Core Strength with the Foam Roller

By | on February 7, 2024 | 11 Comments | Array


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11 Responses to “Core Strength with the Foam Roller”

  1. These foam roller exercises have been really good for me. I’ve been working on improving my posture since I started golfing a couple years ago but this has made the most dramatice improvment than anything else I tried. Thanks, I look forward to trying this out but I can see that I will benefit greatly from it and it will be in my daily routine.

    • Hi Michael,
      It’s always great to hear when someone can close the gap between their exercises and their golf game. Thanks so much for the kind comment.
      Jeremy Klinkhamer, PT

  2. The whole foam roller series has been terrific. I do the set most days plus sometimes after playing to get everything back in alignment. Thanks!

  3. First ,a question :in this exercise for the core ,is the back of your head resting or not on the Foamroller (I bought the one you recommended ,the same as yours )
    Second ,do you have exercises for the “Power Rope Ball “:I have a 4 pound one .I understand it’s great to strengthen the lat

    • 1. Yes, the back of your head must be on the roller. Tailbone also.
      2. I’m sorry, I haven’t used the Power Rope Ball. I’ve seen it used for core exercises while seated on the floor or against the wall in a squat.
      Jeremy Klinkhamer, PT

  4. Jeremy ,I dont’t find these exercises ,lying on THE Foam roller ,tough enough!
    To get a tougher and more productive work out ,isn’t it Better to wrap up your ankles and calves with weight bands ,2 to 4 kgs each leg ?
    To Strengthen my core ,I do an exercise ,sitting on one side of my rear ,lifting both legs laterally ,weights strapped on THE legs ,and keeping them,high for 20 seconds ,15 reps in a row .
    Quite effective ,I CAN tell you !
    I”ll try something

    • Hi Raymond,
      As long as your technique is perfect you can add small ankle weights to the core work on the foam roller. As far as the speed for the core, yes, short burst training for 10-30 seconds is great depending on the exercise.

  5. Jeremy ,I always had THE upper back rounded ,despite a lot of Free style swimming young (I was a “star “100 meters Free style swimmer ,56 seconds for THE 100 meters ,which in THE ’50’s was pretty good ,now they swim that distance in 46 seconds !),and with THE years I put on this ” rounding of THE upper back ” has accentuated .Do THE movements with THE Foam rollier you show cure this d

  6. Jeremy ,Thanks for demonstrating these excellent exercises again .
    They are not as innocuous as they seem when it’s you who is performing them

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