How To Cure Blading

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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

10 Responses to “How To Cure Blading”

  1. September 2, 2013


    Hi Paul
    At times i blade the ball be it with fairway woods or short irons.
    The shots go straight and noticeably with a back spin especially with the short irons.
    What am i likely to be doing wrong ?

  2. September 2, 2013


    Got a question for you that isn’t really related to the above tip. I was watching Adam Scott during this years’ Masters, and noticed that his finish to his golf swing was hitting the positions you want us to work into our swings. Club between his ears, legs touching, up on his toe, and he holds it. This week, I get the 9/2 issue of Golf World with Scott on the cover. Again, he’s in your position at the bottom of his swing. Head behind the ball, arms fully extended, hips at 45 degree angle, body tilted away from the ball.

    Do you see anything is his swing different than what you teach? Just curious.

    • September 2, 2013

      Paul Wilson


      Adam Scott is a great model for my swing. I always say Tiger’s swing in 2001-2003 was the best ever. For years they compared Adam Scott to Tiger so this his swing would be a great model too.

  3. Paul
    Im hitting the ball better than ever right now however my short to mid wedge shots im blading.
    Have figured out it is because of early extension standing up in my swing
    Do you have any methods to correct this??
    Causing me a lot of trouble and ruining some good scores.
    Many thanks.

  4. Hey Paul, fantastic job with the body swing. I’ve been embracing it for about 2 weeks now. All is going well but for the last two range sessions I’m actually hitting more bladed shots than ‘good’ shots. Starting to get me down! I’ve tried ‘staying behind the ball’ but that actually seemed to make it worse. Loosening the wrists seemed to help for a bit but then it came back again with a vengeance. Any further drills I could try? It seems to be so mental (isn’t everything with golf), if I think about blading it, then I do. If I step back and try to clear my mind it simply disappears. If there was any drills that could prove what my issue is then I’d know what to work on. But I’m a little clueless at the moment.



    • Rick,

      Thank you very much. People seems to really like it. Receiving feedback likes yours is great.

      If you are truly blading it your head is ahead of the ball as you hit the ball. A bladed shot sounds clicky and thin. If these shots sound half decent but you look up and they are way right you are shanking it.

      I would first be checking your set up. Stand tall not seeing your toes clearly with all clubs. We have cured tons of shankers. They are typically bent over too much.


      A New Way To Get The Taller Setup:
      Stand Tall with Short Clubs:

      If you are blading it your wrists are locked so the face is open. You need to do the roll over drill to unlock them.

      DRILL: 3 Ways To Roll It Over:
      Roll Around The Stick:
      Clarifying the Roll Over Drill:
      Modified Roll Over Drill:

      Once you get it hooking you need to start the lower body first to straighten it out (touch the legs position). Make sure you load as you coil to the top. Once at the top think TURN to start down. If you are getting ahead of it turning would stop you from doing that. If you were here I could fix you in minutes. This is really not that big an issue. Oh yeah tee it up too at first to make it easier. Use a 7 iron.

      • Paul, thank you! Played my first round today with ‘the body swing’ and it was fantastic. Arguably the hardest course in Western Australia and I hit my handicap and tied first place in a friendly match of Stableford! Two particular shots were probably the best shots I’ve ever hit in my life. They will stay with me for a long time. I wish it didn’t take 2 years to discover your website!

        I did shank one ball but it was just the one and I knew exactly what I did wrong as soon as I hit it. Was a lost ball unfortunately, but I felt confident hitting the third off the tee and it was straight down the middle.

        The next thing I would really like to work on is keeping on plane on my backswing. I’ve noticed when videoing myself that my club crosses the line quite a bit. The length of my backswing and my wrist hinge seems all good. 3/4 back my club is inline with the ball. Back knee stays bent and I think my shoulder angle is OK. But at the top my club head sort of sways across the line and goes right behind my head. I think this makes it hard to bring it back down on place. I couldn’t really find any tips on fixing this though. Thinking ‘thumbs to the ears’ almost enhances the problem. Do you have anything that could help visualise exactly where the club head should finish at the top of the back swing?

        • Rick,

          Good job! I love hearing it.

          People are slowly finding out about me. Just got to keep doing what I am doing and one day it will go big. Funny how people are still teaching to hit with arms.

          Crossing the line is tough to fix. It is usually the bottom hand tightening and pushing it across at the very top. Need to take all power out of this hand and just let it hinge because it is loose not because you are hinging it. Here are 2 tips on it:

          Crossing the Line:

          How To Stop Crossing the Line:

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