, with my 3 wood than with my driver, which has been between 101-112mph, on average. Do you think I’m tightening up in my arms-wrists with my driver and that I’m much looser/relaxed with my 3 wood? At times my driver even goes down to 97mph. Have you seen people swing much faster with certain clubs in the past and if so why?


  19. hi Paul..i m playing from 5 months and after i watch and work about your tips i add +30 yrds to my iron distances eith only the change of right arm my iron distances are consistant and Pw 110yrds.. 9 iron 132yrds… 8 iron 143 yrds… 7 iron 154 yrds.. 6 iron 163 yrds..5 iron 173 yrds..4 iron 181 yrds..4 rescue 21′ 191 yrds…those distances shows i have around 100mph club head speed but my driver distance is so low compare to my must be around 258yrds carry distance with 100mph..but it is around 190 balls are so going so high(i m using 10.5 regular driver) least i m happy with straight shots after your hook tip but so unhappy about can i improve it…is that the cause of attack angle..i m confused alot

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