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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

10 Responses to “Create Great Habits”

  1. Do you have a specific tip to Check the width of your stance?I Mark with a red marker the alignment rod I put behind my heels ( not in front of my toes ! ).Is having the distance between the inside of your heels equal to the width of your shoulders,measured with a tape ,too wide or not ?This has a big influence on your ability to rotate on the thru swing !

    • January 31, 2016


      hi Paul
      I have just started and wondered if you had worked out what is the best thing to work on first. Tis seems a good tip, my buddies always think I have too narrow a stance and would appreciate advice on what is he ideal

      • January 31, 2016


        Each one OF us is MADE differently,So there’s nô “teaching fits all ” suitable to every one OF us .
        All the suggestions Paul makes in the ” GOOD HABITS ” video are truly excellent .
        I would however say ( I’ve been playing golf since 50 years now,I’m over 80 .handicap 7) that the Most important points to work on are the following :
        1 Use YOUR lower body to swing ,not YOUR upper body .Put YOUR Weight on YOUR left heel in the backswing And then push off YOUR left Instep with maximum energy ( BEN HOGAN And PAUL WILSON)
        2 Let YOUR wrists And YOUR Arms completely loose .And when you swing ,just think You’re ” cracking a WHIP ” ,Forget There’s a ball ,you”ll contact on your way .
        3 always have a neutral grip ,like PAUL shows you ,two knuckles ( Not three ) OF the left hand showing ,the right hand snugly on top ,with THE ” V” to YOUR Chin ( Not to YOUR right shoulder – This is slightly different from what PAUL teaches ). Doing So YOUR clubface Will always be square to the the trajectory OF the club And the ball Will Start straight off And wil neither draw or fade .
        Train with the POWER FAN And the SWINGRITE ,at least 100 swings per day ,in front OF a Window pane or a large mirror
        YOUR swing must be on ” automatic pilot “when you go into address .
        What counts is to have a swing which ” REPEATS ,REPEATS ,REPEATS ” each time
        After all that ,work on your short game at least one hour a day : I do So in m’y basement every single day I don’t play on the golf course : result 24/28 puts per roundADNd many ” chip ins ”
        The guide to follliw here is PAUL RUNYAN : read his marvelous book on THE SHORT GAME and do what hé says …You’ ll bevrewarded immediately

      • January 31, 2016

        Paul Wilson


        Glad to have yo on board.

        In the Dashboard there are the 8 lessons I teach to everyone.

        It starts with grip and set up then into the follow through first. Get this alone and you will hit it better than you ever have in your life. Then work on the backswing.

        So go to the Dashboard > FULL SWING it is the first slide. You will see the lessons listed. Use other tips on the site to supplement the areas you are working on.

  2. April 15, 2013


    Excellent tip. Something to think about is to make sure that what specific thing your working on isn’t negatively affecting another part of your swing. A case in point, is that I do your favorite drill ( swinging over the ball with my lower body beginning the downswing with effortless arms) all the time between shots. I just found out from three different club fitters that I am coming over the top even on that effortless practice swing. I know it isn’t from trying to hit anything too hard. It irritates me to know that I have been reinforcing that move for many months without knowing it. I am now trying work in finding the best anti over the top drill to do on the range as well as between shots on the course. I am trying the “three pump drill and and then letting it fly” and separately the “tilt back to start the downswing and letting the club swing up and out” . I am also taking a 1/2 swing with a 7 iron and swing out to right field as I roll my hands over. (Unfortunately I have been doing the anti slicing drill (rolling the hands over) coming over the top also. So at least now I have a better understanding why I haven’t made better progress and can working on fixing it.
    Would you advise me to fix this over the top problem before working in effortless arms? I know your advice generally is that effortless arms will fix the over the top but if I am doing it on slow relaxed practice swings than I need to do something different.

    • April 15, 2013

      Paul Wilson


      Just swing up at it. If you are doing this drill and coming over the top you are shifting to the left too soon. It is a gradual shift that would cause the upper body to tilt right in the downswing. If you sing up at it a little you would have to be tilting back in the downswing.

      So keep doing my favorite drill but swing up a little until you get rid of the over the top move.

  3. April 16, 2013


    Thanks Paul,

    Just so I am clear; are you saying that I may be triggering my lower body move too fast , ie. right knee touching left? Because I have had the brief that I needed to get more separation between lower body and arms.
    Another question that I must ask in relation to this. In your opinion , can there any relationship between between someone who has significant arthritis in the lower back which causes stiffness and the necessary separation between the turning of the lower body and upper body?

    • April 16, 2013

      Paul Wilson


      I am saying that if you shift your weight to the left immediately you may be leaning left in the downswing.


      Weight Distribution:

      So you are 80% into the right at the top. If you immediately move 80% to the left at the top you will lean left. If you lean left you will swing left.

      If you were driving the lower too fast you would be blowing it right. This is because you will be disconnecting under the lead armpit or leaning your body too much in the downswing. If your hitting with arms or leaning left you will be hitting it left. Your body tilt determines the direction. It is that simple.

      Arthritis could cause lower body problems because you won’t be able to drive as fast and get the separation. I have seen you swing. You drive hard enough. You need to take the arms out of your swing and focus on using your body.


      Effortless Golf Swing:

  4. June 30, 2018


    Paul, thanks for teaching so clearly that anyone can learn! I tried the short pitching 10-20-30 yard exercise and it really gave me the feeling of using my lower body as primary swing driver. With regular clubs though, I can’t find the feeling. Even through I drive with my right instep, I feel like I’m rotating my upper body, with loose powerless arms and loose wrists and the hips following into the eventual rotated position. Should my upper body feel like it’s being pulled around by the hip rotation? Should I practice the pitching drill with my other clubs to get the hip driving the shot feeling? Thanks for your excellent teachings. If I get to Las Vegas I’ll be calling ahead for a lesson for sure!


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