What Is the Correct Grip Pressure Throughout the Swing

By | on July 12, 2012 | 17 Comments |


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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

17 Responses to “What Is the Correct Grip Pressure Throughout the Swing”

  1. Paul: Thanks for this .

    Would you or Bronson discuss how to choose the optimal grip for your swing….How does one determine the number of wraps etc?

    • Hopefully, you watched Bronson’s tip on tip. They way I liked to check the grip width is to take a look at the left hand middle finger and the how it wraps around the club. If the very tip of this finger is close to or just barely touching the fleshy portion of the this same hand then you are fine. If this middle finger is on top of or well away from this portion of the thumb your grips need to be changed. I will put this on my list of tips to shoot. Thanks.

  2. Bronson has a tip on this in May which I had overlooked

  3. July 16, 2012


    I find quite often my right hand position (bottom hand) normal at setup but slips to a stronger position during the swing when i check it at the follow through, do i need to tighten up on both hands or just the bottom one.How would this affect my ball flight. any drills for stabilizing the bootom hand.

    • There are no real drills to fix this hand. What is takes is you putting it on in the correct position and absolutely focusing on it making sure it does not move before you take the club back. This takes immense concentration because you will try to go back to what is comfortable. So you have to fight this temptation. How many repetitions will this take? I would think it will take you at least 30 shots in a row where you do not move your grip. Start now and no matter how bad it feels or where the ball goes just just keep doing it. If you do you will fix it. If you don’t do this you will be fighting it forever.

    • Sorry Barry, I think I missed this one. If the right hand is coming off the club or your hands are changing position on the club when you are in the follow through your wrists are too tight. I used to do this too. the day I stopped trying to hit the ball my hands never moved off the club. So keep trying to loosen up the arms and wrists and focus on not hitting the the ball. Just let the arms go along for the ride.

  4. Hi Paul
    I am struggling with the timing to release my wrists before impact, sometimes too soon or too late, while trying to turn my body instead of using my hand to swing the club as per your instruction. Any tips you have to help me release my wrists at the right time?


    • Nipon, you are inconsisent with squaring the face because you are trying to square the face. You should be doing nothing with your arms. If they were truly turned off the face would be squaring very consistently.


      How to Release the Golf Club: https://ignitiongolf.com/impact-wrist-release

      So what you have to do is over do it. You roll the wrists way earlier than you ever have. Get the ball hooking. If you do you are consistently hitting it one way instead of both. Once you can do this you then forget the wrist roll over and you slowly start to change the focus to your lower body. If your lower body starts first the ball will straighten out. At this point you keep watching your ball. If the ball slices you immediately stop. Back up and roll the wrists again at least 3-10 times. Then you hit another shot. Watch it. If the ball hooks that’s great start adding lower body again. If you slice it roll it again. If you slice the next shot immediately start hooking your shots again because you have not hooked enough shots to train the wrist to release.

      Follow these tips:

      Manually Square the Clubface: https://ignitiongolf.com/impact-squaring-clubface

      Manually Square the Clubface (Follow Up): https://ignitiongolf.com/impact-squaring-face-follow-up

      Once you rarely slice the ball you are at the stage where you can start forgetting the arms altogether. This is because you now releasing it. If you are releasing it why keep thinking about it?

      Follow this and you should get back on track in no time.

  5. Thanks, Paul, I am diligently practicing it.

  6. August 4, 2012



    I have a problem with the grip moving in my hands. I can successfully do your drills mentioned in the above tip, but the golf club is still twisting shut causing hooks. Is there anything else I could do or work on?



    • August 4, 2012



      I don’t think I was specific enough in my first comment. I have a problem with the grip moving in my hands in the back swing. I can successfully do your drills mentioned in the above tip, but the golf club is still twisting shut causing hooks and pulls. I know the club face is shutting because I return to address position after I strike the ball or do a practice swing which of course after I finish in the proper follow through position. Is there anything else I could do or work on?



      • August 4, 2012


        And yes I have the proper neutral grip.

        • August 5, 2012

          Paul Wilson

          You may have the neutral grip when you start but if the club is moving in your hands you just have to do the tee drill in one of the videos I posted below.

    • August 5, 2012

      Paul Wilson

      Matt, There can be a few things that cause this. It can be cause due to tight wrists, letting go of the club or re-gripping as you take the club back.

      Watch this tip on hooking. I think I show the re-gripping to start the backswing:


      This is a very tricky thing to fix. Once your neutral grip is on the club make sure you don’t twitch or wiggle it in any way before you take the club back. This seems easy and a lot of people think they are doing it yet when I watch them they still move their grip. So have a friend watch to see if you are moving your hands or video your grip and watch them just before you take the club away.

      Next, this can happen if the wrists are too tight. I used to do this too. I would hit a ball then bring the club back to address and the face was closed and in the follow through my right hand was off the club.. The day I stopped trying to hit the ball with my arms was the day the hands never moved on the club and my right hand stayed on the club all the way to the end of the swing. So really try to keep the grip secure yest loosen the wrists.

      I also would like you to do this drill and hit balls with it:


      Keep hitting balls and loosening your writs as you do.

  7. March 12, 2015


    Hi Paul
    does it mean from top of the swing the grip pressure is 8 all the way to follow through?

    • March 14, 2015

      Paul Wilson


      Yes. You start at 2 out of 10. You get to 8 out of 10 by the time you hit the top while keeping your wrists loose. You keep the pressure throughout otherwise you would let go of the club.

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