How To Cure Toeing

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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

13 Responses to “How To Cure Toeing”

  1. February 2, 2014


    Paul I have two questions here:
    – To maximize carry ,some authors tell you to TEE THE ball very tall ,on an extended TEE ,and place ball and TEE in front OF your left big toe :THE theory is you hit THE ball on THE upswing ,with arms full y extended ,thus with more speed of THE clubhead .Moreover they say THE sweet spot on MODERN drivers is not in THE middle OF THE clubface ,but more to THE top .I’ve tried this ,but it doesn’t work for me ,and OF course ,I ” toe “THE ball.Is this a myth:I’m looking THE DUBA

    • February 4, 2014

      Paul Wilson


      Moving the ball forward may allow the person to swing up at it more giving the person more loft which could increase distance if they hit the ball too low to begin with. It may also give the person the feeling of having to swing up at it to hit it. If you come over the top swinging more up at it will help because the club will not be contacting the ball at a glancing blow but with more direct contact. So moving it more forward may help some people. For others, this will hurt not help.

      Why are the bent more forward? Because they don’t understand the golf swing and the FACT that the best golfers of all time were more upright. This is why I teach this type of setup. The taller you are the easier it is to base your swing on torque. Do you actually think any of today’s golfers could consistently beat the old greats? Not even close. I am include Tiger from 2001-2003 in the old greats. Tiger today would not stand a chance. His old swing would destroy his new one. So stay tall.

      Bubba is actually 2 plane. I have pictures of him (unless he recently changed).

  2. Paul
    After having a light bulb moment last week with powerless arms and hitting some amazing shots I’ve now gone to toeing and hooking pull hooking nearly every shot
    What is this?
    Many thanks

  3. Paul,

    I am struggling with toed and thin shots, mostly with my irons. I actually hit my driver and fairway woods much better than my irons right now and much more in the center of the club. I have been video taping my swing at the range, both practice swings and actual hitting the ball. Here is what I am seeing, but it is worse when actually swinging with a ball. As I reach the top of the backswing, my head lifts up and my spine angle becomes nearly vertical by the time I actually start the downswing. At impact my spine remains vertical and my arms are pulled into my sides. I am not looking up at all, my eyes are fixed on the ball position well after impact.

    I am beginning to think that I am standing too close to the ball, especially with the shorter clubs, could this be part of the issue? In some video I took today with my 6 iron, my hands are straight below my chin at setup. I remember you had a tip that they should be below the nose.

    Secondly, what drills can I do to help cure this? I can see in my practice swings that my arms are extended nicely at the release point, but not when the ball is in the way, they are tucking into my sides during impact and at the release point. I have even had a few practice swings at the range lately where I hit a ball accidently with the toe of the club while taking a practice swing, thus I am thinking that I am actually set up too close to allow the arms to extend through the ball naturally.

    • William,

      Thin and toed are you looking up to see these amazing shots you think you’re going to it. Lift up and the club comes in (toe). Lift up and the club comes off the ground (thin). Slow down. Loosen up and just get it first. You can go harder … later.

      You may not be looking up but you are still lifting up. So slow down. You are going too hard or trying to put too much into it. You need to be turning for power.

      Standing too close may be an issue. You could also be too far away. When people are too far away they want to stand up because it is natural to be in a more upright position in life. The middle of your shoulder, tip of your need and front of you laces should match up. Just stand sideways to a mirror and check it. Hands below your chin is you too tilted. You ma stand up from this setup.

      You need to watch my set up videos:

      Set Up Steps:

      Sit On The Edge Of A Bar Stool To Set Up:

      Taller Setup:

      Stand Tall with Short Clubs:

      2. Your arms are buckling because you are trying to hit with your arms. Again, slow down and just do the new swing with the ball. This means you have to forget and hitting great shots. You need to actually do the new thing with a ball in front of you. I keep telling everyone this but they keep wanting to hit. This is a completely different way to swing. You are not good at it. You need to at least do it so you can get good at it. If you go out to the course though and think it’s going to be great … it’s not. You will hit some good shots and lots of bad ones. The good ones are telling you what is going to happen if you keep working on it.

      I would be playing and hitting every shot 50% or less and focusing on stretching the arms out. You will hit fat shots doing this. Don’t quit doing it. Just get the weight off the back foot and it cures fat shots instantly.


      It is a Letting Go Experience:

      Also, hit shot and stretch the arms out to the target. You can fold them later and split the ears.


      World’s Biggest Chicken Wing:

      Chair Drill – To Eliminate Chicken Wing:

      • Thanks Paul, I appreciate the feedback. In looking at some of my tape from the range, I can see that with my driver the shoulders knees and laces are lined up properly, and I am hitting that club in the middle of the face. Sure enough with my 6 iron and PW I can see the shoulders are more out toward the toes. Been playing this game for 47 years and always learned to tilt more with shorter clubs. It is not very comfortable standing tall with these shorter clubs and I feel I am crowding my body with the arms and hands, but will give it a try.

        One thing I struggle with in the downswing is getting the left leg to straighten and getting my hips turned at impact. I suppose my arms are getting ahead of the hips. I am able to touch the legs together on the follow through, but it just seems they are not turning soon enough. None of your triggers seem to work well for me and my left knee is bent well after inmpact.

  4. My number 1 mishit for sure! Need to work on this!

    • Stian,

      Better players toe it poorer players heel it. So you are becoming a better player.

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